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18 Most Popular Boy Birthday Themes for 2023

Creating a cool and fun birthday party for your little boy doesn’t have to be difficult. As the years pass, his idea of fun will change. From superheroes to video games, you will have a wide variety of themes to choose from over the years. 

Each year, there are new and creative party themes that look like they would be so much fun to put together! After you or your son decides on the theme, it’s time to style with the color scheme and other details. A lot of thought goes into birthday celebrations, but it’s well worth the memories to last a lifetime! 

Generally, when we think of boys birthday parties, we think of the classic at a park or an easy pizza party. But birthdays are getting kicked up a notch. Not to mention, if you have a brand new theme that hasn’t been around a while, it can be hard to find inspiration. And although a unique and different party is so much fun, you don’t want it to be so challenging that it takes the fun out of the party. 

If you are in search of inspiration, our most popular boys' birthday party themes will get you started.

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20 Popular Boy Birthday Themes for 2023

Your little guy might already have an opinion on what he wants for his birthday theme, if not (or if you need some additional ideas), we’ve got some great inspiration. Let’s jump into some of our favorite boy birthday party ideas!

1. Space Party

A space-themed birthday is great for so many different ages! You have a “First Trip Around the Sun”, “Two the Moon and Back” or a “Blast Off Birthday” for other ages! 

So, whether you are using the space theme for the first time or reusing it, there are always new, trendy options to make your next party out-of-this-world! 

Is your little guy obsessed with the moons and the stars or more with rocket ships? Either way, there are some fun activities, decorations, and food that will have your son and all of his guests loving all of the details!

In need of some inspo? Our Space Party blog here has some great ideas. It includes everything from the invitations to the favors! We also have some phenomenal party supplies to coordinate!

2. Cowboy Party

Yee-haw! It’s time to cowboy up for a fun rodeo or farm-themed birthday party!  This party would be incomplete without pony rides and a petting zoo. Not only will your guests be entertained, but this event will create some memorable moments!  

The little cowboy in your life will love celebrating with all of their favorite country dudes. Have your cowboy boots ready to saddle up for a hoedown they won’t want to leave! 


Country music, live animals, delicious BBQ, and some great decorations will make this party-perfect! To style your wild, wild west theme, colors could include red, white, black, and brown. We have some great party kits to liven up your decorations. 

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3. Dinosaur Party

Looking to create a dino-mite birthday party? A dinosaur-themed party will never go out of style, no matter how old your son will be! From a classic Jurassic Park party to a modern dinosaur theme, you can create an amazing party that will be a rawr-ing good time for everyone! 


From the dino-riffic party invitations to the tropical decorations, don’t forget about the creative food to feed those growing dinos! Fun food puns, like dinosaur eggs, dino dogs and donuts, T-Rex tenders, and a watering hole will be plenty of refreshments for your guests! 

Complete your party theme with one of our cake toppers and added miniature dinosaurs! Check out our party kit here!

4. Pirate Party

Aye, aye, captain! Create a pirate-themed party your guests will treasure! An adventure at sea or on land, no matter the location, the expedition they are about to partake in will be one to remember! 

This pirate adventure begins with a handmade treasure map that will give clues on where they can each find their own treasure! Be sure to include pirate costumes, from hats to eye patches, and maybe some fake tattoos!  

When the treasures have been found, they will be ready to feast! A treasure chest cake with gold chocolate coins will be an added surprise! Let’s not forget the decorations! Skeletons, pirate flags, a treasure chest, and any other ship-related items you can find will add to the pirate theme! To stay true to the theme, use colors black, white, and red.

5. Fortnite Party

As a parent, I’m sure you are well aware of how obsessed your son might be with Fortnite. And maybe you were the same with video games at his age, so you get it! But if not, where do you start? 

You don’t want to be the parent that turns down his Fortnite-themed idea, so to make it easy! Try hosting at a laser tag venue or have a laser tag rental place come to build a Battle Royal set up in your backyard! No matter where you host, your gamers are for sure to take home some memories!  

Have some fun shirts made, include different colored bandanas for each team, and don’t forget about the war paint! The colors are all shades of blue, green, and purple. Include a themed refreshment table with decor to match!

6. Mickey Mouse Party

Oh, Toodles! Do you have a Disney-loving child? There’s no doubt that Mickey likes to have a good time! Throw on those ears and make sure you have extras for your guests to get ready to party! 

Mickey is a traditional theme that has a host of characters to include in your party setup. Even if it’s Mickey alone, there is a ton of inspiration to choose from. You could even hire Mickey himself to pay a visit to your party. A great photo opportunity and surprise for all of the little ones.  

