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10 Most Popular Disney Party Themes

Thinking of planning a Disney-themed birthday party? With all of the new movies, and of course the old classics, you have plenty of options to choose from. Unless your child has a favorite character, it can be a bit overwhelming. Either way, you want to celebrate each milestone and give them a birthday to remember! 

Each Disney movie has a magical piece to it. Your first decision is if you want to go with a classic theme or one that is trendy. Even though a movie has been redone, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own nostalgia to the party! Once that is chosen, all of the other details will be easy to coordinate! 

Whether you are throwing the party of your dreams for your kid or the kid within, we hope you have some magical moments that all will remember! 

So grab those Mickey Mouse thinking caps and browse our Disney birthday theme collection to help you pick or at least give you ideas!

The 10 Most Popular Disney Party Themes  

1. Up Inspired Theme

How could we not start this list with a balloon-inspired party?! Time to get adventurous with a UP-themed party! This theme is very colorful, which makes the decor easy and fun! And what kid doesn’t love balloons?

This theme is great for all ages! You can host a movie night and have your evening with theater-style snacks or make it an adventure with a scavenger hunt! Here is an amazing 3-D printable for one of the characters that will give your party that extra touch! 

The dessert could be a cake made to look like a house with a balloon cake topper or a printout of the Up house with cupcakes as the balloons! Make sure your snacks are just as colorful as the balloons and that everyone goes home with a balloon! 

Party favors? Have an Adventure Book for your guests to take home! Something they can have and add to for years to come!

Need a cute balloon topper for your cake? Create a custom balloon cake topper here.

2. Minnie or Mickey Mouse Theme

A timeless theme that includes a class black and white color palette with endless options. Also a great theme for both boys and girls for a combined party. The hardest part is choosing which mouse movie to go with! 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse has been a favorite for years, so there are plenty of DIY options out there to make a memorable party. Although the Mouse has been around for some time, there is nothing wrong with finding inspiration and repeating ideas! 

Keep it simple with a fun backdrop, an adorable cake, and add a balloon garland for an extra pop that everyone will love. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, get a wooden cutout of those oh-so-famous ears and center your party around those beautiful decorations! 

Mickey Mouse Theme

3. The Jungle Book Theme

It’s time to get WILD for your little ones’ Jungle Book-themed birthday party! Explore the trendy tropical theme and get creative with your design. While there are a ton of options, remember to keep it to the bare necessities!

Along with the jungle juice that you will be serving, be creative with the finger foods and dessert table! Choose bright green colors, add some faux greenery and you will have a dramatic, jungle setup for your little adventurer. 

Add a fun element by having each child create a jungle book! Have a tropical notebook where they could include a picture of everyone that joined the party and have them sign it. 

How about adding a touch of jungle to your cake? Check out this balloon cake kit here!

Safari Cake Topper

One thing is for sure, it will be a wild good time! 

4. Little Mermaid Theme

Under the sea! Has your little mermaid been dreaming of the perfect mermaid birthday party? A classic theme that you will be able to coordinate all things you sea with! 

A perfect theme for a summer birthday! You would be able to incorporate fun water activities inside or outside.  From sandcastles to treasure hunts, you will have more than enough to keep your little fishies busy!

Your Little Mermaid color palette for under-the-sea doesn’t have to be all blue, think about different shades of purple too! For an extra fun touch, have a face painting station along with a shell purse-making station as their goody “bag” to take home!

This ocean-themed party kit with a mermaid balloon would be an excellent choice! Get creative and make the balloon garland into a fun mermaid tail!

5. Frozen Theme

Have you watched Frozen more times than you would like to admit? Maybe your little one won’t stop singing ‘Let it Go’. In either case, that is your cue to throw an amazing Frozen-themed party that will be unforgettable for all! 

Your first order of business is to create a beautiful winter wonderland! Do this with a fun balloon garland like this option, with hues of blues, white and purple. Include snowflake balloons, a metallic streamer backdrop, and miniature characters of different sizes placed throughout the party. 

Now that there is a second movie, this theme is still very popular and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding party supplies. Indulge on a beautiful, icy blue cake with a glittery castle cake topper and characters you can add on top. 

