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24 Most Popular Girl Birthday Themes for 2022

Birthdays become a pretty big deal the older you get. While it’s a day that everyone loves, sometimes it can be hard to pick out a theme. Or maybe you are struggling with the idea of throwing a trendy or classic-themed party. If so, we encourage you to explore the plethora of party options that your child and guests will all enjoy! 

For most of us, we can look back on our childhood and reminisce on a special birthday that will stick with us forever. That is exactly what you are creating for your little girl, a celebration to remember. No pressure. 

Over the years, thanks to social media, parties have become more than just your one-stop-shop kit. We gather ideas from others and recreate them or bring new ideas to the table. Whether you go with a trendy party theme or a classic theme, your child and their guests are sure to take home some memories from it!

If you are in need of inspiration, from the cake to the favors, check out our most popular girl birthday themes.

24 Popular Girl Birthday Themes

Let the list below serve as inspiration. You can make the details as extravagant as you want or as simple. There are so many more themes to choose from, but let’s jump into some of our favorite girl birthday party ideas!

  1. Glamping Party

Camping, but make it glam! We are seeing so many adorable teepees and bohemian-themed picnic parties, you can’t go wrong with this theme! With so many boho color options, you can pair the palette with other areas of interest! Have a crafting station where everyone can make their own flower crown! A great gift to take home and will look adorable for pictures!

Most bohemian themes give a very neutral vibe. The color tones are fun and easy to coordinate with. If you are hosting a full sleepover, let the girls get glam with a spa night! From facials to nails, the girls' will wake up refreshed and leave feeling like a million dollars! 

Need some boho decorations to create the perfect vibe? Check out our collection here

  1. Cowgirl Party 

A second rodeo themed party by @mrsdakotadavis 

Do you have a country star in the making? Giddy-on-up with a fun rodeo or farm theme! Bring the country to you and invite all of your wild-west guests and get ready for a fun hoedown. 

Your little cowgirl will love celebrating with all of their favorite party animals (aka little humans). Hire a petting zoo and have pony rides for some great memories. 

Your party should include some southern dishes, country music, live animals, and some great decorations! If you live in the city, take a field trip out to the country for some horseback riding or host your celebration at a local BBQ restaurant.

The live animals will for sure be the hit of the party, however, we have some great party kits to liven up your decorations. 

  1. Paris Tea Party

Tea and crumpets? A sophisticated party filled with finger foods and of course tea, to make your guests feel as fancy as the china that it will be served on.

Discover hidden gems at your local thrift store and stock up on some recycled tea party supplies that your guests can take home! This will make for an adorable setup!

You can’t forget about the decorations! A pretty pastel pink balloon garland would be a perfect backdrop to your party! Check out our party kit here! Extra details, like Eiffel Towers and beautiful, fresh flowers will make for an exquisite party.

  1. Barbie Party

Barbie party by @dmak.xo

As an adult, I love seeing that Barbie is making its way back on the trendy side! All things pink and fashionable, how can you not get excited to plan this party? (Child inside is a little jealous that I didn't have a Barbie party). 

Black, pink, and white decorations, a Barbie cake, and maybe even a lifesize Barbie box for the PERFECT photo op! Your fashionista will love this timeless theme and all who attend, including parents, will be obsessing over your party details!

We have a fabulous blog here that goes into detail on how to have a stunning Barbie party! 

  1. Unicorn Party

A birthday full of rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles! A special unicorn in your life deserves a magical celebration. Everything about this unicorn theme is so sweet and will be special to your little one. 

For decorations, use a soft pastel rainbow palette. Make your dessert be the main show. A unicorn cake with additional unicorn cupcakes will be the hit of the party (not just because of the sugar), we promise! 

Have an activity table including unicorn headbands for all and hire a face painting artist to add some glitter to the fun! Each guest will go home with a little added sparkle and magic to their day!

  1. Cotton Candy Party

What do you think of when you see cotton candy? For some, it might be the yearly county fair! For others, it might be a theme park! Turn your backyard into a circus, including a bouncy house and clown, and rent a cotton candy-making machine to create some fun & fluffy treats! 

If a circus doesn’t appeal to you, get crafty! Have a tie-dye-making station for all to make shirts as colorful as cotton candy! This will entertain the kids and make for a great gift to take home!

If you’re unable to rent out a machine, there are several places where you can buy them in bulk! Make some crafty mocktails and other fun treats. A cotton candy-themed party would be incomplete without a rainbow of decorations! Take a look at our party kits here

  1. Pop It Party 

Image & Design by @thecreativeheartstudio

As a parent, I’m sure you didn’t grow up with a pop it, but I think at some age, we all had some sort of fidget toy. This colorful, endless cycle toy has been an obsession. Will it last? No clue, but now is the time to throw a special birthday party dedicated to it! 

