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10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Everyone wants to know, boy or girl? Today, parents aren’t sharing the gender of their baby with a subtle note or comment… they’re getting creative and sharing the joy with a fun reveal party! 

With each new year, it seems there is a new and trendy way to announce the gender of your baby. While most are very entertaining to watch on Instagram or TikTok, they might not be the most realistic for you and your significant other. 

While some ideas out there seem like a lot of fun, we believe that your event, however you choose to tell, should be enjoyable for all. Also, we wouldn’t want anyone to get injured, so, we might be playing it safe with our list below.  

Whether you want a simple gender reveal or you want to have a pop of surprise, be true to what you want to be memorable. 

How to Pick a Gender Reveal Party Theme

Picking a gender reveal theme can be a difficult choice when there are so many popular options.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

We started seeing gender reveal parties pop up in 2008. Since then, soon-to-be parents have created some trendy gender reveal parties that make it fun for families and friends to join in on the excitement. 

A gender reveal is when someone, a close friend or family member, is the only one to know the sex of the baby. And from there, a theme is chosen for the get-together to hype everyone up for the, you guessed it, gender reveal. 

There are new ideas developing each year, which gives you some fun options to incorporate into your party. And, if you happen to develop a new idea, just make sure it’s not a dangerous one or one that would land you on the news!

10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas  

Not sure what fits your vibe? Here are our top 10 gender reveal ideas!

1. Taco ‘bout a Baby

A fun fiesta for all! This “taco ‘bout a baby” theme will be enjoyable for all ages. Bright, fun decorations will get everyone ready to fiesta. And all of the food options will get everyone ready for a siesta! 

This fiesta-themed party can have many creative details. However, the main reason for the party is the gender reveal! So, fill a pinata with either all blue or pink candies. Maybe you want to try something else? Include small items in a specific color, like pink sunglasses, nail polish, bracelets, or mini sports balls that could be fun for goodies to take home or little ones to play with! 

After you have your choice of pinata stuffing, have everyone or only have the dad take a swing! Don’t forget to capture the moment when the pinata reveals the baby's gender!

Check out this fun fiesta theme balloon garland and other decorations to coordinate with your baby shower!

2. What Will it Bee?

A classic theme featuring a neutral color palette of yellow and white, or a mixture of blues and pinks! Most bee themes coordinate with a Winnie-the-Pooh Bear theme. But you don’t necessarily have to choose that theme. 

This theme can be gender neutral and allows you to decorate however you want! For instance, a Pooh backdrop and a balloon arch for your goody table would be an adorable option. Have your reveal come from the honey pot and when opened, pink or blue butterflies could fly out. 


For some honeybee inspiration, check out our classic pooh balloon arch options. 

3. Go Sports!

A sport-themed gender reveal party is definitely geared to those that are sport-obsessed. This fun trend will be around for a while! Pick your favorite sport and incorporate it into the big reveal. 

Which sport is a family favorite? Golf, baseball, soccer, or tennis? The list could go on! For your sports-themed gender reveal, this would of course make it a couples baby shower. 

Photo by @erinnicolee19

Fill your favorite sports ball (golf ball, baseball, soccer ball, etc.) with a blue or pink powder. Be sure that upon impact the ball will explode for your reveal. Be careful with this one, there are plenty of accidents waiting to happen with this option! 

4. All Things Artsy

An art-themed gender reveal could include guests or it could be a more intimate reveal with just you and your significant other. Some might choose this if they decide to do a gender reveal for their second or third baby. 

For an artsy gender reveal, you could have water guns filled with paint. Wear all white or have a canvas set up in the backyard and everyone with a “paint” gun takes aim. Makes for a fun memory anytime you wear the shirt or if you decide to hang the painting up. 

Make it as messy as you want! Have your surprise reveal outdoors and be sure to take photos, everyone will be all smiles!

5. Balloon Pop

Balloons are great because they can be a last-minute option, are easy to work with, and can be found at a variety of stores or online. Balloons also allow individuals of all ages to participate in the gender reveal.  

