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How To Throw A Space-Themed Birthday Party

Looking to create an out-of-this-world space-themed birthday party? From the invitations to the party favors, all ages will love the details in this outer space celebration!

A galaxy filled with the right decor, activities, and snacks will make all of your guests feel like astronauts. A space-themed party starts with a rocket launch and lands you in the stars! Immerse your guests into an exploration they won’t forget!

It’s time to rediscover all space-related items, from planets to aliens! Have all of your guests dress in their best cosmic outfits for a great photo op that every boy and girl will be ecstatic to be part of. Let’s get down to the details in creating this spectacular celebration!!

Takeoff In T Minus...

Celebrating birthdays are special moments that bring memories for a lifetime. Your creativity in these designs is not only special for you, but for those that attend. 

Houston, we have a problem! There are too many space-themed birthday parties to choose from! From a “First Trip Around The Sun”, “Two The Moon”,  or a “Blast Off Birthday Bash”, you have so many options! 

5. Intergalactic Space Party Invitations

To begin organizing your space celebration, start with custom space theme invitations! You can be as creative as you want with these. Keep it simple with a classic mailed invitation that can be curated to fit your Space theme party. 

Or, if you want to take it up a notch, personally hand out your space theme invitations dressed up in a spacesuit. It would be a fun surprise for those receiving the invitation! Something that your little one would love so much and the future guest would remember! 

While planning out the guest list, consider how many kids and parents your space can accommodate. There will be some that unfortunately can’t make it, but it’s a good idea to have a headcount of people that you will be able to entertain without the party going down a black hole. 

Make sure your invite includes pertinent details, like if you plan to have everyone come dressed up in space attire. The more details provided, the better all can be prepared to have a good time!

4. Stellar Space Party Supplies & Decorations

WOW your guests of all ages with some fabulous space party decorations! I’m sure you have seen the amazing blast-off balloon garland that makes for the perfect Instagram-worthy photo op! 

Another great photo opportunity is to create a rocket ship cardboard cutout! This picture-perfect rocket ship wouldn’t be complete without some amazing balloons! You could find one to rent or if you are crafty, make one yourself! Everyone will love stepping inside a rocket! 

Are you planning a girly galactic party? Purple and pink shades are a perfect match! How about the classic shades of blue to replicate the sky? Drape a balloon garland on the wall to the rocket ship to give it a dramatic blast-off effect. Include balloons as table centerpieces and don’t forget about the dessert table! The more balloons the better, for any and all photo backdrops!

Will your party be outdoors? Rent a space-themed bouncy house to or play tent and add a fun balloon garland to make it feel like they are in outer space and can touch the stars!

We understand parties can get pricey, especially renting or purchasing a moon bounce or rocket ship. Try making your own backdrop with a fun fringe wall or a shimmering wall, a cosmic balloon garland, and a printable cardboard cutout that you can step into for taking pictures!

Now, you could keep the other supplies simple with a space party kit that includes everything from banners to plates. Or have all of your party supplies silver, black, blue, or purple to make your other space party decorations the main attraction. 

We can’t forget about a sign to welcome all of your guests! Check out our customizable 'First Trip Around The Sun' sign here or this one for any age!

3. Spectacular Space Activities

Hosting a glow-in-the-dark bowling party? Include fun neon or glow-in-the-dark socks! Hosting the party at your house? Have a space-themed station for the kids to design their own necklaces and apply washable tattoos! If you have an active bunch, use some of their energy in an asteroid scavenger hunt!

Understandably, creating activities that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge. Try to incorporate a few different options, like a moon bounce, a mini-roller coaster, and a meteor shower pinata for all to enjoy. 

Alexis filled her pinata with candy and space-themed toys, like glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls, rock-shaped flashlights, space-themed snap bracelets, etc. with space bags to put them in!

Other activities could include a Saturn ring toss, a space jam for a dance party, or a weightless water relay. Whichever space exploration you choose, your guests will have a stellar time!

