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12 Great Bachelorette Party Themes & Ideas

Time to grab your bride tribe and head out on a bachelorette bash! Giving your best gal a fabulous finale before married life is a tradition! Whether you choose to stay in your hometown or venture out to a new destination, you want to create an unforgettable bachelorette bash that all will enjoy! 

There will always be a new and trendy theme that comes about each year. Whether it be associated with a musical artist, movie, or just a catchphrase. Not only being aware of the latest trends will help, but also knowing what the bride-to-be is loving at the moment will help you choose a theme! Once the theme is chosen, everything else like destination, color themes, and the accessories will be easy to coordinate! 

Whether you are the bride, the maid of honor, bachelorette, sister, or very close friend, hosting a bachelorette party can be a little stressful. If you are one of the above and are looking for the perfect bachelorette theme, our bachelorette party collection can help you make a choice.

How to Pick a Bachelorette Party Theme?

Picking a theme can be a tedious job, especially when you have so many other life things going on.

So, here are a few things to help make your decision easier.

When Is The Wedding?

Choosing a date for the bachelorette party will heavily depend on when the wedding is. So, it’s crucial to have this information to accommodate the bride and her already hectic schedule. 

She also might already have a date in mind, so be prepared! The earlier the better!

Moreover, the date will help determine the theme. Most bachelorette parties are better for warmer weather and go best in the summer months. But you might not have that option. 

Besides that, the weather conditions also decide your venue, whether indoor or outdoor.

Will The Party Be A Destination?

Apart from the date, your bride-to-be might have her eyes on a destination trip too!

Make sure you get her thoughts first, as she will know best, have an idea of who she wants to invite, and know what everyone can afford. 

Planning this party, whether local or abroad, will take some time and patience in coordinating with everyone. Brainstorm some options that the bride can choose from if she is undecided.

What Theme Matches The Bride's Personality?

You want this day, night, or weekend to be personal to the bride. So, I’m sure as you reflect on the time you’ve had together, you have a pretty good idea of her likes and dislikes. 

A celebration custom for the bride will make the details even easier to choose! 

For instance, is she super trendy? Maybe a Bohemian theme would be perfect for her!

By considering the bride first and foremost, you can get creative! And don’t be afraid to go against what tradition tells you to do! 

Answering these questions will enable you to pick a theme that will give you and your gals an epic bachelorette party to remember!

Bachelorette Party Themes & Ideas

Now that we’ve gone through some of the basics in picking out a bachelorette theme, let’s jump into 12 great themes and ideas.

1. Final Fiesta

A Final Fiesta with all of your best señoritas to say adios to the single life! Nacho Average Bride can pull off a final fiesta!

This theme has grown in popularity over the years and there are so many great puns to coordinate with your final fiesta bachelorette party. Examples of fun fiesta options to put on shirts, cups, and more are “No Time to Siesta, it’s my Final Fiesta” or “Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat”. 

A Final Fiesta theme could be in Baja Mexico or you could host this bachelorette party in your backyard or in a downtown destination. 

Looking to decorate for your Final Fiesta? This colorful and vibrant party kit will be perfect! Bright and colorful decorations will make the best Instagram-worthy backdrop!

Hosting at your house or renting one out? Have a fun night in with a “Taco ‘bout a Party” including a sangria and churro bar! Finish off the fiesta with succulent cupcakes and customized cookies!

Other cute party supplies to accompany your fun fiesta setup would be cactus koozies, really, anything with a cactus or llama! A fun sombrero with a veil for the bride and bright and colorful sashes for the whole squad!

2. Winery Weekend

An elegant winery weekend in the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa is a perfect girls' getaway! The endless vines will set a picture-perfect backdrop for you all dressed in your best with a glass of wine in hand. 

Vino before vows is a classic theme that never gets old. For decorations, we picture a beautiful boho backdrop, which will be great for pictures all weekend long! Add in some fresh flowers and pampas grass for a full boho vibe! 

What kind of party is it without prosecco? We are positive that team bride will love all of the details for this party! Personalizing wine glasses and bags will be cute and functional for the weekend ahead!

