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How to Choose the Right Size Balloon Garland for Your Space

Choosing the right-sized balloon garland for your party space seems like a very daunting task if you have never assembled one yourself. When planning a party, there are other factors you need to consider before choosing the size of your balloon decorations

If you go online for inspiration, you will see many fabulous and over-the-top designs. However, those might be out of budget or just not realistic for the event space. Depending on the type of party, you must consider all of the details, such as the party theme, aesthetics, and atmosphere. Once you can lay out all of your options, you will have an idea of how to choose the right size balloon garland for your space. 

Balloon garlands have become an increasingly popular decoration for all kinds of events, from weddings to birthday parties to corporate events. These colorful and fun displays can add a whimsical touch to any space, but it’s important to choose the right size for your specific location. 

Five Things to Consider When Deciding on a Balloon Garland Size

Here are some tips on how to choose the right size balloon garland for your space, whether you are purchasing a balloon arch kit or hiring a service to install. 

1. Measure Your Space

The first step in choosing the right size balloon garland is to measure your space.

This is number one on the checklist because it could be the most crucial. You want to make sure that your garland will fit comfortably in the area without overwhelming it. 

You don’t want the venue to feel too big or too small, but just right. You also don’t want to overpay for space that would go unused.

To begin, measure the length and width of the space where you plan to hang the garland, as well as the height of the ceiling. The amount of space you are working with could be limited by your location's existing decor, if you decide to have a balloon arch, or if you wanted added cocktail tables. 

Most balloon garland kits begin their sizing at 5 feet and continue to get larger. Really, the size options are endless and you can have multiple hanging throughout your event. Once you determine the space size, you will be able to plan accordingly. 

Check out our How to Make A Balloon Arch Guide here for detailed directions to make assembly a breeze! Still unsure where to host your event? This post will give you some ideas on how to choose the right venue space.

2. Consider the Style of Your Event

The style of your event can also play a role in determining the size of your balloon garland. From work conferences to proms to baby showers, you have a variety of styles to choose from to match your event theme.

For example, if you’re hosting a formal wedding reception, you may want to choose a more understated garland that doesn’t dominate the room. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a children’s birthday party, you may want to go all out with a large and colorful garland that will delight the kids. 

Design by @confettiwish

Once you have your inspiration for your event, it would be good to make a vision board and a detailed list of what you want your event to look like. If you hire a party planner, be sure to deliver your ideas so they know exactly the style you are going for! 

Quick Tip: Be clear on your style. If you request boho, there are several different combinations of boho styles. Check out our boho balloon garland kits here.

3. Decide on the Shape of Your Garland

Balloon garlands can come in a variety of shapes, including arches, spirals, and cascades. The shape you choose can also impact the size of your garland. For example, a balloon arch may require more balloons than a spiral or cascade, so keep that in mind when deciding on the size. 

Depending on the size of your venue, you could also have multiple balloon decorations around your space. A balloon banner behind the dessert table and maybe balloon columns at the event entry.  It is important to do your research, to decide how many decorations your space will be able to hold. 

Once you decide on the shape of your garland, this will help you determine how big, or small, you want your design to be. If you want a larger-than-life entrance and party, the bigger the better! If you are having a small gathering at your house, then a smaller five to 10-foot balloon garland will add some extra decor to your space. 

No matter the shape, there is usually a theme that will coordinate with the event. Check out our balloon kits and custom balloons here

4. Choose Your Color Scheme

The colors you choose for your balloon garland can also impact the size. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, you may need fewer balloons than if you’re using a variety of colors. This is because the eye tends to pick up on contrasting colors more easily than similar ones. 

Will your event be a Master's themed party, a first birthday party, or a New Year's Eve party? Depending on your themed party you will have a variety of color options to choose from. Even if the party has a neutral color scheme, you will have so many beautiful options as well. 

Your theme will ultimately choose the color scheme for your party. Not only narrowing down your choices but making it easier. Whether you go with a classic or trendy theme, there is plenty of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest to find the right look for your event. 

Design by @marissascreations

If you have chosen a more unique theme, then you can customize your colors to match accordingly. Or if you are having a difficult time picking out your colors, this blog will help you determine what colors look best together. 

When picking your color scheme, your location may play a part in what colors you choose. Consider the backdrop, are you working with all-white walls, a brick background, or is it outside and everything is green? Depending on your venue space, you don’t want everything to blend, you will want to make a statement with your decorations.

Quick Tip: If you are hiring a designer, be clear on your color requests and ask for samples beforehand so there is no disappointment on the day of the event. Details will be important when planning your party! 

5. Don’t Forget About the Weight

Finally, it’s important to consider the weight of your balloon garland. Balloons can be surprisingly heavy, so you want to make sure that your hanging mechanism can support the weight of the garland. This is especially important if you’re hanging the garland from a ceiling or other high point. 

While your party decorations are an important piece, you will need to coordinate with your venue to verify there are no restrictions. There could be a fee or deposit if there is any damage. Don’t forget about the time commitment to set up and take down your decorations, which will probably be part of a contract with the venue. 

How do you want the party to flow? Do you need an open layout? Will you have an Instagram-worthy backdrop? Your venue of choice should take these things into consideration - you don’t want to miss an opportunity to incorporate your theme in the best way possible! 

If your space allows you to hang a balloon garland from the wall or ceiling, make sure you have the appropriate supplies. It would be a good idea to scope out the location so you know if you can only use tape or if command hooks are an option. 

You might have existing decor that the venue has that you may need to work around. So, if bringing in an arch, you will need to make sure the event space has room for all of the decorations, tables, and people. 

If you are planning an event outside, you will need to make sure you have the right tools, like extra garland string or weights for the stand. You will want to be over prepared and have options available, as your venue will more than likely not be able to assist. 

Quick Tip: Take a look at the venue's website photos or Instagram to get a sense of the layout and to get ideas for your own party!


Choosing the right size balloon garland for your space requires careful consideration of the size of the venue space, the style of your event, the shape of the garland, the color scheme, and the weight of the garland. 

Once you have done all of the research and have all of the details, you will be better equipped to make a decision. By taking these factors into account, you can create a beautiful and perfectly-sized balloon garland that will add a touch of whimsy to any event! 

If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom balloon theme, please check out our balloon kit options! 

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Happy Planning!

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