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Top 5 Fifth Birthday Party Themes

You and your little one have officially made it to five. What better way to celebrate than gathering all of their friends (and maybe yours too) and throwing a fun party? Time to pick a theme and start planning! 

Year five could be planning a simple party at the house, with a theme around a popular new movie. Or a last-minute plan at a park or a rented-out space where the kids can run wild. Whatever the venue may be, once you have a theme, everything will begin to coordinate, from the colors to the cake, to the decorations. Easy peasy, right?

Keeping up with the latest trends, not to mention your soon-to-be five-year-old and all of their activities, can be exhausting. But we’re here to celebrate another year that both you and your partner (and child) have made it through. And we want to help give you some inspiration and make planning a little easier.

At five years old, your child probably has a list of friends to invite. But whether you’re planning a small gathering or a huge get-together, our birthday collection for the fifth year will help you find the best match to make those birthday dreams come true!

How to Pick a Birthday Theme

Picking and planning a birthday theme can be a time-consuming job. Your pre-k child may already have something in mind, which may seem unrealistic, or they could care less and the party is more of a family gathering or social event for the parents.

So, here are a couple of questions to help make your decision easier.

When is the Big Birthday?

From spring to winter you have so many options to choose from and a seasonal theme is much easier to coordinate. Host the party at a park or at an event space that will allow ample opportunity for your little guests to expend some of that energy.

Nobody said you have to be traditional! Whether you want to go with a seasonal theme or just a fun color palette, at the end of the day, this party is for your child, so anything goes!

Are You Allowed an Opinion?

Serious question, after your child begins to develop their likes and dislikes, do you get a say anymore? If so, and you planned the first four parties with ease, then this year should be a piece of cake! If not, then this might be the year you have to give in to whatever their favorite of the day/week/month might be. 

No matter what the chosen theme is, we hope that you are able to sneak in coordinating colors and your favorite decor that will make the party classic and stylish! 

Answering these two questions will help you pick out a theme or give you peace of mind that you don’t have a say and it’s just time to go with the flow.

The Top 5 Fifth Birthday Party Themes  

Take a look at our top 5 fifth-birthday themes below to give you some inspiration!

  1. Five is a Vibe

Does your soon-to-be five-year-old jive like there is no tomorrow? Or do they have that laid-back vibe and always go with the flow? If so, then this party will be the perfect fit for your little one and so fun to design! 

That groovy, chill vibe will be all about the decorations! Welcome your guests with a fun entrance and sign to show them where the party starts. An easy party to host indoors or outdoors. Make it a picnic-style setting, with an adorable balloon arch, with added daisy flowers. Create a hippie craft area where they can paint their little hearts out. Hire a face painter, have those bubble machines blowing, and include a fun bouncy house that they will all enjoy after those sweet treats!

From disco balls to peace symbols, your decorations will create the vibe for this birthday party! This birthday theme is on trend, with so many color combos to choose from! Let’s talk decor! Start with your boho palette, with neutrals or moody shades. Then add in all of the fun details to create one far-out celebration! 

This Five is a Vibe theme will bring all of the peace, love, and happiness to the party! Check out the above groovy balloon garland here.

  1. High Five

Given the name of this birthday theme, this is the best choice for your little one that just can’t give enough high five’s out! This theme can be hosted at home, at an event space, or even at a park. Have fun with the decorations and I guarantee your five-year-old and all of their friends will enjoy this party! 

If you have a wild child with endless energy, I’m sure you need a birthday event space where everyone can run free! This birthday bash is perfect for you and can be anything you want it to be.  

Whether you plan to host it at home or at a park, this birthday party should be an easy, yet memorable party for you to throw. Create some fun birthday invitations with their hand outline, have a fun arts and crafts area where guests can create their own high-five artwork, and be sure to have delicious treats to end the party with!

For some party inspiration, check out our DIY balloon kits and themes. We also have a wide range of options to customize a balloon kit to match your theme! 

You can give yourself a high five after this party is done!

