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10 Great Baby Shower Games

The best baby showers are those that, obviously, shower the mom-to-be with gifts, but also those that entertain your guests. Just like any other party, hosting a baby shower requires you to coordinate everything from the food to entertainment. 

Celebrating a soon-to-be mom or parents doesn’t necessarily mean that all guests know each other. This requires ice-breakers for introductions, so hopefully, there won’t be any awkward conversations. One easy option is to choose a great baby shower game to entertain and break the ice!

I’ll admit, I kind of cringe when I hear that we will be partaking in baby shower games. Sometimes they turn out not to be so bad, but if I had a choice, I would choose not to have any. If you are the same or maybe you are throwing a baby shower and it was requested to throw in a game, it’s time to get creative! 

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a huge get-together, our baby shower games will help you find the perfect entertainment!

How to Pick a Baby Shower Game

Picking a game can be a tedious job when there are so many options and you want to pick one that all will enjoy.

So, here are a couple of questions to help make your decision easier.

How Well Do You Know the Guests?

If you know everyone that will be attending, you can gather their input or at least have a general idea of what everyone enjoys for entertainment. This makes hosting a little easier! 

On the other hand, if you don’t know all of the guests, this can be a bit more challenging. You obviously don’t want to choose a game that could be offensive or one that nobody would want to participate in. 

Does The Mom Have Any Favorites?

Apart from the invited guests, your mom and/or dad might already have one in mind. Again, making your job that much easier! 

Having one or both of the parents choose a topic or activity and then you can take charge from there and coordinate the questions or design of the activity. 

Answering these two questions will help you navigate the options below and pick out the best game for the baby shower. 

10 Great Baby Shower Games  

Still undecided which may be the best fit for your shower? Here are our 10 (not so cringy) baby shower games!

1. Old Wives Tales 

Old wives’ tales are pre-internet and technology predictions based on previous pregnancies. The tell-tell of symptoms, the temperature, the way the wind was blowing, and so many more stories of how they determined the gender of the baby before the scan could tell you at the doctors.  

Depending on the age of the guests, guessing the gender of the baby based on old wives’ tales could be a fun and interesting option! A perfect opportunity to coordinate with a gender reveal party! 

A fun option would be to have everyone come prepared with their “old wives tale” prediction and have a board with either gender to place it under. Or, you could have a prepared list of options and have everyone vote! The big reveal will get everyone excited to participate!

Check out this neutral boho party kit that will make a stunning statement at your baby shower. 

2. Who Knows Mommy and/or Daddy Best?

A timeless game that is easy to put together at the last minute. This is more of a guessing game that lists out questions for each of the guests to answer to find out who knows each of the parents better. Especially fun if you get the parents involved! 

Whether your baby shower is co-ed, you can include questions from both parents. Have a list of about 10 to 20 questions and/or statements. Each couple or guest can participate in guessing and the person that has the most correct answers wins a prize! 

This game requires paper and pen and is easy enough to do in any kind of setting, at someone’s house or out at a restaurant. The nice thing about this game is you can make it last as long as you would like. Only close friends? Include a few secrets that would be very entertaining! I’m sure all will get a good laugh out of some of the questions. No doubt they will learn a lot about their friends or family members! 

3. Animal Pregnancy Game

Get ready for a wild party! You know (or should know, as an adult) how long pregnancy takes. But do you know the weeks, months, or years it takes for animals in the jungle or those in the water? 

Maybe the parent-to-be is a wild spirit, or you have a safari baby shower theme, or you are just looking for a good laugh. Whatever the reason, this game is a good one! Choose a variety of animals from different categories and have them listed all on a sheet of paper for guests to take guesses. Obviously, you have to make sure no phones can be used during this game. The winner's prize could be a giant stuffed giraffe or maybe tickets to the local zoo. 

Need to coordinate decorations for your safari or jungle-themed baby shower? Make everyone feel like you’re in the wild with one of our party kits here

How about adding a touch of jungle to your cake? Check out this balloon cake kit here!

One thing is for sure, this party will be a wild good time. 

4. Are You That Baby? 

I’m betting that for most of us, it would be hard for others to depict what you looked like as a baby. Have all guests, guys and girls, bring in a copy of their favorite baby picture and post it on a wall. Everyone can have a sheet of paper to guess who belongs to who. 

Maybe throw in a few random baby pictures you found on the internet to get the guests really questioning who each baby picture belongs to. This will also come in handy for those that may not have access to bring a picture too. 

This easy game only takes a little bit of time and you can reward the winner with the most correct responses with a fun prize, like a gift basket or a gift card. Ultimately, the decorations will take the show here. Complete the baby picture wall with this garland to make a beautiful picture-perfect backdrop that everyone can pose in front of with the mom-to-be.

