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How To Throw A Barbie Party

Looking to create a stylish and fun Barbie Birthday Party? All ages will get excited when they see a lifesize Barbie doll box and all things pink! Honestly, we love that Barbie has entered into the realm of birthday parties again! 

A classic Barbie brought to modern times. When you think of Barbie, it’s all things pink, glitter, and fashion! Bringing all of those items to the party sounds easy enough, but how to choose? 

Feature a hot pink palette for this posh party! Have your little guests in their best dressed Barbie clothes and don’t forget the life-size Barbie box! Every girl will be ecstatic to be part of this celebration. Let’s get down to the details in creating this fabulous celebration!!

C’mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party...

Celebrating birthdays are special moments that bring beautiful memories for a lifetime. Your creativity in these designs is not only special for you, but for those that attend. 

There are many different Barbie movie themes you could choose from, but here we have a classic posh pink Barbie party! 

1. Custom Barbie Party Invitations

To begin organizing your Barbie celebration, start with custom invitations! You can be as creative as you want with these. Keep it simple with a classic mailed invitation that can be curated to fit your Barbie theme and always serves a parent as a good reminder! 

Click here to use the free template above!

Or, if you want to take it up a notch, personally hand out your invitations that include a Barbie doll or maybe a Barbie accessory that would be fun for their Barbie house. Something that your little one would have so much fun handing out and the future guest would love to receive! 

While planning out the guest list, consider how many kids and parents that your space can accommodate. There will be some that unfortunately can’t make it, but it’s a good idea to have a headcount of people that you will be able to entertain without the party getting out of control. 

Make sure your invite includes pertinent details, like if you plan to have everyone come dressed up or if it will be a pool party. The more details provided, the better all can be prepared to have a good time!

2. Barbie Party Supplies And Decorations

WOW your guests of all ages with some fabulous decorations! I’m sure you have seen the life-size Barbie box that makes for the perfect Instagram-worthy photo op! Find one to rent or if you are crafty, make one yourself! Everyone will for sure love getting to step inside! 

The picture-perfect life-size Barbie box wouldn’t be complete without some amazing balloons! All pink shades for this party! Drape a dramatic balloon garland around the Barbie box. Include pink balloons as table centerpieces and don’t forget about the dessert table! The more balloons the better, for any and all photo backdrops!

Having the party outdoors? Rent a bouncy castle and add a beautiful pink balloon garland to make it feel like a Barbie dream house! 

We understand things can get pricey, especially renting or purchasing a life-size Barbie doll box. Make your own backdrop with a fun shimmer wall, a beautiful balloon garland, and a printable cardboard cutout that you can step into for taking pictures!

Now, you could keep the other Barbie supplies simple with a Barbie party kit that includes everything from invitations to plates. Or have all your party supplies pink and purple to make your other decorations the main attraction. 

3. Plan Barbie Party Activities

Hosting a Barbie beach party? Include a fun beach ball game in the pool! Hosting the party at your house? Have a dress-up station for the girls to have a fashion show! Get crafty and have the girls design their own Barbie clothes or handbags! 

Understandably, creating activities that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge. Try to incorporate a couple of different options, like bringing out the Barbie dollhouse for all to play with. With different activity options, you’re sure to entertain all of your little guests.

Other activities could include a skate party (depending on the season, ice or rollerblades), or a crafty area to make their own fashionable jewelry, or a cute customized Barbie shirt. 

Hosting a slumber party Barbie movie night? Here are the top three movies to match your Barbie party theme with: 

  1. Barbie in the Nutcracker
  2. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
  3. Barbie & the Diamond Castle

Set the scene! With different party ideas, you could have picnic tables and an inflatable bouncy castle. Don’t forget the details and the decor to complete the Barbie party experience. 

Want to have your little guests feel like movie stars? Play dress-up with life-size Barbie clothes and have a handful of disposable cameras for the parents to use during a fashion show!

No matter the season, there will be a Barbie Party theme that will coordinate with any activity you choose. 

4. Don’t Forget The Treats

Walking the catwalk can be exhausting! Your little guests will love to have some refreshments that include personalized water bottles and a piece of that stunning Barbie cake, you may or may not have made. 

For your fashionable guests, keep it simple with finger foods and mini treats. Along with the decorations, you want to coordinate the food too! A beach party could have hotdogs and hamburgers, a movie night with popcorn, and pizza after skating! The main event will of course be the cake! 

Have options for drinks, food, snacks, and desserts - it will be better to have extra than not enough for those that may be picky or have restrictions. 

Everyone has seen the magnificent Barbie cake, where the cake is the dress of the Barbie. It is pretty amazing, but if you believe it’s been done just one too many times, there are options! Think of the theme of your party. For your beach party, make the cake look like the beach and have mini beach balls to accent the cake. Dress up a plain cake with Barbie accessories, like purses, shoes, and phones (just make sure it’s not a choking hazard!). 

Along with your main Barbie birthday cake, include individual cupcakes! They could be simple or you could also make them look like individual mini-Barbie cakes. Also, doing cookies? Have the cookies designed with your theme in mind! You could also have the cookies made into personalized name cards for the seats!

Dress up your dessert or food table and include the Barbie dollhouse. This way, it is out of reach and off-limits during the party, so your little guests don’t get distracted or fight over who can play with what in the Barbie doll dream house. 

5. Barbie Party Favors

Goody bags are always a little fun surprise to send your guests home as a thank you for coming to celebrate your little one. As most kids can be easily entertained, get crafty and make this as simple or as extra as you want! 

Do you know those life-size Barbie boxes? They also make some as fancy favor boxes! Would be fun to add some fun, pink sunglasses along with some fun accessories that coordinate with the theme of your Barbie party. 

How about cute purses filled with mini (travel-sized) accessories they could actually use. Have the purses be identical, yet stylish, and include a mini brush, compact mirror, a chapstick, and of course a little thank you note!

Maybe you forgot about the goody bag and need a last-minute idea? You could always purchase Barbie dolls to hand out as gifts. Best to keep them all the same so there are no disputes over who got what! 


Hosting a Barbie party should be as fabulous as the little one that you are celebrating! And we imagine that they have some spunk and know fashion. Indulge in all things pink and throw a party that all of your guests will have a good time and remember! 

This celebration will take a little planning and creativity, but with the tips above, I believe you will create a fun Barbie doll dream house for great photos and memories!

Granted that this might be a Barbie phase, but you might as well do the most with it! When in doubt, look for inspiration and ask for help if you’re unsure where to start. I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there that have some great ideas! If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, please check out our options! 

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A big thank you to Denise and her family for capturing and sharing this glamorous party! Find more inspiration from her on Instagram @dmak.xo

Happy Planning!

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