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Top 5 Wedding Themes for 2021

Very few things compare to the moment when you walk down the aisle, feeling the excitement of entering a new life with your partner. Understandably, we want everything to be perfect on our special day, and a wedding theme makes sure of that.

There is always something new about wedding styles, so being aware of the latest wedding themes for 2021 is critical. Everything must be on point, whether aesthetics, atmosphere, color themes, or venue.

Generally, couples want something close to their hearts. So, they prefer personalized themes to savor their special moments to the fullest.

If you are one such couple looking for the perfect wedding theme for 2021, our wedding theme collection can help you make a better choice.

How to Pick a Wedding Theme?

Picking a wedding theme can be a tedious job, especially when everything keeps changing so quickly.

So, here are a few things to help make your decision easier.

When Is Your Wedding?

Wedding time is a crucial player because you decide the dresses and color themes according to the weather. 

For instance, dark colors like deep burgundy or emerald-green are perfect for winter weddings.

Likewise, a summer wedding must have an airy theme, including light colors, etc. Moreover, if your wedding is in spring, go for bright colors and garden arrangements.

Besides that, the weather conditions also decide your venue, whether indoor or outdoor.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Apart from the weather, your personal preferences also influence your color selection. 

Here, make sure you pick your favorite colors, or else you will end up compromising with what your wedding planner tells you.

So brainstorm some colors with your partner. Also, consider the ever-trendy colors like black, silver, gold, and white, etc. 

What’s Your Dress Like?

Your wedding dress should reflect the theme and not the other way round. Often, people decide their wedding theme beforehand and then choose a dress accordingly. 

However, it’s better to pick your dress first, as it will help you select your desired theme. 

For instance, see if your dress will go well with a Bohemian wedding or a luxe? 

Consider the delicacy and style of your dress. 

Does it have clean edges? Is it a full princess ball gown? 

Answering these questions will enable you to pick a theme that goes perfectly with your dress.

Giant Black Balloons

The Top 5 Wedding Themes for 2021

As we now know the basics of picking a wedding theme, let’s jump to the top five themes for 2021.

1. The Outdoor Theme

Earlier, outdoor weddings were a choice, but now they are more of a compulsion. 

Given the pandemic situation, the outdoor theme is likely to stay in trend for a while. As a result, this theme continues to grow in popularity as we move deeper into 2021.

Other than the pandemic, outdoor weddings give you numerous options for venues. For example, you can set it up on a beach, a garden, rooftops, farms, etc.

In a way, an outdoor wedding gives you numerous options for picking your favorite colors and party arrangements. They have a natural vibe and the much-needed extra space if you want to invite many guests.

Are you looking to decorate your garden for your wedding? This colorful and vibrant party kit will be perfect for your spring wedding.

Likewise, this ocean-themed party kit can be an excellent choice for your beachside wedding themes.

Tropical Balloon Garland

2. The Classic Theme

An elegant wedding dress with a soothing environment, classy color palette featuring gold, white, and calm colors are the essential elements that make a classic wedding theme. 

Classic themes never get old. Decorate your backdrop with seasoned flowers and pick the most elegant furniture for photoshoots and dining time.

In classic weddings, it's all about aesthetics and accessories. So, pick some dark-toned napkins, placemats, and ribbons, etc. Some candles and aesthetic lights would go well too.

A classy wedding theme needs the right venue. It’s essential to choose a quiet place with moderate weather to avoid too much breeze or extreme temperatures. Only then the soothing colors will add to the elegance of your wedding setup.

If you prefer an all-white setup, check out this intriguing party kit with a classic vibe. Also, a subtle pink layout looks very elegant in a classic wedding theme.

Giant Pastel Balloons

3. Rustic Theme

Rustic weddings focus on natural textures, wooden elements, and hand-tied bouquets. In the last two years, rustic weddings have become trendy, featuring vintage aspects like furniture, wagon wheels, etc.

Understandably, rustic weddings go well in natural environments like warehouses, vineyards, and wooden setups. The Rustic theme has a sense of casualness, so the dress codes may not be too elegant. It's a pretty laid-back theme that should take you back in time.

A rustic wedding color theme must feature earthy colors, patterns, and textures.  You'll find dusty hues along with some nostalgic fragrances and floral arrangements that will make for an unmatched ambiance!

How about adding a touch of Rose gold to your wedding theme? Check out this party kit here!

Rose Gold Confetti Balloons

4. Romantic Theme

The year 2021 is about the choices we make in our lives. Choosing a partner is the most important, so a romantic theme becomes an excellent option for modern weddings. 

Romantic themes bring the couple into the spotlight with their soft and dreamy aura. They include ivory or cream colors with flowers, lace accents, hearts, cupids, and ribbons.

You may need a reasonable budget for a high-end floral arrangement. After all, what’s more romantic than flowers? Moreover, you can add some soft and delicate lighting, linen, organza, and even chocolates to your romantic wedding theme.

Most people want their special day in shades of white and cream - with one exception! A beautiful blue wedding dress can be just as eye-catching as other traditional tones, so why not add a touch of royalty color? 

Have a look at this combination of blue and gold party kits for a romantic wedding theme.

5. Bohemian Theme

Bohemian themes are well known for their floral crowns, airy dresses, and soft colors. It's an outdoor celebration of love and creativity with lots of DIY details like fresh flowers in hair or on tablescapes. 

A Bohemian wedding is a perfect opportunity to have your flowers, jewels, and sandals match. You'll need some of these items to create your bohemian-style wedding day - candies, brooches, popcorns, and an intriguing aroma. 

The dessert menu can be quite different from traditional themes, and it's a selling point for Bohemian weddings. 

You'll want to go with an arrangement that speaks to the two of you, so think back on when you first met or fell in love.

Check out this Boho Moody party kit for your Bohemian wedding theme this year.

Boho Moody Garland


The best way to choose your wedding theme is by considering what makes you happy. Pick the colors, symbols, and rituals that are important to you. 

We've discussed the top wedding themes for 2021, so you don't miss out on anything for your special day.  

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