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15 Fantastic Cake Decoration Ideas

Is it really a party if you don’t have a cake? Of course not! From a young age we begin to associate birthday parties with cake. And why would we change that as we get older?! Those special moments in our life deserve a little sweetness! 

There is always something new and trendy, so why not have a fantastic cake decoration to go with your theme? Cakes have evolved over the years and can be molded into whatever design you have in mind!

Generally, when we think of cakes, we think of a child's birthday party. However, every celebration from baby showers, graduations, weddings, and retirements deserve a sweet treat! 

If you are in search of a cake or are looking for inspiration, our fantastic cake decoration ideas will get you started.

15 Fantastic Cake Decoration Ideas

As you probably have something specific you are celebrating, you have a theme or colors to work with, let’s jump into some of our favorite cake decoration ideas!

1. Boho Rainbow Cake

Bohemian is very on trend this year and the color options are endless! 

The Boho Rainbow theme is made up of monochromatic colors. We have been seeing a lot of the contrasting colors of browns and pinks, but those aren’t your only options!

Most bohemian themes give a very neutral vibe. The tone of the colors are fun and easy to coordinate with. This theme is also great for baby showers, birthdays and bridal showers! What’s not to love?  










If you choose a bohemian theme with the above colors, check out our collection here. If you decide to go with another color, we have a custom color palette to fit your needs!

2. All White Cake

All white gives presents a clean, elegant tone. And it’s the easiest color to coordinate with. An all white cake can be left plain or you could spruce it up with candles, sprinkles, balloons or other various decorations. 

Classic themes never get old. You more than likely are to think of  a wedding when you think of all white, but some like a blank canvas!

You can always stick our cake toppers to give it extra flare for a birthday. Or really any topper that can be personalized to fit your party theme!

If you prefer an all-white setup, check out this classic party kit. Also, our colorful party themes would coordinate perfectly with an all white cake too!

3. Macaron Cake

The macaron cake will definitely give your cake some dimension. Adding in macarons and maybe some fruit and flowers makes your cake look very fancy and almost too pretty to eat!

Understandably, macarons aren’t for everyone. However, if you are looking for something classy, these little treats are the perfect addition to your next party cake! 

Macarons can take the show, with adding a handful on top or make a tiered cake out of them. These will for sure be a showstopper at your next event!

If rose gold happens to be your color theme of choice, check out this party kit here!

4. Balloon Cake Topper

Not sure who thought of putting balloons on a cake, but we love it! 

No matter the theme of your party, if you have a cake, then you can have mini-balloons on that cake! The balloon cake topper is very versatile and you can add as many as you want! 

The balloon cake topper could have a few lifted along with other decorations. Or you could have a whole balloon garland, like the one below:

This would be the perfect way to add some pizzazz if you are traveling and need a quick addition to your party supplies! Or if you the cake just looks a little bland and needs something extra! 

5. Unicorn Cake

A magical birthday for someone special? They definitely deserve a unicorn cake! Unicorns and rainbows are one in the same and this combo creates a very colorful event!

Why not make the unicorn cake as special as the decorations? There are a variety of options, most of them using beautiful pastel colors. And it’s as simple as turning a plain white cake into your own magical creation! 

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn. 

6. Cut Out Number or Letter Cake

A classic twist to the ever ordinary round or square cake. 

Number or letter cakes could represent milestone birthdays to a wedding shower. Really you have endless options. They may be a little more complicated than your normal cake, however the cake would be unique and one to remember. 

Whether you are celebrating a milestone or not, you have numerous options (see what I did there). The cutouts can be layered and topped with decadent macarons, fruit and fondant.

The cake above was from a Parisian Party, very cute inspiration!

7. Rainbow Cake

With six colorful layers of cake, you can choose to go subtle or extra with the frosting! With so many colors, it will bring a smile to everyone enjoying it. 

If you choose to go subtle with the frosting, then your guests will be in for a fabulous treat when the cake is cut!

On the other hand, if you make your frosting as colorful on the outside, everyone can’t wait to dig in! Either way, you can’t go wrong with the rainbow of choices. 

The rainbow cake is perfect for celebrating your rainbow baby, PRIDE, or simply you want to have a colorful birthday. Whatever you are celebrating, we have the perfect rainbow balloon garland to coordinate!