Not sure how to plan for this party? We’ve got you covered! Easy decorations with fun, bright balloons (in the form of a pop-it, of course), a pop-it cake (so many to choose from), and you can’t forget the favors… Pop its, of course! 

Don’t pop it until you try it. 

  1. Instagram-Worthy Party

Add this fun cake topper!

If you have entered into the teen years where social media is allowed, you must know how obsessed they are! Set up different booths around your party for some interactive and fun photo opportunities. 

A fun and creative activity would be to have everyone make their own scrapbook. Print out pictures to include before they go or send them out after the party! This album will be something that they will treasure over the years and reflect on the memories. 

Renting out an actual photo booth or hiring a photographer to make them feel like stars? Make a stunning backdrop for each station! Have lots of fun photo props, like paper cutouts, sunglasses, and oversized clothes!

  1. Party Animal

Cake by @happy.clementine

Party animals know how to have a good time, obviously! Celebrate your wild one with a theme that coordinates perfectly with a zoo, safari, or jungle party! 

A jungle theme can get as wild as you like! Host the party at your local zoo, trampoline park, or at a nearby park and all the guests will have a roaring good time! 

Whichever party animal in your life you are celebrating, remember to make the decorations as wild as they are! Have a look at this safari-themed balloon kit that will give your next party a fun jungle background!

  1. Oh So Sweet Party 

Check out @jencord for some fun & festive charcuterie ideas

Do you have a little chef or baker in the making? Time to put their skills to the test! Your oh-so-sweet party will create some delectable treats that all will enjoy!

Have a few different stations, so everyone can learn and enjoy the process of baking! Have your choice of pastries, cakes, cookies, and more! Although you might have the beginning stages from the dough, be sure to have some cookies there ready to decorate so your guests don’t lose interest!

Maybe your daughter isn’t big on sweets, choose to go a different route with a pizza or another family favorite!

This theme would also coordinate great with a lot of holidays! Make a special charcuterie board with treats specific to the holiday!

  1. Under-the-Sea Party 

Shellabration by @missdanirenae

What kid doesn’t love a pool party? With so many creatures under the sea, you have plenty of themes to choose from! From mermaids to a cute nautical theme, you have a host of options!

Have a pool or live by the beach? Make it an aquatic adventure! Have plenty of activities to keep your little ones entertained while learning! Whether you are hosting the party indoors or outdoors, every guest will have a whale of a time!

Do we have the perfect mermaid decorations to coordinate decorations with your sea party? Blue and purple make for a great color combination!

  1. Llama, Llama Party

I’m not sure who associated the llama with the fiesta theme, but we LOVE it! A fiesta wouldn’t be a fiesta without a bright, colorful backdrop that will make for great photos.  

Your festive llama theme is in no way traditional, which makes this party even more fun for everyone that attends! Add in a llama piñata and fill it with fun toys and treats, like bright star sunglasses and slap bracelets - goodies they can all take home!

Can’t forget the cake! A colorful and cool party llama will be the hit of the party! Create a fun backdrop for the cake with our fiesta decorations!

  1. Princess Party 

A fairytale to get lost in. If your little girl is obsessed with one princess in particular (or maybe all), they probably have the dresses to prove it! This is the party for her!

Have all of your guests come in their best-dressed princess costumes to create a magical birthday that they will all remember!

To make your party even more magical, hire a princess to visit. Every little girl will feel like a real princess in her presence. Don’t forget to take pictures and a video of her reaction. And who knows, one day she could grow up to be a Disney princess herself!

Party like a princess in a bouncy castle! Add some beautiful, pink balloons for all to enjoy! 

  1. Fairy Party

A fairy outfit and cute little creatures sprinkled with a little fairy dust will make this birthday super adorable. 

The woodland fairy theme brings a little adventure to the party. Make it an outdoor party to be surrounded by nature and its friendly creatures that may be scurrying about.

Get creative and use your surrounding outdoor area to make some fun art for the guests to take home! Use leaves to create a beautiful masterpiece to hang or have pre cut slices of wood to make personalized ornaments! 

Not into the outdoors? Make your event space all that glitters with a dreamy backdrop! Have a look at our woodland theme kit here.

  1. Luau Party 

A Hawaiian luau party full of beautiful bright colors, flower leis, and Hawaiian food. Host a pool party or at the beach in those warm summer months! 

Play some fun Hawaiian music and include characters like Lilo and Stitch, Muana! If your daughter is older, include grass skirts, pineapples, and coconuts to drink from! 

Have a hula hoop contest or hire a dance instructor for some traditional hula dancing lessons!

This party theme can be used again over the years! Have a tropical, fruity, or flamingo party! Check out this bright balloon kit for a fun birthday celebration!

  1. Rainbow Party

Party Design by @lo_chandler

A bright and colorful party that is for sure to bring a smile to all! Your decorations will be the showstopper here. Either go with a pastel or bright and colorful rainbow balloon garland and a rainbow cake for all to enjoy! Make sure all of your other party supplies coordinate as well!