A Mickey Mouse-themed party would be incomplete without decorations! Black, red, and yellow colors should be used in your decorations, from the balloons to the cake! Take a look at our party kits here

7. Camping Party

Does your son love the outdoors? Maybe he’s in boy scouts or just can’t get enough of nature! A camping party would be ideal in the spring or fall, depending on where you live. Whether it’s their first time camping or not, all kids (and parents) will leave with some memories to last a lifetime. 

From a backyard setup to tents at a campsite, you will have your hands full! Have other parents accompany their kids. It will be so fun for everyone to share their experiences and introduce the kids to new adventures! 

A firepit is a must when camping! From hot dogs to s’mores, everyone can partake in making their own food! 

For activities, you can plan backyard games or go on a hike to learn about all of the nature around you. End the night telling ghost stories to keep everyone entertained. This will definitely be an adventure they won’t forget!

8. Toy Story Party

To infinity and beyond! More than likely you have all of the Toy Story characters/toys to use throughout your party. So, while Buzz, Rex, and Slinky make an appearance throughout your event, your decorations and creativity will shine in the details! 

Spritz things up with a cloud backdrop, hanging green army men, and a cardboard rocket cutout! Have Mr. Potato Head pieces on the table to entertain the young bunch, along with coloring pages. For the favor bags, include piggy banks, green army men, sheriff badges, and Toy Story-themed candy. 


A Toy Story-themed party would be incomplete without pizza! Order pizza and throw some Pizza Planet logos on the boxes and include other snacks that relate to the characters. Your son and his guests will absolutely love this! Add some flair with this retro-inspired balloon arch for the perfect backdrop to your refreshment table! 

9. Safari Adventure Party

Welcome to the jungle! It’s a wild world out there and I bet you have a wild one to celebrate! If your son is always looking for his next adventure, then this is the theme for him! Safari adventure colors are very versatile. You can use these decorations and colors for a jungle, zoo, or wild one theme!

Time to get wild! Host your exploration at a local nature trail or set up a fun adventure in your own backyard! From the balloons to the birthday cake, you will want to incorporate all of the greenery and wild animals that you can think of to make your event feel like you are deep in the jungle!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Your celebration will be full of party animals, remember to make the decorations as wild as they are! Have a look at our safari-themed balloon kit that will be a perfect match for your party!

10. Minecraft Party

Another fun party to create for your gamer! Building this Minecraft birthday party might be a little out of your comfort zone, but the end result will be worth it! Pinterest will be the best place to find inspiration, from the food to the decorations. 

Transform your event space, whether outside or indoors, with faux brick and stone configurations. Having your son help with painting the cardboard boxes and with the setup, will not only help you, but he will enjoy showing off his creation at the party! Decorations can be an array of colors or stick with green and black, they will be the main attraction! 


Include activities where the kids can create their own creeper hats or shirts. A fun favor to take home and wear again! This would also be a fun opportunity to make a Minecraft head and use it as a pinata. 

Need decorations to complement your Minecraft party? Take a look at our custom balloon garlands, to fit any color scheme you choose!

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11. Baby Shark Party

You may have heard of the song, once or twice. Baby Shark has become a viral sensation, so, if you can’t escape the show or the song, then this might be the theme for you. 


A sea theme with cute baby sharks sprinkled throughout. Matching tableware to coordinate with your refreshment table. Fun food ideas include goldfish, gummy sharks, and cupcakes with shark cake toppers

If you have a pool or are able to rent out a pool space, this will be so fun for the kids! Include cute under-the-sea pool toys and games to keep your little guests exploring. 

Are you looking to coordinate decorations with your sea party? These blue hues will be a perfect match!

12. Paw Patrol Party

A Paw Patrol party including Rubble, Chase, Marshall, and other pups! Rescue dogs in training are sure to save the day! If your little guy is ready to paw-ty, this will be the perfect theme for his birthday celebration!   

Have costumes ready for all of your little guests to dress up into their favorite characters, including the PAW Patrol badges. To customize your party, include paw prints on the floor, dog bone-shaped treats, fire hydrants, and dog bowls as tableware!

A perfect favor to send your little guests home with would be to have an ‘Adopt A Puppy’ section. Include different stuffed dogs for each to choose their favorite. 

Make the decorations extra fun with a bright and colorful custom garland!

13. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Party

Planes, trains, and automobiles! Maybe your little boy isn’t obsessed with all three, but I guarantee one of these has piqued his interest! Most little boys are infatuated with giant, moving machines!