Have all of the guests dress up in princess gear and a craft to make matching silver crowns and wands. For boys, you could include games that involve Olaf or the Prince and maybe a snowball fight! 

And for food, the options are endless! So many fun items to choose from like marshmallows, rock candy to frozen treats! If you need easy cake inspiration, check out this option. 

6. Alice in Wonderland Theme

Have you gone down the rabbit hole and don’t know where to begin with this theme? A classic film that has some quirky details that would be fun for all! 

A great theme for a first birthday, you could host the perfect Onderland! Pinks, baby blues, and a checkered color palette will coordinate perfectly with your tea party! Add playing cards, large clocks, black top hats, and maybe a mischievous cat to the mix. 

An Alice in Wonderland theme gives you many characters to incorporate into your party. Have a Mad Hatter cake, a stuffed white rabbit paired with your backdrop and you will have an enchanting party that all will find magical! 

The balloon decorations cannot be skipped - they will provide the perfect backdrop for your themed party.

7. CoCo Theme

If your little one is obsessed with the characters from CoCo, this will be such a fun party to plan! A bright color palette that depicts the colorful imagery of the film will have all the kids (and parents) ready to fiesta! 

Your CoCo inspired party should include a very bright and colorful cake table. Hang a fun balloon garland and include paper flowers throughout the party for everyone to enjoy.  

For a little fun, have a guitar pinata hung so everyone can take a hit. Instead of a goody bag, have your little guests take a mini guitar as a party favor! It will only drive the parent’s un poco loco!

To complete your setup, check out this bold and bright party kit

8. Moana Theme

Where the sky meets the sea. Your little girl will love everything about her birthday party. Include all things Polynesian, from tropical items to the ocean, and your options for decor will be endless! 

Have your little girl and all of her guests dress in hula attire to create a wave of memories. Add tropical palms to the table decor and have leis scattered throughout. Have an assortment of Hawaiian food that everyone will love!

For the showstopper at your party, include a balloon garland with greens or pinks for a tropical look or blues made into waves! This will be the center of your party for a great photo opportunity! 

For activities, have a tiki ring toss or have everyone decorate a coconut as a keepsake. 

9. The Lion King Theme

Looking for an alternative to the “wild one” theme? Hakuna Matata… it means no worries! So, throw a Lion King party that will hopefully be stress-free with these ideas!

A safari theme that includes a fun balloon garland, safari animal props, a Lion King backdrop, and a themed cake will have your little guests roaring for more! 

Your safari theme should include natural textures, but could also include bright colors, such as oranges and yellows. Include some greenery, such as faux palms, and animal print and your party will look wild!

Depending on the age, your Lion King party could have face painting to make everyone into their favorite character! Get creative with the food table to coordinate with the movie characters. Can’t forget about the goody bags! How about an “adopt-an-animal” station, with a choice of stuffed animals to take home? 

Need a wild balloon garland? This party kit is a great addition to your safari adventure.

10. Beauty and the Beast Theme

Be Our Guest! The Beauty and the Beast theme is a classic that will be recreated over the years. Everyone is familiar with the original movie if they haven’t seen the new one, and the theme decorations are endless. 

This theme would be perfect for those winter birthdays! Host a fun dinner party centered around the rose or a classic tea party. There are so many details in the food that all will enjoy the party! 

You don’t want to overcomplicate the treats! Use a theme, such as quotes from the movie or the colors: gold, blue and red. From fruit to cupcakes, you can get creative with some beautiful treats!

Need to occupy your guests? Add in fun crafts, such as an ornament-making station. If you need some inspiration, check out this detailed birthday celebration here.

Be our guest and check our custom party kits for your classic Beauty and the Beast-themed party.


Each birthday is a special milestone that you, your family, and your friends want to celebrate. This magical moment will bring joy and smiles to all.

You don’t have to be the best party planner on the block to create memorable moments for your little one. We hope these Disney-themed party ideas have provided inspiration and made it a little less stressful! 

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Happy Planning!

May the force be with you!

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