Hosting a shooting star slumber party? Here are three movies to entertain your little space cadets with: 

  1. WALL-E
  2. Planet 51
  3. Space Jam

Set the scene! With different space theme ideas, you could have inflatable lounge chairs with outdoor lights for your nighttime movie show or end the night with a meteor shower with sparklers for all (parent advisory required)! Don’t forget the details and the decor to complete the space party experience. 

Want to have your little guests feel like astronauts? Have a dress-up station with spacesuits and alien costumes. Make a rocket ship out of cardboard and set up outer space exploration stations!

A space-themed party is fun year-round! No matter the season, hosting an out-of-this-world party will coordinate with any activity you choose. 

2. Supernova Space Snacks

From moonwalks to the moon bounce, your cadets will be in need of some refreshments! Your little guests will love the space-themed snacks you have to offer. Time to get creative and personalize your table setup! 

For your adventurous guests, keep it simple with finger foods and mini treats. Along with the space party decorations, you want to coordinate the food too! Make your Astro snacks have a fun pun, here are some fun examples below:

  • Fun-size Milky Way Candy Bars
  • Flying Saucers (pizza)
  • Rocket Fuel or Moon Juice (Hawaiian Punch)
  • Alien Heads (green grapes)
  • Rocket Ships (fruit kabobs)
  • Asteroids (cheese balls)
  • Cosmic Spring Rolls
  • Meteoroid Mac + Cheese
  • Moon pies

    Have options for drinks, food, snacks, and desserts - it will be better to have extra than not enough for those that may be picky or have restrictions. 

    Depending on the space color scheme you choose, your cake can either coordinate or offset the colors with a shade of silver, black, or white! A beautiful galactic cake with purple, blue, and black, featuring yellow accent stars. A white cake with stardust, featuring a rocket ship and astronaut on top! Or a fun black or blue cake featuring the whole solar system! All of the above options will leave your guests in awe! 

    Along with your main space-themed birthday cake, include individual cupcakes or treats! Make some fun cake pops that represent planets or cupcakes with simple planet cake toppers! Also, serving cookies? How about crater cookies designed to match your theme! You could also have the cookies made into personalized name cards for the seats! Be as extra [lightyear] as you want!

    If you have simple snacks and desserts, make your table the star attraction! Decorate with balloons, a backdrop, a banner, and a black tablecloth with glow-in-the-dark stars! This will bring everyone to the intergalactic goodies! 

    1. Out-Of-This-World Party Favors

    Goody bags are always a fun surprise to send your guests home with as a thank you for coming to celebrate your little one. As most kids can be easily entertained, get crafty and make this as simple or as extra as you want! 

    You little explorer will be over-the-moon that everyone came to celebrate their special day! Easy favors to hand out could be small packages of glow-in-the-dark stars for the guests to add to their own bedroom decor and to remember the fun day they had! 

    How about a unique send-off with astronaut food? These freeze-dried astronaut ice cream sandwiches will be a hit! Don’t forget to attach a thank you note for those that came! 

    Maybe you forgot about the goody bag and need a last-minute idea? Purchase a large batch of rock candy to hand out or wrap fun-size candy in foil, aka moon rocks. A sweet and fun little treat for the car ride home! 


    Hosting a Space party should be as spectacular as the little one that you are celebrating! And we imagine that they are out-of-this-world! 

    This celebration will take a little planning and creativity, but with the tips above, I believe you will create an amazing, space-themed party for great photos and memories!

    The space theme ideas above can be used more than once and are great at every age! We hope that the stellar guide above has provided some inspiration. 

    Have you thrown a space party yourself? Leave us a comment below, we would love to know the fun details you included in your party! 

    If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, check out the options at Ellie’s Party Supply! 

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    A big thank you to Alexis and her family for capturing and sharing this stellar party!

    Find more inspiration from her on Instagram @alexisrayson

    Hope you have a blast planning this party! 🚀

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