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15 Great Hanukkah Party Ideas

15 Great Hanukkah Party Ideas

Times have changed and you no longer have to be subjected to a game of dreidel. Now is the time that you can start making your own Hanukkah traditions. Traditions that aren’t so, well, traditional. 

You can swap your childhood Hanukkah memories with more exciting games and food. Creating new traditions that will last you a lifetime and memories for those that attend. Your Hanukkah traditions can evolve however you like over the years. 

Generally, when we think of Hanukkah, we think of dreidels, candles and latkes. Now you are old enough to enjoy some of that “holy” wine, and not to say you can’t include the traditional items, but you will find a way to celebrate in style. 

If you are in search of some inspiration this winter, our Hanukkah party ideas will get you started.

15 Great Hanukkah Party Ideas

Everyone likes to celebrate, so let’s have some fun! Here are a few modern ideas to mix with the traditional to create a joyful party. 

1. Ugly Sweater Party

An ugly sweater might make you think of Santa or maybe a light up Christmas tree sweater. But who’s to say you can’t outdo them all with an ugly menorah sweater?

I’m sure there are plenty of people that have gotten creative over the years and have come up with some pretty atrocious sweaters! 

Make your party as tacky as the sweaters that are attending. Turn all of your decorations into an eyesore. Serve food and drinks that match the theme and you will have one memorable party.  

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2. Get Lit Party

Hanukkah is known as the festival of lights. Eight nights of lighting candles. Although you can’t capture those eight nights in one, you can provide a very beautiful ambiance with your lighting. 

Candles on candles on candles. Use candles to create a warm ambiance. Host your party in the later hours, have a great charcuterie board laid out, with of course, your “holy” juice. 

Your traditional candle lighting ceremony can be part of the itinerary. Schedule your party to begin before sundown and celebrate light over dark and honor the classic Hanukkah tradition.

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3. Fancy Feast Party

Everyone is bound to have holiday parties lined up, why not host a fancy one yourself? Everyone loves a good reason to dress up! Especially if they are working from home these days. 

From the decor to the plates of food, you will have a gorgeous setup that will leave your guests in awe! 

Make your party simple by ordering in food and focus on hosting. Or do a potluck option full of homemade challah, latkes, kugel and gelt. 

Depending on how fancy you make it, we have the perfect black and gold party kit to give your party a very classy look!

4. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel Party

Although a game of dreidel isn’t very riveting, that doesn’t mean your party has to be! 

Center your party theme around the dreidel. From dreidel drinks, to cookie cutouts to the dreidel game, your guests will be entertained throughout the party. 

Make new dreidel memories for all and celebrate the rich history and spin the night away! Dress up your dreidel party with some fun custom decor!  

5. Mystery Maccabee Party

Similar to secret Santa or white elephant, your mystery Maccabee party is far from traditional! As times have changed, so has gift giving. Why not put your own spin on it for a little more fun!

I’m sure by now you are familiar with white elephant gifting! And if you don’t have a similar party to attend this year, this is your time to host!

Everyone loves receiving gifts, so have everyone stick to your theme. Have everyone bring in an assortment of Hanukkah themed gifts, like festive drinking glasses, a mini waffle maker, or fancy olive oils.

This link provides great info on how to create a Mystery Maccabee party! Elevate the element of surprise with some festive decorations too!  

6. I Love You A-Latke Party

Add a classic twist to the little potato pancakes you enjoy so much. 

I’m sure every family has their own, favorite recipe for latkes. Have all of your guests bring in their own latke and make a feast of it! For those friends that may not be Jewish, they could always bring in another side dish to accompany those little fried fritters. 

Make it a brunch party! This delectable treat can be served at any meal, why not choose brunch! Don’t forget the toppings!

This party kit will give you some major brunch inspiration!

7. Wine and Design Party

Like your classic wine and paint night, but here you have an opportunity for all to get a little creative. Designate the design towards one item or have options for your guests to choose from.

Have everyone bring over wine, order some food and throw out all things crafty and see where the night takes you!

A dreidel door hanger, a painted menorah or a candle making party. Really, so many options to have a great time and for everyone to take home those memories with them. 

Add some color to your celebration with these fun party kits! It will make for a great photo backdrop once all of your crafts are complete!

