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What Balloon Colors Look Good Together?

Be it a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or just a get-together; you can never go wrong with a balloon. Balloons are the first thing that comes to mind when planning a party.

But when there are so many options out there, how can you choose the perfect balloons for your party? Which type of balloons and colors should you choose?

Balloons are the highlights of any party. They not only add more glam to the party, but they also make it easy to plan balloon bursting activities. And we have found some really cool color combinations that can dazzle up your party even more.

We will share some of the best color combinations for your balloon arch or decorations in the following blog. So stick with us and read on.

What two colors go best with each other?

Double balloons are some of the most common decorations you will find at any party. They are also used in balloon races and balloon bouncing contests. How cool is that?

So what two balloon colors can be paired up together? Here are our top choices:

Pearl Gold and Black

The sparkling gold and deep black color have complimented each other for ages. Today, these colors are party favorites all across the world. 

Whether you want to organize a fabulous bridal shower or celebrate graduation day, this color combination can make your party ten times better.

Sea Blue and Parrot Green

Sometimes all you want is a cozy party that reminds you of a warm day at the beach. 

If that’s the kind of party you want to organize, then pick these colors. 

Green and blue mainly work well in summer and pool parties.

Chrome Gold and Chrome Silver

Nothing gets better than the classic gold and silver. 

Most people still love this color combination at parties, especially if they celebrate a silver or golden jubilee. 

How ironic is that? 

Especially if you are looking for something glittery or shiny for your party, then these balloons can work well.

Light Pink and Blue

These aesthetic cotton candy colors are perhaps the trendiest of all the color combinations these days. 

Not only do these colors match well, but they complement each other, especially if you play with different shades.

If you are mainly planning a baby shower or a birthday party for a toddler, then you can experiment with these colors.


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Mustard Yellow and White

How about a color combination that is often ignored at parties but still looks cool? 

Yellow and white go well together, especially if you are planning a night party.

What are the best 3-color combinations?

Since balloons bring instant happiness and joy to everyone, how about using a bunch of 3 balloons instead of two? 

After all, balloons are an inexpensive way, besides being fun, to entertain your guests, especially if they are kids.

So here are some of the best color combinations for a bunch of 3 balloons:

Gold, Black, and Silver

One of the trendiest garlands you will find on Instagram these days is usually gold, black, and silver. This holy concoction of colors can be the perfect way to add more glam to your party. 

These colors work best if you plan a high-end party or ball with some of your best guests.

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Pink, White, and Gold

Sometimes parties have to be elegant and sophisticated, for example when planning a wedding dinner or an office party. On such occasions, it can be pretty challenging to incorporate balloons as part of your decorations.

However, we cannot stress enough that balloons go well with any occasion. It only comes down to the type and color of your balloons.

So if you are looking for an elegant decoration, you should choose a balloon in pink, white, and gold. These colors will add a soft touch to the occasion.

Blue, Gold, and White

Have a birthday coming up for your young toddler? 

Are you planning a surprise baby shower for your partner? 

Then, how about these fresh colors?

Blue, gold, and white make the perfect color combination, especially if you hold a party outdoors. Not only are these colors super pleasant to the eyes, but they also come in various kinds of shades.

Silver, Blue, and Purple

Ocean and mermaids are one of the most popular party themes in 2021. These themes work particularly well with children who like movies such as the little mermaid and even frozen.

So if you have a young Disney fan at your home who wants to have a birthday party, then these colors will work the best. Blue, Silver, and Purple complement each other very well.

Frozen Garland

Check out this excellent Frozen Themed Balloon Garland Kit.

Orange, Green, and Pink

How about lightning up your party with a fiery theme? Sometimes all you need is a fiesta feel to make your day better.

Orange, green, and pink are some of the hottest colors to jazz up any party. 

Whether you have a Mexican-themed party in your mind or you want to celebrate the incoming spring season, you can play with these colors and make your balloon decorations stand out.

Best 5-color combinations

There is no such thing as too many balloons! We know two balloons are classic. 

A combo of three balloons also works well. But how about spicing up your decorations even more with a bunch of 5 balloons?

That’s right! Five balloons! Especially if you want to make a balloon arch as a backdrop, you will need many balloons and that too in good colors.

Here are the top five color combinations we believe work very well:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple

What gets better than a rainbow? These basic colors will make your party more colorful and playful. 

And the best thing is it is extremely easy to find balloons in these colors.

White, Black, Grey, Golden, and Silver

How about a trip through space? 

This color combination is perfect for all those parties that have a sky or starry theme. 

With these colors, you can definitely make your party more memorable.

Pink, Yellow, White, Orange, and Purple

If you are particularly organizing a party with kids, then you can experiment with a wide array of colors. 

A hint of purple and pink with the freshness of white, yellow, and orange can make your party genuinely fantastic.

Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Orange

A fiery fiesta theme demands spicy colors. 

Blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange can help you throw a brilliant party outdoors, especially if you have piñata and Mexican-themed food.

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Grey, Brown, Yellow, Black, and Purple

This combination of dark, retro, and classic colors can give a gorgeous subdued look to your party. 

If you are particularly looking to organize a simple party with your closed ones, these colors will work best.

Which Color combination is best for birthdays?

You probably attend 50 birthdays a year. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of balloons works best for birthdays? 

We did, which is why we have created a list of the top three color combinations for any birthday party.

Pink and White

The classic white and baby pink colors make the best palettes for a birthday party. 

These primary colors might be standard, but they can set up a very playful tone for your celebrations.

Blue and White

This combination of colors mainly works best if you plan to have a birthday party for a young boy. 

These colors can add a touch of elegance to any party.

Yellow and Orange

To dazzle your birthday celebration this year, you can try yellow and orange. 

This lemonade combination can make any neutral space the cheeriest of all.

Which Color combination is best for Weddings?

Selecting the colors for your wedding celebration can be the most challenging job in the world. 

Especially if you are the bride or groom yourself, it can be challenging to plan everything independently. 

This is why we have made a list for you to make it easy to plan your perfect wedding.

Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red

This combination of colors can maintain a warm and excellent tone. 

All of these colors form a beautiful ensemble of tones and make your wedding memorable.

Blue and Gold

This calm tone with a bit of an accent can add a pop to your wedding destination. 

No wonder why this color combination is so popular these days.

Red, Sage, and Orange

Both red and orange are classic wedding colors. 

With the soft, safe green, you can add an autumnal vibe to your celebration.


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Balloons just make everything better. 

A party without a balloon is simply bland. So if you have a party to plan, start choosing your favorite colors and get as many balloons as you can.

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Author: Lorea Lastiri

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