You will be overwhelmed by the number of rainbow options to choose from. But, with so many color palettes to choose from, you can’t go wrong! Don’t forget about the treats! The cake can have surprise rainbow layers that will leave your guests wanting more!

A beautiful balloon backdrop to match the array of colors will create the best photo op!

  1. Ice Cream Party

I-scream, you-scream, we all scream for ice cream! An ice cream social is best for those hot summer months. Have your local ice cream shop provide a fun setup, like their adorable Instagram-worthy ice cream truck, or make your own DIY ice cream station.

Have your guests bring their favorite toppings for everyone to try something new! Don’t forget about the cherry on top! 

All of your decorations can be super colorful and a fun way to incorporate ice cream and other sweet treats. Take a look at this bright and beautiful option here

  1. Sleepover Party 

A sleepover party will never go out of style! This can be a simple, last-minute party or you can get creative and make a regular sleepover a little extra! 

To make it an easy sleepover, have your guests bring over a nap sack, order pizza, and throw on some movies! In the morning, have a breakfast buffet ready for them to enjoy in their pj's before they are off for the day!

A special surprise that will take a little more effort, would be to set up small teepees so that everyone can have their own individual fort. A very fun trend we’ve been seeing more of!

Throw a cute, bohemian balloon garland on top of your teepees for some added glamor to the evening! Also makes for great photos!

  1. Peppa Pig Party

Best day ever by @twinklelittleme

Your little one and all of her guests are guaranteed to have a fun-filled day with Peppa Pig and the adventurous activities you plan! If there is a favorite story that your daughter loves, such as the park or swimming, you can center the party around a specific Peppa event.

Bright, cheerful colors will bring a smile to all! Make sure all of the decorations, food, cake, activities, and favors coordinate with your Peppa Pig Theme!

You could use an all-pink color palette or do pastel rainbow colors, like the pic above. Either way, this party is sure to be the best day ever!

  1. Superhero Party

Check out these adorable (printable) invitations here!

From a princess to a superhero, it might just depend on the day of the week on what your little one is obsessed with. But either way, they are dressing in costume and putting on a show for you (and anyone else that will watch). 

Choose either their favorite heroin or include multiple options for all to get in the mindset of a superhero. This classic theme would be fun with a bouncy house or trampoline park, somewhere to run wild and free! This would also make for some great pictures while they are dressed in costume!

If you are specifically celebrating a Wonder Woman theme, our patriotic balloon kit would make for a great backdrop!

  1. Hollywood Party 

Lights, camera, action! From a young age, you probably have a good idea if your child would make a great actress! If she loves the arts, wants to be in plays, or is always putting on a show, consider throwing a fun Hollywood Party. 

Think vintage Hollywood, with a classic film, popcorn, and other delicious treats. Roll out a red carpet and make them feel like movie stars!

A vintage, luxe party like this one needs a touch of gold and black to give it glam and a glitzy edge. 

  1. Tropical Party

A tropical party can range from tropical flamingos to tropical fruit. And we love both ideas! A tropical party full of bright greens, pinks, and fun décor to coordinate.

Include beautiful palm leaves, fruit platters, and of course flamingos! Have an outdoor ring toss and water games to keep your guests active and having fun!

Need some inspiration for decor? Take a look at our tropical balloon garland, a perfect backdrop for your daughter's celebrations!

  1. Space Party

A galaxy experience that will make everyone feel out of this world! Purple, blue, and black colors make the party extra-terrestrial. Fill your space with planets, astronauts, rockets, and all things space-related for an exploration the space cadets won’t forget!

Don’t have a boring theme, have a blast-off birthday party! Host a movie night under the stars. Have a moon bounce and space-related treats for an intergalactic experience.

Check out our Instagram-worthy guide in hosting a space-themed party. From invitations to favors, we have some phenomenal ideas!

  1. Disney Party

From popular Disney movies to the ever-evolving classic films, your child is surely obsessed with one of the characters! Easy enough to plan a party around!

From Moana to Frozen, you and your little one will have so much fun putting the details together for this party! Not to mention all of the guests will absolutely love it as well!

In the event that you need some inspiration, take a look at our 10 Most Popular Disney Party Themes. 


Depending on the age and what your daughter and her friends are interested in, there is a plethora to choose from. Get creative and have some fun with the details. Whichever theme you choose, we hope this list has provided some inspiration for the next celebration! 

Above, we've discussed 24 popular girl birthday themes, so you or your daughter have some fun options to choose from. Remember, you are creating a celebration for your daughter to remember for years to come.  

In need of party supplies and decorations to coordinate with your themed party? Subscribe to Ellie’s Party VIP list and get a 15% discount on your next order, with no minimum purchase required! 

Happy Planning!

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