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Picking A Color Theme For Your Party

All life celebrations should include balloons. Well, at least that’s the first thing that comes to mind for us. But first, you need to coordinate a color theme for your party. 

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another fun event, how do you choose the best colors for your party?

Do you choose trendy, classic, bright, or soft hues? Balloons, along with your other party supplies, should all match the theme you have in mind. It will create an aesthetically pleasing photo and will inspire your guests for their next event! Bedazzle your party and set the mood for your guests with a great color theme!

We will share some of the best color options for your next party in the following blog. Read on to find your match!

What colors to choose for your party theme?

Assuming you have already picked out a theme for your party, you now have the heavy decision on what color scheme to coordinate. 

It may seem challenging with all of the options out there, but we are here to help. We chose some popular colors and coordinated popular party themes to help make your decision easier!

We will highlight a few popular options below, but definitely check out our blog here for a more in-depth look into color combinations!

Here are a few examples of what balloon colors look great together: 

Classic Colors 

If you are looking for a bold look to compliment your party, then these balloons are a perfect match!

Colors include chrome gold, chrome silver, and black for a glamorous event! These shiny colors will always be a classic option to have on hand. 

Everyone loves this color combination for graduations, milestone birthdays, retirement parties, and New Year celebrations.

So, put on your best dress and have a ball!

All Neutrals

Classic color collections are just that… classic. But how about some neutrals? May sound a bit boring at first, but there are endless themes you can coordinate neutrals with. 

Choose all-white or add in a flare of blush, linen, and pearl. Looking to go a bit more moody? Nude tones that include brown, blush, linen, and white will be just right. 

Whether you have a bohemian-inspired party, a sloth birthday party, a wedding shower, or a beautiful baby shower, neutrals will set the tone for a stunning celebration. 

Check out our most popular balloon garland for that all-neutral look!

Baby Shower Colors

Pink and White

The soft hues of white and baby pink make the best palettes for a baby girl on her way. 

These classic colors are standard for a girl’s baby shower. You can add different details to coordinate with your theme to make it the perfect ensemble for mama and all of her guests.

Blue and White

Welcome baby boy with this beautiful color combination. The details are what will set your party apart! Your baby shower theme could be race cars, twinkle little star, or a mustache. 

Add several shades of blue to make a sky, a royal blue for race cars, or light blue by itself to add a touch of elegance to your party.

Pooh Theme 

Winnie-the-Pooh is a timeless theme that will be around forever. From classic Pooh to modern Pooh, whichever you choose, there is a color theme to match! 

Colors full of soft yellows, grays, pinks, or blues should match the feel of Pooh’s heartwarming messages.

The Pooh theme coordinates best with a baby shower. Use neutrals or blue and pink for a gender reveal, or even if you know the gender, we have the perfect Pooh collection for your party decorations! 

Gender Reveal

Whether or not you know the gender of your baby, white balloons with either or both pastel pink and blue are perfect for your baby shower or gender reveal party! 

These colors complement any shower theme you have in mind! Pair with Pooh Bear, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, or a donut theme!  

Not only do these colors match well, but they will always be trendy for a gender reveal, baby shower, or birthday party!

Season of Love

You might be a bridesmaid or you just might be the bride. Whichever season of love life finds you in, planning a party can be challenging. With our experience, it’s always best to go with an elegant and sophisticated vibe, and we have the colors and decorations to help!

Pink, White, and Gold

If you are looking for an elegant decoration that will coordinate with any season of love, pink, white, and gold are your colors. 

Hosting a wedding shower, engagement party, or a bachelorette party? Having a similar color scheme for all three will allow you to use your party supplies more than once! In need of balloons? Our balloons go well with any occasion. And if your events are within a week of each other, our balloons will last (as long as they are out of direct sun and heat)!

Red, Brown, and Orange

Rustic colors using burnt orange, brown, linen, and gold chrome for a beautiful wedding shower. 

Whether your theme has a bohemian, autumn, or country vibe, your celebration will be perfect with these colors. 

Our boho rustic balloon garland will steal the show at your next event!