While a Napa trip might be out of the question, you can always create a classy wine tasting event for a girl's night in! Hire a chef to come in for the evening to provide an authentic tasting menu to pair with wines and end with a delicate dessert! 

Either way, decoration will be needed! If you prefer an all-white setup, check out this party kit for a classic vibe. Also, a subtle pink statement balloon is an easy way to add an elegant look to your bachelorette theme.

3. Tropic Like It’s Hot

Is a tropical destination bachelorette party in your future? We love this Tropic Like It’s Hot theme! Whether you go with a green color palette or a retro vibe, you and your crew will have an absolute blast with this theme! 

Much like the nautical theme, this bachelorette party theme would be great for a pool party or out on a boat with matching swimsuits! Accessories like fanny packs and fun sunglasses will make memorable moments! 

Dress up your boat or bachelorette party house with some fun and bright decor! Check out this party kit here! If you’re going retro with it, check out these fun colors here

Photo: @seraholla

Be sure to bring some fabulous pool floats for everyone to have fun with!

4. Feyoncé

Who run the world? GIRLS! If your bride-to-be is like Queen Bey herself, then this is the theme for her! Time to throw on those flower crowns and get drunk in love!

This Feyonce theme brings the bride into the spotlight, as any bride should be. The best part about this theme is that it is not designated for any specific destination! You can choose to have this themed bachelorette party anywhere you like! 

You may need a reasonable budget for floral crowns, but it will be worth it! Have your decoration include dreamy, rustic boho vibes with soft pampas grass for an accent. Right now, we are picturing an adorable picnic setup that will definitely be Instagram-worthy! 

Have a look at this combination of boho party kits for a beautiful boho theme. Bring in lots of gorgeous flowers, and soft linens, with a chair to match to shine on the Queen herself!

5. Space Cowgirl

Let’s go girls! A Space Cowgirl-themed bachelorette party best described as a combination between disco and rodeo. Definitely, a cute theme that all of your girls will absolutely love! 

Get creative with all of the decorations and themed nights out! Make the decorations a little more country by adding cow print balloons to whichever fun color palette you choose. 

A gorgeous disco fringe jacket for the bride and rhinestone embellished fringe bandanas for the cowgirls. Throw in some light-up disco cowgirl hats and y’all will be showstoppers! 

Create a classic hoedown for you and the girls in Palm Springs or take it to a more traditional location and have yourselves a Nash Bash! Either way, with this Space Cowgirl theme, you will for sure have the best weekend! 

Check out this party kit for your space-themed bachelorette party or choose custom colors.

6. Wiggin’ Out

Instead of subjecting all of your closest girlfriends to matching shirts or fanny packs, maybe consider fun, neon wigs for a night out on the town! 

This idea is perfect for every girl in your group! Everyone has a different style, so they can choose their own outfit and a wig that best fits their personality. The best part, besides being unrecognizable in the event you stay close to your hometown, will be all of the pictures! 

If you feel like your bachelorette party still needs a little more oomph than just a wig, coordinate wigs with any of the other themes from this list! Space Cowgirl or Tropic Like It’s Hot are two of our favorites to do wigs with! 

Are you looking to decorate the house for this bachelorette party? This colorful and vibrant party kit will be a perfect match!

Likewise, this classic, white and gold party kit would be an excellent choice to showcase those neon wigs!

7. Brunch & Bubbly

If you happen to be combining a bridal shower with a bachelorette party, this Brunch & Bubbly theme is a perfect match! A classy theme that all of your girly girls can get dressed up for and sip on endless mimosas! 

This bachelorette theme could be hosted at a cute, boutique restaurant or you could throw a chic soirée at your house! Either way, champagne will be flowing and the decoration will be on point for those photoshoots! 

Speaking of decorations, to make your bachelorette party extra, create a beautiful balloon backdrop that all of the brunch babes can take pictures in front of! This fun balloon garland can double for a bridal shower the same weekend! 

This classic theme will focus on the decor and of course the bride-to-be. So, make it as classy as she is! Include details around your mimosa bar and on the tables about the bride. For party favors, have a table of miniature champagne bottles with cute tags for everyone to take!

