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We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower Essentials

 If you are looking for the cutest baby shower theme, then look no further! A We Can Bearly Wait baby shower is an adorable theme for the mom-to-be. A teddy bear theme is perfect for a baby boy or girl and also super cute for a gender reveal party! 

A teddy bear-themed baby shower is a classic theme that will be trendy for years. Celebrating a soon-to-be parent is a special moment for the adventure ahead. Designing a party for this special event should be easy, fun, and one that will leave your guests with great memories.

Our baby shower essentials don’t include any baby shower games, so if you are looking for some non-cringy games, take a look here. A Bearly Wait baby shower can include modern, boho vibes that are perfect year-round. Or you could choose a classic teddy bear baby shower theme, with the option of cuteness overload with Winnie-the-Pooh! Whichever creative design you go with, I am sure it will be adorable!

Whether you’re planning a small gathering of close friends and family or a huge get-together, our teddy bear baby shower essentials below should give your event that WOW factor for all to remember!

How to Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Picking the right baby shower theme can make one a little nervous. There are so many options and you want to pick the right one.

So, here are a couple of questions to help make your decision easier.

How Well Do You Know the Guests?

If you know everyone that will be attending, you can gather their input and ask them to contribute (say if your design includes a lot of teddy bears, everyone could bring one!). This makes hosting a little easier! 

Design by @_blownawayballoons_

On the other hand, if you don’t know all of the guests, this can be a bit more challenging. You obviously don’t want to design a baby shower that all will enjoy. 

What is the Vibe of the Parent-To-Be?

Apart from the invited guests, your mom and/or dad might already have a theme in mind. Again, making your job that much easier! 

However, if they don’t have a preference, choose a modern, boho, or classic theme based on their vibe. Surely they gravitate towards certain things they like, which will hopefully give you an idea of which theme to coordinate. 

Answering these two questions will help you navigate the essentials below and pick out all of the best details for the baby shower. 

5 We Can Bearly Wait Essentials  

Are you ready to start planning this beary cute event? Here are our 5 We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower essential ideas!

1. Beary Cute Baby Shower Invitations 

What better way to invite your friends and family to your baby shower, than with some adorable invitations? Baby shower invitations should be one of the first items ordered for your planned baby shower party. Whether you know the gender or not, there are so many cute baby shower invites to choose from.   

Your themed We Can Bearly Wait baby shower invitations can feature a cute teddy bear with pink, blue, or yellow balloons, it could also be themed around lots of different cute woodland animals, or the classic Winnie the Pooh Bear. There are so many options to choose from and all are perfect whether you are keeping the gender a secret or not! 

The baby shower invite will of course have all of the pertinent details of where and when, but don’t forget to include other necessary and fun details. If the mother-to-be has a registry, include the link or info to it, if you plan to play a game that requires preparation or for them to bring an item, like diapers for a raffle, include that as well. If you are planning a surprise shower or if it’s a location hard to get to, the more information to make it a seamless event, the better!

Check out this cute invitation that will make a stunning statement for your upcoming baby shower. 

2. Bearly Wait Balloon Decorations

Whether your We Can Bearly Wait baby shower is for a gender reveal party or not, your decorations are sure to WOW your guests! We have seen extravagant setups with large light-up letters, giant teddy bears, and balloon garlands that wrap around the whole venue to a beautiful balloon arch which makes a picture-perfect backdrop for the mama-bear-to-be!  

A teddy bear baby shower is a classic theme that is easy to put together, from the decorations to the tableware. Once you choose your baby shower theme colors, all of the other details should fall into place.  

Above design by @jfparty__

Your color combinations could use neutral browns, blush, and linen balloons. If you have a boy or girl, mix the neutral with a soft baby blue or pink. For the gender reveal, you could use a mixture of neutrals with both light pink and blue, or you could use yellows to coordinate with honey or bee decorations. 

If the above has given you inspiration, take a look at our DIY balloon garland kits here. Not finding the perfect match? We customize balloon garland kits to fit your baby shower theme to a T!

3. Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

You can’t have a bear-themed baby shower without actual teddy bear decor! When I think of a giant stuffed teddy bear, the state or county fair comes to mind. I’m sure you don’t have one giant teddy bear just lying around the house. But if you do, we may be a little jealous.  

Obviously, if you don’t own a giant teddy bear, then you would first look at either buying or renting one. Depending on where you live, you may be in luck to rent one from a photographer who uses it as a prop or a party event service. If not, then you might have to purchase one, which can always be gifted to the mama-bear-to-be after the shower. 

Maybe a giant teddy bear is just too extra. If so, adding small stuffed teddy bears throughout the party is always an option. You could ask each guest to bring one or purchase a variety of different stuffed bears. This would make the cutest decor to add to each guest table, the gift table, and throughout the party for the best pictures. 

If several stuffed teddy bears are still not in the budget and you are planning a DIY party, then definitely take a look at a giant teddy bear mylar balloon! These balloons can be filled with air or helium and sprinkled throughout your party, which will make a super cute photo backdrop.  

Need to coordinate decorations for your We Can Bearly Wait-themed baby shower? Check out our party kits here

4. Personalized Cookies

Everyone loves a sweet treat while attending an event! And while I’m sure you will have tables full of delicious bite-sized food for your guests, you will still need to create a cute dessert to match the baby shower theme! 

Depending on the size of your guest list, you may need to have a few dessert options. Maybe a cake along with adorable, personalized cookies! Teddy bear-shaped cookies, along with honeycomb images, and of course the name of the baby in a beautiful script to complete the look. 

If the cookies are too precious, you could also have them individually wrapped as cute teddy bear favors for each guest to take with them! Every dessert item can be easily personalized by adding a cupcake or cake topper with the name or just by adding cute napkins to the table.

How about adding a touch of cuteness to your cake? Check out our customizable balloon cake kit here!

5. Honey Favors

A little honey is on its way! What better way to send your lovely guests off than with a local, personalized jar of honey? This little gift is the perfect way to say thank you that your guests can actually enjoy and use in the months ahead. 

Have the honey poured into cute little bear jars or simple mason jars with adorable, personalized tags or stickers. Add a cute honey dipper for the cutest baby shower favor that I’m sure all of your guests will love! 

A honey favor, like the one pictured above, is perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower gift. It’s also the perfect way to support a local vendor and every time your friend or family member goes to use it, they will think of you and your baby.

BONUS: A Beary Cute Pooh Bear Baby Shower Theme

While a We Can Bearly Wait baby shower theme is perfect for all honey and bee-related designs, you can’t help but think about the cutest bear of all! And we all know that a certain bear loves some honey!

If you are not keen on teddy bears, think about doing a Pooh Bear-themed baby shower. You can coordinate all of the cute details listed above, but you can add specific cutout figures and pictured quotes around the baby shower to create a beary cute shower setting. 

All of your guests will be familiar with this theme and it will be a perfect match if you find yourself decorating your nursery with the same theme. 

Check out our Teddy Bear Baby Shower party kit here, any celebration is incomplete without balloons!

One thing is for sure, this party will be beary cute! 

We Can Bearly Wait! 

We can barely wait to see how you design your baby shower! We love to see the details and design of each party! Give us a tag on Instagram @elliesparty to be featured on our social media and website! 

Whether you are throwing your own baby shower or planning for a dear friend, we hope the baby shower ideas above gave you some fun options to incorporate into your special event. If you are in need of inspiration, take a look at our other blog posts or our Pinterest board!

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Happy Planning!

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