8. Fall Cake

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Fall is a favorite season with many things to celebrate. From the first day of fall, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, you start dreaming about everything pumpkin and all things cozy! 

Understandably, fall is a favorite season as most are coming off scorching summer temperatures. What’s not to get excited about? 

When you think of fall, do pumpkins come to mind? We love all of the colors that take summer into fall. Any type of fall themed party you are hosting will feature earthy colors, patterns, and textures. Of course you would want a cake to celebrate the occasion with! 

How about adding a cute balloon arch to your fall theme? Check out this party kit here!

9. Jungle Safari Cake

Do you have a wild one to celebrate this year? The Safari theme can be used for a zoo party or a wild one theme! 

A jungle theme can get as wild as you like! You can keep the cake pretty neutral and add cute zoo animals on top. You could do animal print on a tiered cake. Or you could have monkeys climbing all over! 

Whichever party animal in your life you are celebrating, remember to make the cake as wild as they are!

Also, have a look at this safari themed balloon kit that will give your next party a fun jungle background!

10. Honeycomb Cake

This un-bee-lievable cake will be a showstopper at your next party! Whether it’s for the Queen Bee in your life or your little one's bee-day party, everyone will want a piece of this cake! 

With a palette of bright yellows, this theme is fit for any honey in your life. A mommy-to-bee or a what-will-it-bee gender reveal party are a couple other examples that are too cute to pass up!

The honeycomb cake is not your traditional cake, but your guests will leave saying “I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.”  

From a bumble bee party to the perfect Pooh Bear party, we have some great decorations to coordinate with that honeycomb cake!

11. Surprise Cake

There is no in between feeling when a group shouts “SURPRISE!”. 

However, when you cut into a cake and get a sprinkle of surprise, you might not be in shock, but excited!

Surprise cakes are layered cakes and involve some type of fun filling! Our favorite is a colorful assortment of sprinkles. However, you could use fruit or candy! 

In a way, surprise cakes give you that extra level of, well, surprise! These cakes could look very boring and plain on the outside. But once you cut a slice out, the fillings start pouring out! How fun is that!?

Are you looking to coordinate decorations with your surprise party? This colorful and vibrant party kit will be perfect.

12. Embroidered Fiesta Cake

Fiesta! Fiesta! A fiesta is full of bright colors and is great for many celebrations. These colors layered with a beautifully embroidered cake, and you will have a cake almost too pretty to eat! 

A fiesta theme may not be a classic theme for some, however once you see the possibilities, this might be next on your list! These colorful cakes are perfect for birthday celebrations, bridal showers, or holidays. 

This party theme is great for all ages and everyone will fiesta until they siesta. 

There’s no reason that the cake has to be the only showstopper! The decorations should be just as bright and colorful too!

13. Red, White, and Blue Cake

Red, white, and blue colors are used for celebrations here in the United States for many holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and of course the Olympics! 

Understandably, not every country can use these colors. But if you can, there are many patriotic cakes to accompany those decorations!

Ready to celebrate? There are so many yummy celebrations that will definitely get you ready to party with all things red, white, and blue!

Nothing says it quite like the flag! Check out this party kit here!

14. Woodland Cake

Do you have a little one that is a big fan of adventure and animals? The woodland theme may be a perfect birthday celebration for them. The cake could be simply white with a few animal creatures on top or you could have an entire forest cake! 

The woodland theme brings a little adventure to the party. With colors of brown, hunter green, and other neutrals you will have a fun palette to play with! 

We really like the look of the semi-naked cake where the chocolate cake shows through the white frosting. There are endless options in decorating your cake from there!

Have a look at our woodland theme kit here.

15. Classic Funfetti Cake

A classic funfetti cake gives you the opportunity to use it with multiple themes. You could choose one bold color or various bright colors to celebrate with. Whichever you choose, the classic funfetti is one that everyone will enjoy! 

Layers of funfetti with a classic white icing, throw on some sprinkles and it will bring back all of the nostalgia! With a confetti of colors, everyone will have fun with it!

Choose from the traditional birthday cake or make some funfetti cupcakes. Easy for all to grab and go! 

Check out this bright balloon kit for a fun birthday celebration!


Depending on the celebration, you have a choice to do a trendy or classic theme. Whichever you choose… there is a cake that will be perfect for it! 

We've discussed 15 fantastic cake decoration ideas, so you have a variety of options to choose from for your special day.  

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Happy Planning!

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