5. Guess the Baby Food

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the baby shower game where you try and determine what chocolate candy was used in the diaper… that might be entertaining for some, but I would rather try and guess the baby food!

Almost all of the baby food options will have the same texture, but the smell and color will change with each one. Some guests really might have a food texture issue and won’t be able to participate, however, most will have some fun with this. Be sure to video the mom or dad's reaction to each. 

Maybe try to throw something in there that wouldn’t necessarily be part of the baby food options that you’ve blended up yourself - just don’t get too crazy with it! Be sure to have little baby spoons and bibs for all those that participate. Then the parents to be can have these for use afterward!

Quick Tip: You may need to see if anyone has any food allergies!

6. The Price is Right

Unless you’ve been attending a lot of baby showers recently or you have kids of your own, you probably don’t know the absurd amount that baby items cost. Here you have a very fun and eye-opening game called “The Price is Right”. 

Have a handout with printed pictures listed out and blank lines next to it. Guests write down their best guess of the price, most correct at the end wins! Have fun with it and make it feel like the actual game show. Don’t forget about the prize! 

Most who have seen the show will enjoy this fun baby shower game! Have your decorations and other party supplies coordinate accordingly with the Price is Right color theme. It will be an unexpected surprise for all. Here is a great freebie with logo options like the one above!

If you want to mimic the Price is Right stage, you will need a pop of bright and colorful balloons, we’ve got you covered!

7. Baby Bump Balloon Pop 

A baby bump that doesn’t include the mom-to-be, but will have everyone else bouncing with laughter! This exciting baby shower game is made for the more active, and maybe competitive, bunch. The baby bump balloon pop game features the essential elements to have a fun party. 

First, you will need to divide up into teams. How to play: provide everyone with a balloon. When you say “go”, one person in the group blows up their balloon and stuffs it under their shirt. The next person continues until everyone in the group or pair is finished. 

The first person then needs to figure out how to pop their balloon. Once it’s popped, the next person then continues, and so on. The group that pops all of their balloons first is the winner!

Quick Tip: you may want to bring some spare, large t-shirts for those that may be in a dress!

Add some decorative, statement balloons to your baby shower!

8. Don’t Say, Baby!

Can you imagine how hard it would be to attend a baby shower and not say, baby?! I know I would definitely have a hard time and would take some concentration. Also, it would be very entertaining to watch others try as well or try and trick them! 

If this is your first time throwing a baby shower, this game would be a great and easy option!

Have a fun printout on the gift table that includes small clothespins for guests to take, preferably in the color of the gender! You will find plenty of printable options online, one of our favorites goes like this: 

9. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

How well do you remember all of those quirky nursery rhymes? I’m sure there are a few out there that you’ve never heard of either! This baby shower game will definitely be a crowd-pleaser for everyone to brush up on those nursery rhymes! 

How to play this game? Find a free printable online. This will include anywhere to 15 to 20 nursery rhymes where your guests will need to fill in the blanks. Make a time limit of, say, five minutes. The guest with the most correct answers will win! 

To add to your fun quiz, make the baby shower with the same nursery rhyme theme! Have little hints as puns at the food table. Include larger nursery rhyme printouts (not included in the quiz) as a decoration that the soon-to-be-mom can use in the home nursery! 

If you need some inspiration, Lo Chandler created this fun Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme birthday party which would be great for a baby shower. 

Did you just love Lo’s party setup? This is the party kit she used to create a lovely celebration.

10. One-of-a-Kind Onesie 

Where are all of my creative connoisseurs at? This one's for you! This artsy shower game option will be fun for all. And I’m sure the mama-to-be will appreciate the extra clothing, along with the memorable moments from the shower. 

Have enough plain onesies available for each guest and maybe in a few sizes. Include materials like stencils, iron-on transfers, and paint pens. Have the art coincide with the theme of the baby shower or the nursery design and get decorating!  

An additional option would be plain bibs for decorating as well. Then you could have two categories for voting and even more take-home items for the family!

11. BONUS: Baby Bucket List

Are the parents-to-be super adventurous? Do they like to travel? This bonus option will provide some great ideas from parents that have been there, done that!

This baby bucket list option isn’t much of a game, but it is a great way to get guests involved! This fun idea can be interactive by having each guest share what their suggestion is. It will give the parents-to-be a lot of tips to do with the baby in the first year! 

Find printable cards online, Etsy has some great options. Make sure they are cute, they would make for a beautiful gift for the parents to have for reference!

Check out our party kits here, any celebration is incomplete without balloons!

What shower game will you choose? 

Baby shower games don’t have to feel like torture to get through. Give the gift of laughter to all and enjoy the moment for the parents-to-be! 

Whether you are throwing your own baby shower or planning for a dear friend, we hope the baby shower games above gave you some fun options to incorporate. Parenting is an adventure and worth celebrating!

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Happy Planning!

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