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How To Throw A Disney UP Themed Birthday Party

Looking to create an adorable and fun UP-themed birthday party? This theme will be easy to bring all of the Disney movie elements into your party food and decor. Everyone who loves this movie, or a good adventure, will love this birthday party full of bright colors and all of the balloons! 

The magical Disney movie UP is brought to life with all of your special party details that perfectly reflect the movie. When you think of the movie UP, it’s the house and balloons that will be captured again and again throughout the party. Bringing this party to life seems easy enough, but where do you start?

While this Up-themed party could be for either a boy or girl, our blog details lean towards a boy theme. However, everyone will be ecstatic to be part of this celebration. Let’s get UP to the details in creating this adventurous celebration!!

UP, UP, and Away

Celebrating each birthday is a special moment that will bring beautiful memories for a lifetime. Your ideas and creativity in these designs are not only special for you, but for those that attend. 

If you LOVED this posh pink Barbie party, then you will absolutely love this UP-themed birthday that Denise created for her son's first birthday! 

Here you will find creative and fun party details, but most of all inspiration, for your next themed party!

1. UP Invitations

To begin organizing your UP celebration, start with custom invitations! You can be as creative as you want with these. Keep it simple with a classic mailed invitation that can be curated to fit your UP theme. 

Or, if you want to take it up a notch, make personalized invitations to hand out door-to-door. Take a look at these invitations that Lilly from Creative Heart Studio created. The invitations were placed inside a balloon and the only way to retrieve it is by popping the balloon. While it takes a little more work to create a fun and interactive invitation, everyone will absolutely love the creativity and will definitely be looking forward to the party ahead! 

While the invitations will provide all of the pertinent details, we are in 2022 and an e-vite is also a great way to invite all of your guests as well. Technology will allow you to get creative and can easily be placed on the parent's and/or family calendar!  

Invitation details should include the information on where and when. Other information could be if you plan on having a pool party, or for everyone to come with sleepover bags, or if you would prefer no gifts! Make sure your invite includes the RSVP request so you also know how to prepare your space to accommodate all of your guests! The more details provided, the better all can be prepared to have a good time!

We can’t forget about the entrance! Keep it simple with a bright and fun balloon bouquet at the end of the driveway or up by the front door. We have also seen some fun, homemade front door balloon wreaths! Look at how to make a DIY balloon wreath here!

2. UP Party Supplies And Decorations

Bring Paradise Falls to life and WOW your guests with some amazing decorations! I’m sure you have seen the Disney UP movie or at least know the reference with the house being lifted by balloons. A great Instagram-worthy photo op! If you have a small playhouse, add a cluster of balloons on top or if you are crafty, make a small dollhouse yourself! Everyone will love this! 

A painted dollhouse to replicate the house from the movie will be picture-perfect with bright and colorful balloons! Add a blue backdrop and hang white, clustered balloons as clouds from the ceiling, and your guests will feel like they are actually in the movie!

Throughout the party, you want to be sure to capture all of the characters to reflect the adventure of the birthday party. There are some fun 3D printable options to DIY. Or you could have simple cardboard cutouts that are lifesize for the kids! 

Hosting the party outdoors? Rent a bouncy house and add a bright and fun balloon garland to make it feel like they are in the UP house! 

We understand things can get pricey the more you try to customize your party. Make your own Instagram-worthy backdrop with a fun wall, a beautiful balloon garland, and a printable cardboard cutout that your guests can take pictures in front of!

Keep the other UP decorations minimal and place an old suitcase, vintage airplanes, and an old-world globe on the cake table. Adds more adventure to the table for a very low cost! 

3. Adventure Is Out There!

What kind of UP party will you be hosting? Will it be an outdoor movie night, at a local trampoline park, or at your neighborhood park? Wherever you decide to host, make sure you have some fun activities that will keep your guests entertained! 