An entire wall of balloons to a giant balloon, you can make this fun for a whole shrew of guests or just for the two of you! Balloons can be filled with paint, dyed water, confetti, and more!

Other ideas include “pop that belly” and having a wall with paint-filled balloons that guests can take aim at with darts. Only one of the balloons has the chosen color in it though. 

Depending on who is coming, everyone loves the suspense of not knowing. I’ve seen a lot more videos recently where there is a prank balloon, which really throws everyone off. Not saying to do this, but maybe find a way to add more suspense to the big reveal! 

In need of decorative balloons for the celebration? We’ve got you covered!

6. Confetti or Silly String

Best to be outdoors for the mess that will be created with either of these options! Your local party store will have some easy options for this gender reveal or you can find some fun options on Etsy that may make the reveal a little more mysterious. 

Have a loud countdown and either all guests can have a can of silly string or confetti cannon, or you can have just the parents with the reveal. Either way, all will have a grand time witnessing the big surprise. Make sure you capture the moment and have a few guests video from different angles to compile for a fun memory. 

Photo by @jessiwilson10

Confetti or silly string can get a little messy, so make sure you are outdoors and have a nice weekend planned for it. If the weekend isn’t flexible, you might need a backup option that isn’t so messy. 

Check out these fun gender reveal balloon garlands to make for a picture-perfect backdrop!

7. Siblings Say It Best

A sibling could be an older child or children, but don’t forget about your pets! They would absolutely love to be included, or better yet, make the announcement themselves! 

It could be your first child or your third and you may not feel like throwing a big party, so why not keep it simple! Have your reveal printed on a shirt or on a chalkboard for either a child or your pet to hold or wear! 

Photo by @jill_seamer

Are you planning a pregnancy photo shoot? This would be the perfect time to add in this special reveal! Make it a surprise for those included in the pictures and it will make for a special moment and memories for a lifetime! 

Be sure to include all of the essential elements to show off the good news! Check out this beautiful party kit

8. Sweet Little One 

Most everyone loves something sweet. So why not center your gender reveal party around all things delectable? Dreamy pastels will set the scene for all of those sweet confections. 

You might say we have a sweet tooth because it’s just too hard to choose one! Some sweet options could include, but are not limited to cupcakes, cake, breakable chocolate, donuts, or cookies!

The best part about each of these sweet treats is that they have to be cut open or have a bite taken out of them for the reveal. We prefer the latter! Your party, large or small, will be a fun social event for all that ends on a sweet note! 

How about adding a touch of Rose gold to your sweet little theme? Check out this stunning party kit here! This sweet celebration will be loved by guests of all ages!

9. Holiday Reveal

From the New Year to Christmas, the year brings ample opportunity for you to get creative around the holidays for a surprise gender reveal announcement!  

Christmas tree lights or ornament decorations, a Santa bag, fireworks during the summer holidays, or using a pumpkin around Halloween or Thanksgiving. All great options to explore a little more!

Holidays are the perfect time to throw a surprise gender reveal! Most family and friends already have scheduled get-togethers. Be sure to tell the host about the surprise and capture everyone's reaction! 

Can’t make it to any holiday parties? Have a photoshoot with a creative twist and send it out to all for your yearly holiday card! This piece of mail will definitely be a keepsake!

Need some inspiration, this party kit is a great addition to your gender reveal.

10. About to Hatch

This one we know you and your partner will be egg-static about! We love a good pun and there are several ways to celebrate this gender reveal theme! Have fun and get creative! 

Your little one is about to hatch! Eggs are available year-round, so if it’s around Easter, dye some eggs, get kids to search, and have an easter egg hunt! Or fill some eggshells with some fun confetti as a special surprise when it’s cracked!

Make sure your party menu includes some egg-celent food items! Chocolate eggs, deviled eggs, and more!

Check out this party kit for your vintage feel to your big reveal. 

What gender reveal option will you choose? 

With so many great options to choose from, be sure to find one that will be special and enjoyable for you. Also, make sure to take lots of photos and video to cherish this memorable moment. 

Whichever way you choose to celebrate and announce the gender of your baby, we hope the gender reveal options above provided some inspiration. 

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Happy Planning!

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