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20 Fantastic Kids Party Ideas

Do you have a birthday bash to plan and need a fun theme? Are you struggling with the idea of throwing a baby shark party and need alternative options? If so, we encourage you to explore our plethora of party options that your little one and guests will all enjoy! 

Party themes don’t always have to go with the new and trendy options! Throw it back with something nostalgic from your childhood and your little guests might just believe you are a genius creating a whole new trend! 

Generally, when we think of parties, we think of the classic at-home birthday parties that offer no pizzazz. However, these celebrations create memories that last a lifetime and you are here to create a spectacular show for all!

If you are in search of inspiration, our fantastic kids party ideas will get you started.

20 Fantastic Kids Party Ideas

As your child might have something specific in mind already, you have an array of themes and colors to work with, let’s jump into some of our favorite kids party ideas!

1. Boho Party

Bohemian is very on trend this year and the color options are endless! 

The Boho theme could be a fun picnic or a sleepover with beautiful teepees set up for a night of fun! With soft, monochromatic colors it would be easy to pair with other items of interest. 

Most bohemian themes give a very neutral vibe. The tone of the colors are fun and easy to coordinate with. Make it a creative space and set up an artsy area and have your kiddos create something beautiful to take home and treasure forever! 

Need some boho decorations to create a mood? Check out our collection here

2. Cowboy or Cowgirl Party

Giddy-on-up with a fun rodeo or farm theme!  Choose from either all neutral tones or black, white, and red colors to coordinate! Invite all of your wild-west guests and get ready for a fun hoedown. 

The cowboys and cowgirls in your life will love celebrating with all of their favorite party animals (aka little humans). Have a petting zoo, pony rides, and include miniature cowboy hats for some memorable moments and great pictures! 

Your party could include some great country music, live animals, a delicious BBQ, and some great decorations! If you have a bit of yard, this is the perfect party for your country star!

The live animals will for sure be the hit of the party, however, we have some great party kits to liven up your decorations. 

3. Pretty-in-Pink Paris Party

A Paris theme is a perfect party to have for those little girls that also love a good tea party! Pair the tea party with bite size treats and have everyone dress in their Sunday best!

Having a beautiful macaron cake with fruit and flowers will give your party some dimension. Add in extra decorations with Eiffel Towers and a beautiful tea set for all to enjoy!


A pretty pastel pink balloon garland would be a perfect backdrop to your party! Check out our party kit here!

4. Pirate Party

A sea adventure that includes a treasure map, will provide your little pirates with an expedition to remember! Be sure to include eye patches and fun pirate hats for all to participate!

Your little pirate adventure can take place indoors or outdoors with a fun treasure hunt! Split your group into two and challenge them to find the most! Make sure there are enough prizes for all!

Have the cake in the shape of a chest with gold chocolate coins surrounding it, so everyone feels like they are getting a piece of the treasure! 

5. Unicorn Party

A magical birthday for someone special? They definitely deserve a unicorn party! Unicorns and rainbows are one in the same and this combo creates a very colorful event!

From soft pastel to bright rainbow colors, any unicorn party will be magical for all who attend. Have unicorn headbands for all and hire a face painting artist to add some glitter to the fun!

6. Cotton Candy Party

Why not center your cotton candy party around a fair! Hire a clown and a bouncy house and include a cotton candy making machine to create some fun & fluffy treats! 

It might seem like a traditional party until you add in some interesting characters! Have a wild petting zoo with exotic animals and your little guests will have their minds blown! 

A cotton candy themed party would be incomplete without a rainbow of decorations! Take a look at our party kits here

7. Camping Party

Ideally, a camping party would be best in the spring or fall. Whether it be their first time camping or not, all kids (and parents) will leave with some memories to last a lifetime. 

This party will need the helping hands of parents, unless you are in your own backyard, of course! Include a nice fire pit with s’mores for dessert! 

There are plenty of backyard games, going on adventures and telling ghost stories to keep your little ones preoccupied and yearning for more. 

8. Retro Party

Now, not all kids might know what retro is, but once you introduce them to all fun, retro things, they will be thinking they created a whole new era. 

Bring it back to the good ole days and host the retro party at a skating rink! Kids on wheels, pizza and maybe some root beer floats will have everyone wanting more!

Renting out a rink would be the best for this occasion! Add some flare with this retro inspired balloon arch for the perfect backdrop and photo op for your little stars! 

9. Safari Party

Do you have a wild one to celebrate this year? The Safari theme can be used for a zoo party or a wild one theme! 

A jungle theme can get as wild as you like! Host the party with a jungle gym, bouncy house, or at a park and all the guests will have a roaring good time! 

Whichever party animal in your life you are celebrating, remember to make the decorations as wild as they are! Have a look at this safari themed balloon kit that will give your next party a fun jungle background!

10. Pizza Party

Is it really a party if you don’t have pizza? What kid (or adult) doesn’t love a nice slice of heaven! Pizza parties give you ample options for all to have fun and leave with a full tummy. 

Do you have a little chef at home? Maybe they would enjoy throwing around some dough and making their own pizzas! Pre-make the dough and have an assortment of toppings for your little chefs to get creative with! (This also caters to those that have dietary restrictions.)

Don’t forget about the dessert! A dessert pizza will be the perfect way to end the party!

Quick Tip: Buy the pre-made crusts for an even easier DIY pizza party!