Understandably, you might not be able to limit the party to just one, so why not choose all three? Be sure to have all of the accessories and extra costumes for all to get into character with each. 

Nothing will get your little guests into the spirit more than actually getting the full experience. Cars can be with bumper cars, take a train ride, or take a plane tour at a local museum! So many fun possibilities with this theme! Not to mention the memories!

Maybe the modes of transportation are not on his radar, but he might be infatuated with construction sites or the weekly trash truck? These themes are just as fun and have so many party decorations to coordinate!

14. Woodland Party

A woodland-themed birthday party could include cute critters out in the wild or you could do a Peter the Rabbit-themed party and host a garden party. Your little one could be celebrating a first “wild one” birthday or is a little older and loves his outdoor adventures and is always looking for new wildlife. 

Either way, the woodland party will have a color palette of brown, hunter green, and other neutrals to play with. The decor should be easy to put together, especially if you are hosting outdoors. There are woodland-themed printables for the food buffet, banners for the table, and other cute tableware to coordinate perfectly with the theme!

Make sure your guests go home with some homemade trail mix! Have a station with little scoops that each can choose their favorite. Have cute paper bags featuring different critters they can fill!

Have a look at our woodland theme kit to create an Instagram-worthy backdrop for you and all of your guests. 

15. Star Wars Party

Are you ready to join the dark side? No matter which side you choose, you have a host of themes to pick from with Star Wars. From stormtroopers to Jedi Knights, this should be an easy party to throw and that all guests will have a good time with.  

For activities, you can buy lightsabers, nerf guns, or water guns and create a battlefield in your backyard. I’m sure their imaginations will run wild once you set up the plot for them! 

To refuel the kids after the battle, your Star War snacks could include a Death Star pizza, carbonite jello, pretzel stick lightsabers, Stormtrooper cupcakes, and the main attraction, the cake! Have your cake made into the Millennium Falcon, BB-8, or a simple night sky with figurines on top! All ages will be impressed!

May the force be with you!

16. Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street is a classic theme that will forever have the same characters that you grew up with. This theme is probably best for the younger years and definitely if he is obsessed with the books and/or the show. 

Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar are just a few characters to name that you can incorporate into the food that you serve, the activities the kids will play with, and of course to use as decorations! 

Feed that inner Cookie Monster with some fun treats and cookies, of course! From fruit trays to cupcakes, your treats will be the hit of the party! If you don’t have time to get super creative, a balloon cake topper will do the trick!

The Sesame Street set is always very colorful. Bring the characters to life with a bright and colorful balloon garland for a dessert table backdrop and centerpieces on the tables! This will definitely bring a smile to all!

17. Sports Party

Does your kid love to play every sport imaginable? If he just loves picking up any type of ball, this birthday theme will be a slam dunk for you! Easy to host at a park or take a small group out to the closest field to watch a live game! 

What kid doesn’t love going to a stadium? If he has a favorite player, see what options there are for a meet-and-greet! Headed to an arena? See about adding a Happy Birthday message to the marquee for a special surprise (don’t forget to capture his reaction)!

Whether you are heading out to catch a game or creating your own sports complex at home, have some custom hats or shirts ready for everyone. It will make for a great photo op for years to come! 

If you’re hosting at home, create a cute concession stand for all of the refreshments. Include a couple of different setups for the kids to play at. And once they get tired of throwing the ball around, have a bounce house ready for them to jump in. This will keep them entertained for hours!

18. Superhero Party

A superhero party will always be a classic theme and every child and adult will love it! Whether they still dress up as their favorite superhero or not, this will be a fun event to plan for. 

You can either center the party around your son's favorite hero or take a modern or vintage twist to all of the superhero characters! Host the party at a trampoline park or an obstacle course for those that are a bit older. Once you have a hero in mind, there will be a ton of inspiration for food, cake, and favors that will coordinate perfectly with your themed party.

Costumes are always optional, however, the decorations need to be on point for this celebration! Check out this balloon kit for a heroic celebration!


No matter the age, he will always be your little boy. From his first year in loving animal figures to superheroes to video games, each year will bring a new theme for his celebration. Whether you’ve had to make the tough decision to do a classic theme or go with a new and trendy theme, we hope this list has provided some inspiration for the next celebration! 

We've discussed the 18 most popular boy birthday themes for 2022, so you and your little dude have some exciting options to choose from to make memories with on their special day. Want help deciding? Try out our free Party Theme Genie below!

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