Understandably, creating activities that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge. Try to incorporate a couple of different options, like a fun adventure game where you can hand out wilderness explorer badges afterward. How about a craft, such as printing out a picture of a house and having them use their fingers to make the balloons in the sky. With different activity options, you’re sure to entertain all of your little guests.


If you decide to go with an adventure game, say in your backyard or at a park, send your guests on a hunt to find items that they can take home in their goody bags. Even in a play area, like the one above, has some fun adventures for the kids! As Russell says, “The wilderness must be explored!”

Include fun items like: 

  • Granola bars
  • Compasses
  • Giant colorful lollipops
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlights

Set the scene! With different party ideas, you could have picnic tables and an inflatable bouncy castle. Are you hosting a movie night? Set up tents to make it feel like they are on another adventure. “Tents are hard” but don’t forget the details and the decor to complete the Disney UP party experience. 

As a parent, I’m sure you would rather play Carl’s game: “Look, why don’t we play a game I know? Whoever is quietest for the longest time wins.” As that probably won’t be an option, whichever activity you choose, your adventure will remind your guests to always look for an adventure in life. 

4. Boy Scout Goodies

All of the many adventures will have your guests exhausted and ready for some refreshments! Include fun and easy treats that all of your guests will love! 

For your adventure seekers, keep it simple with finger foods and mini treats. Along with the decorations, you want to coordinate the food too! If you are hosting a movie night, include popcorn and other boxed candies. Hosting by a campfire? You must have s’mores for everyone to enjoy! 

Have options for drinks, food, snacks, and desserts - it will be better to have extra than not enough for those that may be picky or have restrictions. 

Other fun food options could include:

  • Paradise Punch
  • Snipe Cookies
  • Fruit Skewers
  • Vintage Soda Pop
  • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows with sprinkles
  • A trail mix bar

Your dessert table will definitely be the main attraction! Have your cake go along with the theme of the party. Have a tiered cake made to look like a house with a balloon cake topper. Really, there are so many options to have the cake in the shape or design of a house and then to add balloons in different ways! Another fun option is to have the house printed out and balloons as cupcakes! A very easy option for a destination birthday party. 

Birthday parties are meant to have all of the sweets! Besides the cake, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies are all great options that can be personalized to each of the characters and other items from the movie. 

5. UP Party Favors

Goody bags are always a little fun surprise to send your guests home as a thank you for coming to celebrate your little one. As most kids can be easily entertained, get crafty and make this as simple or as extra as you want! 

Create an “Adventure Awaits” table banner for the kids to grab and go on their way out. Include vintage postcards that serve as decoration and a fun keepsake to take home. Do you know about the Ellie Badge? There are some cute Etsy stores that you could purchase from for your little ones to wear and take home! 

Another really fun idea is to create adventure books! Pre-assemble books with plenty of empty pages that they can write about their own adventures and include pictures! If you're in a bit of a time crunch, check out this option here to order or give you an idea of how to design yours. 

Throw together some cute scrapbook materials attached to a thank you note for each adventure book. Who doesn’t love some fun stickers?! 

Maybe you forgot about the goody bag and need a last-minute idea? Large lollipops that look like balloons or cake pops to go are always easy options! Also, if you have extra balloons, depending on the age of your guests, they would absolutely love going home with a balloon!


Adventure is out there, where will planning this exciting party take you? Hosting this UP Birthday party should be as adventurous as the little one that you are celebrating! And we imagine that they love to explore new things. Have fun with all of the balloons and throw a party that all of your guests will have a good time and remember! 

This celebration will take a little planning and creativity, but with the tips above, I believe you will create a fun Up-themed adventure for great photos and memories!

A big thank you to Denise and her family for sharing this special day with their family and friends! Another amazing party to add to their adventure book! 

If you’re unsure where to start, look for inspiration through Pinterest, blogs, and other social media platforms. If you need help choosing a theme, if you are looking for other Disney theme party options, or would like to create a custom theme, please check out our options! 

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“So long, boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!” — Carl!

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