  1. Hawaii Five-0

Celebrating your soon-to-be five-year-old in the summer months? This tropical theme would be the perfect match to host during those warm days at a beach or a pool. There are so many cute and fun tropical birthday decorations and themes out there to choose from! However, this theme takes a different spin to your normal tropical theme into a more action-adventure birthday! 

A Hawaii Five-0 birthday party would be incomplete without a tropical backdrop! Decorate with green shades or use a pink palette with faux palm leaves to set the vibe. Welcome your little guests with a fun, fruity drink, and a flower lei as they enter your tropical paradise! 

This birthday bash will be all about the details. From the decorations mentioned above to the delicious food spread, like fruit kabobs and BBQ. If you’re truly going for the themed tv show birthday, then the activity could be an adventure hunt or a mini mystery they can solve together! 

This party kit would be a perfect backdrop for a tropical birthday party. We also have a matching cake topper that would be an easy addition! 

  1. Five Below

The Frozen movie series may have taken your household by storm and there is no escaping this birthday party theme! You know all of the characters and songs by heart, now it's time to make the most magical fifth birthday party celebration! 

Whether it’s an Anna and Elsa-themed party or Olaf, you are sure to have the same decorations… a winter wonderland! The decorations will of course be the main focal point. Create a frosted backdrop using a balloon garland, snowflake cutouts including the tableware decor, and of course all of the characters! Your color scheme can use light purples and blues, an all-blue backdrop, or even all-white! Add snowflake cookies to the dessert table, rock candy, and everything blue! 

This theme would absolutely be perfect for those winter birthdays, but a magical celebration is perfect year-round! String some white Christmas lights around your party and hang snowflakes all around. Be sure to coordinate all of your party tableware with your decorations!

For activities, you can have a dress-up party, paint snowflake ornaments, go ice skating, and make it an ice cream party!

One thing is for sure, all of your little guests will enjoy this winter wonderland! 

  1. Cinco de (Name)

Whether you go with a Cinco-themed party or a 5th Fiesta, you can’t go wrong! Everyone will know it’s time to grab their friends and get their fiesta on! We love this theme for the bright and colorful decorations and the food, of course! 

Greet your guests with a cute welcome sign that will lead them into the fun fiesta! This theme is an easy party to host indoors or outdoors. Create a fun tablescape for the buffet with a bright balloon arch with added cactus balloons. Your decor can include bright flowers, a piñata, and paper tassels to hang from giant balloons or make a fun photo backdrop!

Fiesta like there is no mañana! This birthday theme is on trend for any age and any time of year! There will be no shortage of party supplies. Let’s taco ‘bout a party! Spice up your table with fun avocado-shaped plates with taco-shaped napkins, llama balloons, flag banners, and a colorful table runner to tie in all of the fiesta details! 

Check out our Fiesta Balloon Garland Kit which is a perfect decoration for this Fifth Fiesta theme!

BONUS: Ride into Five

Did your little one recently learn how to ride a bike and is obsessed? This party theme is better suited for those warmer months, perfect for riding a bike, scooter, or skates! Make sure your invites include all of the necessary details on what to bring, not just the bike, but all of the safety gear as well. 

Ride into Five would be fun at your local park or if you live in a cul-de-sac, setting up a fun obstacle course that all would enjoy. Want to turn it up a notch? If you (or your child) like a little competition, you could find a race track to rent out. This birthday party theme is the activity, so we will need to decorate accordingly.  

For decorations, if you host at a race track, then the obvious decorations would be a race theme with checkered flags, with red and white colors. If this party is at a park or at your house, then any color palette will do! Whether you go with Hotwheels or bicycles, this birthday party will be an easy one to decorate!

Party favors could include personalized water bottles or fun bike accessories. For some party inspiration, check out our balloon kits here. We also have a wide range of options to customize a balloon kit to match your theme! 

What theme will you choose? 

Another year down?! Time flies when you’re having fun! We hope the above birthday party theme list has provided some ideas for a celebration to remember. And if this year doesn’t provide enough time to plan a party, check back with us so we can help you plan for next year!

As always, we hope the above party themes gave you some inspiration. Cherish all the moments and make them memorable. 

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Happy (Birthday) Planning!

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