If you prefer an all-white setup, check out this party kit for a classic vibe. Also, a statement balloon is an easy way to add an elegant look to your bachelorette theme.

8. Let’s Get Nautical

Whether you go with the “Let’s Get Nautical” theme or the “Last Sail Before the Veil”, your mates will be ready to get ship-faced! If you are hosting the bachelorette party on a lake, in the Caribbean, or any other body of water, then it’s time to get nautical! 

Understandably, your bridal squad might not be able to do a destination bachelorette party. So, even if you are renting a house with a pool in the back, focus on the nautical decorations and fun party supplies to coordinate!

From sailor hats to cute sun visors, your nauti-themed party will be picture perfect! The sea theme should feature shades of blue, white, and gold (like this one) with anchors and other nautical accessories. 

Anchors down and bottoms up!

9. Boots & Bling before the Ring

Time to giddy on up and giddy on out with your best girlfriends! Throw on those cowgirl boots for this bachelorette theme of Boots & Bling before the Ring, ‘cause your girl is getting hitched!

Get cute and country down in Nashville or Austin with this classic bachelorette theme. If you plan to do a whole country-themed weekend, pair this theme with the Space Cowgirl theme and the Last Bash in Nash for a full weekend of fun! 

Personalized shirts, koozies, bandanas, fanny packs, and more are all great keepsakes to remember the good times! Plan activities coordinating with your destination! An epic ride down broadway in an open-aired bus to dance the night away or take those boots walking down 6th street in Austin. 

Photo: @meganawatson7

Have a look at our party kits for a fun backdrop for your pictures.

10. Disco Fever

Boogie down with this bachelorette party theme! A bride’s last disco should be as unique as she is! Have all of your girls dress in some funky attire, complemented with some beautiful wigs to dance the night away! 

Have some fun and easy DIY decoration details to take pictures with before your night out! Include a few fun accessories, like a blingy bridal headband or purse and all of your disco babes, will look the part! 

Have your decoration include all things disco-related. There are so many disco accessories besides just disco balls these days, placing small items throughout your party will make the disco scene even more fabulous!

Check out this party kit for your disco bachelorette party theme this year.

11. Last Splash Mermaid Bash

The Last Splash will be a weekend to remember for the bride-to-be! 

Given the theme, your girl must love the water! So planning this theme at a local beach or a tropical destination will be perfect! Maybe a destination isn’t feasible, no worries! Host the splash bash as a pool party! Mermaid tails optional.

Decorate your party with soft purples, blue shades, and white! Have all of your other party supplies, snacks, and outfits coordinated! Make it easy for all of the girls to participate with hair glitter, fake tattoos, and matching swimsuits! 

A cute sarong cover-up will be the perfect party favor that your guests can reuse and will be perfect for that group picture! 

Are you looking to decorate a cake? Our Mermaid Cake Topper is the perfect accent! Also, this ocean-themed party kit would be an excellent choice for your beachside Last Splash Mermaid Bash.

12. Baewatch Beach Bash

A beach destination bachelorette party with bathing suits to match! What more could you and your beach babes want?! Your swimsuits and accessories will take the beach by storm!

Go with the classic red lifeguard swimsuits for all of the babes and a white one for the bride. The red swimsuits could all have the same “Baewatch” on them or mix it up and have each girl choose their own saying that coordinates with the theme!  

This theme will never get old! So you should always be able to find accessories to add to your cute suits! Look for fanny packs, cute sunglasses, retro visors, and inflatable lifeguard rings. 

All of the attention will be on the beach babes for this bash! But if you are heading back to a hotel room or rented house, don’t forget about the decorations there! Will make for a perfect photo backdrop before your night out!  

If you prefer to stick with the lifeguard theme, choose red and white colors. We have great custom options no matter your color palette!


The best way to choose a bachelorette theme is to either go with what the bride desires or if she doesn’t have a preference, to consider what you think she and all of the other babes would enjoy!

We've discussed 12 great bachelorette party themes and ideas so you have plenty of fabulous options to choose from and make a memorable get-together for all who attend.  

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Happy Planning!

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