11. Under-the-Sea Party

With so many creatures under the sea, you have plenty of themes to choose from! From mermaids to sharks, you can host for both boys and girls!

Sprinkle in fun additions to your snack table with goldfish, gummy worms, and starfish cookies to tie into your theme! Have a pool? Have fun pool games ready to go to keep your little guests exploring the water! 

Live by the beach? Make it educational and have your little one’s learn more about everything under-the-sea! Whether you are hosting the party indoors or outdoors, every guest will have a whale of a time!

Are you looking to coordinate decorations with your sea party? These blue hues will be a perfect match!

12. Fiesta Party

Fiesta! Fiesta! A fiesta is full of bright colors and is great for many celebrations. These colors are perfect for a summer celebration!  

A fiesta theme may not be a classic theme for some, however once you see the possibilities, this might be next on your list! Add in a fun game with a piñata, but don’t forget to fill it first!

Be sure to make your cake one to remember, with layers of bright colors! This party theme is great for all ages and everyone will fiesta until they siesta. 

There’s no reason that the cake has to be the only showstopper! The decorations should be just as bright and colorful too!

13. Princess Party

Most little girls are infatuated with a specific princess or maybe several! And more than likely they have the princess costumes to prove it! Why not host the most perfect princess party?

Understandably, you might not be able to limit the party to just one princess, so why not choose all of them! Be sure to have all of the accessories and extra costumes. 

Nothing says princess party like a castle! Rent out an inflatable castle and add some beautiful, pink balloons

14. Woodland Wonderland Party

Do you have a little one that is a big fan of adventure and animals? The woodland theme may be a perfect birthday celebration for them. Host the party indoors or outdoors, with a camping theme! 

The woodland theme brings a little adventure to the party. With colors of brown, hunter green, and other neutrals you will have a fun palette to play with! 

Have some fun woodland creatures hidden and make a game of it!

Have a look at our woodland theme kit here.

15. Luau Party

A Hawaiian luau party would be a great party to host for a summer pool party. Bright colors, beautiful flower leis, and some flavorful shaved ice for all of your little guests! 

Throw on some cheerful Hawaiian music and center the luau theme around fun characters like Lilo and Stitch! Make sure all of your food and desserts coordinate with this theme. 

Let your little guests get creative and have them all make their own colorful leis! With beads or flowers, they can all make necklaces, bracelets, or head crowns with these!

Check out this bright balloon kit for a fun birthday celebration!

16. Musical Party

Is your child obsessed with musical instruments or a specific song? Host a party centered around all things musical!

You don’t necessarily have to have kids banging loudly on instruments! Have the party centered around their favorite soundtrack (or if they are young enough, one of your favorite artists)!

Biggie with the beats! Your adult friends will at least appreciate this theme! Use black, white, and a gold combo for this theme and it will leave all envious and wanting more!

Maybe rap isn’t your jam and your kids are a bit older? Pick their favorite band and do a round of musical chairs. A little competition to liven up the party! 

A cool balloon backdrop to match the cool beats will create fun photo ops!

17. Ice Cream Party

An ice cream social is fun for adults and kids alike. Best for those hot summer months. Have your local ice cream shop provide a fun setup or make your own DIY ice cream station.

An ice cream party doesn’t have to be limited to a birthday party! Host a summer fun party, just because and have all of your guests bring their favorite toppings! 

Quick Tip: Have your local ice cream truck make a special stop! This is a great addition to any party!

This party theme is great for all ages and everyone will be screaming for more ice cream! Don’t forget about the decorations! Take a look at this bright and colorful option here

18. Sports Party

Go sports! This sports party theme doesn’t have to be gender or age specific! Take a small group out to the ball field, order some popcorn and hotdogs while cheering on their favorite team! 

If it’s an option, see if the stadium can add a Happy Birthday message on their marquee for a special surprise!

Create matching shirts for all those that attend to make it memorable! Coordinate with the stadium to see about fun souvenirs that your crew can take hope too!

19. Pancakes & Pajamas Party

If it’s a sleepover that your kid is begging for, then a pancakes and pajama party is a fun option! A cute option for girls is to do several miniature teepees decorated to a theme. For boys you could set up several tents for an outdoor theme. 

Pancakes and pajamas are perfect for all ages. Host a pajama movie night with all of their favorite snacks. Their little teepees or tents in the playroom or living room will keep them giggling all night. The main party will take place in the morning with a pancake smorgasbord! 

Pancakes with all of the toppings and sides! If you happen to be hosting a birthday party, use a tower of pancakes as the birthday cake! All will enjoy the sugary breakfast before heading home. 

Have a look at our theme here, a great addition to llama, llama in pajamas. 

20. Superhero Party

A classic theme that every child loves, is to dress up as their favorite superhero. Choose their favorite hero to center the party theme around or have all guests dress in their favorite hero costume! 

From Superman to Wonder Woman, the kids will love dressing up, while it will bring back all of the nostalgia for the adults! This would be a fun party to host at a trampoline park or somewhere outdoors!

Be sure to go on theme with the characters, in the food they like and the colors! Captain America party? Check out this balloon kit for a heroic celebration!


Depending on the age, what your little one is interested in, and what you are celebrating, there are many options to choose from. You can choose between a trendy or classic theme. Whichever you choose, we hope this list has provided some inspiration for the next celebration! 

We've discussed 20 fantastic kid party ideas, so you and your little one have some exciting options to choose from to make memories with on their special day.  

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Happy Planning!

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