Blue and Gold

Soft blue shades mixed with bold chrome gold will give your wedding an elegant feel and make for a lovely backdrop. 

Popular colors to add as an accent to your wedding or engagement party! 

Milestone Colors

We see blue, gold, and white used for graduation parties. Also great for milestone birthdays or for your next office party! 

Blue, gold, and white make a perfect color combination. Depending on the shade of blue used, a lighter blue would be great for a baby shower or even for a quinceañera.


Cheers to another year! You’ve made another trip around the sun, why not celebrate with bright yellow and orange colors. 

Each year is worth celebrating, even if you don’t have a theme, make it a colorful one that will bring cheer to all! 

How about a fun ensemble of blue, orange, yellow, and blush that will bring a retro vibe that you and your guests can throwback to. 

Color combinations should complement each other. You want to maintain warm tones that are pleasing to the eye. 

The color palette you choose will be memorable. So, if you don’t have a specific theme in mind and just want to choose random colors, here is a great cheat sheet and we have the custom colors to coordinate!

The best part, your colorful celebration will be unique and who knows, you might just start a new trend!

Ocean Theme 

A theme revolved around water calls for silver, blue, and purple colors! Sharks and mermaid-themed parties are two of the more popular birthday themes to choose from with these colors. Have a little one obsessed with Baby Shark, Frozen, or the Little Mermaid? These are the perfect colors! 

If you have a young Disney-obsessed fan who wants to have a specific ocean-themed birthday party, then you now know the best colors to match.

Check out the 10 Most Popular Disney Party Themes and decorations to pair with them!

Melon Theme

Orange you glad we have this on our list? Sorry, puns are just too easy with some of these themes! 

Bright orange, green, and pink are some of the best colors to bring a smile to all at any event. 

Whether you have a One-in-a-Melon birthday theme, a Two-tti Frutti party, or a summer splash, these colors will make a statement!

There’s no such thing as too many balloons! If you are wanting to make a balloon arch or a large balloon garland, an assortment of colors will give you that option!

Rainbow Theme

A classic rainbow in bright bold colors or choose pastels! Pink, yellow, green, blue and purple will make your party very colorful and will be inviting for all ages. 

The best part? All of these colors will be easy to find all year round! Use it for a rainbow baby shower, candy shop birthday theme, or for your little unicorn’s fabulous birthday party!

Boho Theme 

Let’s talk about what’s trendy. The bohemian theme has been incredibly popular last year and so far, it’s still trending. This theme is a vibe and you can pull it off with almost anything you are celebrating and for any age! 

The bohemian colors are centered around more neutral tones. Add in your choice of rustic orange, a beautiful mauve, sage, or any other matte hue and you will have the perfect boho color scheme.  

Birthdays that include teepees, a girls-only picnic party, or any other celebration will set the scene with these trendy colors. Need inspiration, check out our Instagram for some noteworthy boho backdrops. 

Space Theme

First trip around the sun? Two the moon and back? Oh yeah, we’ve got your space theme covered! 

A color combination with silver, gold, black, white, and blue is perfect for a sky or starry night-themed party. Mix in pinks and purples to give it your own twist. 

With these colors, your party is guaranteed to be out of this world.

Fiesta Theme

A very colorful fiesta with orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 

Spice your party up with some vibrant colors! Our balloons are great indoors next to the dessert table or outdoors for a piñata backdrop! 

This color scheme is great for your next Cinco de Mayo party, a first fiesta birthday party, or National Taco Day… just for fun!

Check out our very festive Fiesta Collection.

Outdoor Theme

A combination of browns, greens, and linen creates a great trio for a woodland-themed party. Switch out the green with orange and you have a color scheme ready for fall! 

Whether or not you are actually hosting your party outdoors is up to you! But these colors will make your guests feel one with nature.

Going for more of the jungle theme? Shades of green and gold, with some faux palms will make the event a wild one! Make it a cute tropical look and throw in some pink, for a pop of color!


Any celebration is incomplete without balloons!

Balloons bring color and fun to any party, celebration, or event. So, if you already have your theme in mind, then our list above hopefully helped in picking out a color palette to coordinate! 

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Happy Planning!

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