8. Donut Grow Up Party

Just because you’re an adult now, doesn’t mean you have to grow up! Your ever favorite, jelly-filled donut can and should be a part of your festivities! 

Understandably, as an adult, it’s harder to keep off those lbs, am I right? But it’s tradition, have a donut for tradition. 

Hosting a party around a donut theme, will have all of your friends and family jumping with excitement. Probably from the sugar high, but still. There are many puns to play off of and would make for an entertaining day. 

How about adding a cute, not-so-traditional balloon arch? Check out this party kit here!

9. Hanukkah Bingo Night Party

When all else fails, host a Bingo night! This could be your first time hosting or something that was thrown together last minute. Either way, an easy Bingo night could become a yearly tradition! 

Make it a themed night! Have everyone wear blue or white to the party and have your decorations match. This would be a fun game to add to your ugly sweater night too! 

There are several printable options to choose from. Use gelt as your place markers and make sure the holy wine is flowing and you are bound to have a great night!

Have a look at this blue and white balloon kit - it will definitely be the hit of your party!

10. Wine Tasting Party

You may be limited on the wine you can drink, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! Time to try some new varieties to sip and savor these moments! 

This would be the perfect time to try a blind taste test! Have each of your guests bring two bottles (2 per couple) of organic, natural wine. Have a designated person place one of each in a brown bag to conceal the winner. 

Hanukkah Cheese Board by REBEKAH LOWIN

Along with the wine, be sure to pair a beautiful charcuterie board with all of your favorite kosher items. Or add this fun candy board! Who knows, you might after all like the Manischewitz wine the best!  

The winner could take home all of the wines!

11. Helping Hand Party

The holidays are a special reminder to spend time with those you love. However, there are many that don’t have that opportunity or are less fortunate.

Take this time to volunteer with a group of friends and family at a local shelter! Or if you do host a Hanukkah celebration, make the event about the spirit of giving. Ask your guests to bring toys and/or food that you can take to a local charity.  

Giving back to your community and those less fortunate is a beautiful way to bring everyone together and remind them of the season. Giving gives us purpose and I guarantee this will be a tradition to continue.

12. Gelt-y Games Party

Game night! Most have a very competitive spirit about them, why not host a game night! Currency of choice, gelt, of course!

Have everyone bring over a game and a bag of gelt and get the festivities started! Depending on how many guests you have, you could include games like monopoly, poker, or Texas hold 'em. 

Have a miniature dreidel trophy for the winner, pending they don’t eat all of their gelt before the end of the night! 

There’s no reason that the trophy has to be the only showstopper! You can add decorations to the thrown for the crowned winner!

13. Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt

Make some fun memories with an exciting adventure! You have the option to host a scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors and it’s great for all ages! 

Understandably, if you live up north, you will be hosting a scavenger hunt indoors! Create your own holiday version with your Hanukkah theme. Use only bright blue items or use one specific item like the dreidel. 

This scavenger hunt will provide a nice interlude between dinner and some sweet treats. And after a little holy wine, who knows what the night will turn into?!

14. Movie Night Party

Hosting an Eight Crazy Nights viewing would be an easy idea to incorporate into your yearly traditions.  

Movie nights paired with wine and all of the other delectable treats will have your guests coming back every year! No need to overdo a party. Keep it to the basics and enjoy the company! 

Even if it turns into a more social evening, the movie playing will provide some great background noise and some good laughs!

15. Bake the Night Away Party

Who doesn’t love a classic sugar cookie with icing on top! This is another opportunity for your guests to gather inspiration and get creative! The sweet treat at the end is an added bonus for all!

More food ideas here

Assign each guest to bring certain tools for your delectable night! Have them bring cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles, and cute bags or tins to take home or give as gifts!

To make the night go a bit easier (and quicker), bake the sugar cookies ahead of time! This way, the cookies will be nice and cool for your guests to decorate. 

Check out this bright balloon kit for a fun addition to your celebration!


Whether you decide to substitute or replace certain Hanukkah traditions, you and your guests will have a great time celebrating with one another. So, light that menorah and say your Hanukkah blessings.  

We've discussed 15 great Hanukkah party ideas and hope it’s sparked some creativity for the next party you may host.  

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Chag sameach!!


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