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How To Throw A Party With Social Distancing

Can “party” and “social distancing” be in the same sentence? Everyone around the world has gone a year or more without attending social gatherings, instead we got creative and altered how we party. Now, we are slowly integrating back into attending events.

There is a new norm for individuals and businesses alike. With many unanswered questions, several are unsure how to tread this new ground. Regardless, life events are still happening and people are ready to get back into celebrating with one another.

As businesses, schools and offices begin to welcome back everyone, you might be seeing more invites to social gatherings. Maybe you’re planning one yourself! If so, we have some fun (and safe) suggestions on how to gather while distancing!

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The Do’s and Don'ts in Throwing a Social Distancing Party

Celebrating life events and bringing everyone together is a special reminder to cherish the time we have with those we love. So, how do we throw a party during this time?

1. Do Utilize Your Outdoor Space

Oh, the great outdoors! Bringing the party outside gives you and your guests ample space and a breath of fresh air! With the sky the limit (pun intended) you have a lot of options to have an amazing setup like this:

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Giant Pastel Balloons

Now, if you live in an apartment complex, you might have to explore other options and get creative! How about a nearby park or a friend's backyard? Meet at an empty parking lot and have a tailgate! 

During this time, it might be a good rule-of-thumb to keep your guest list small. Invite half of the people that your space could accommodate or consider staggering the arrival times to avoid crowds.

If you don’t have enough chairs, think about using picnic blankets or beach towels and pillows to fit your party theme! Use a lot of bright, cheerful colors that will invite guests to join in on the fun!

2. Don’t Overthink It

Everyone will have an opinion, don’t let that interfere with your desire to throw a party. Those that are hesitant or worried have the option to decline your invite. Everyone’s situation is different, keep an open mind! 

Stressing about having a good time should not be on your agenda! So, whether you want to throw a backyard party or a drive-by baby shower, don’t overthink it. 

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You can make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. Offer masks, hand sanitizer wipes and/or gel, and individually packaged items. Be understanding of the current situation so that your guests will be at ease and enjoy themselves. 

Quick Tip: It’s ok to ask guests to stay home if they are feeling sick. You can remind guests to check the CDC website for additional information for their own research and judgement on whether to attend.

3. Do Plan Activities

A Social Distancing party doesn’t really sound fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great event with activities for all! Let guests know on the invite that you plan to have a great & safe time!

Understandably, entertaining for all ages can be a challenge! Hopefully, the themed party you choose can cater to the activities of choice, while keeping everyone at a safe distance!

You could host a backyard movie night, a painting party, or end a BBQ with a night of Karaoke. Kids would love to have some sort of entertainment, hire a Disney hero or princess. Something fun for all ages: Tie-dye! 

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Set the scene! With different party ideas, you could have picnic tables to inflatable chairs and of course you can’t forget the decor! These fun party themes will for sure set your social distance party up for success!

No matter the season, there is usually a theme that will coordinate with any activity you choose. 

4. Don’t Skip The Treats!

You can have your cake AND eat it too! Whether it be a wedding or birthday party, the guests pretty much count on the event ending with a sweet treat! 

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Food is an integral part of almost any celebration, so while finger foods are not an option, that doesn’t mean you can’t have snacks. Think “in-the-box” for boxed food ideas, which could range from brunch to dinner! It will bring out your inner child!

Your party theme could cater this! If you are having a BBQ, think picnic style and have all of the sides in individual plastic containers, with drinks in a cooler or BYOB, and silverware already pre-packaged.

Instead of a big birthday cake, you could have individual cupcakes! When pre-packaging all of these goodies, make your own label on them to personalize it and add a cute touch. 

Quick Tip: Delegate one person to hand out or serve items, this will limit contact and help people feel at ease. 

5. Do the Zoom

Maybe your family lives a few states away or you have friends that have underlying conditions. No matter the reason, you can rely on technology to connect with your loved ones near or far. 

Hosting a chic virtual birthday? Or a virtual happy hour? How about game night? No matter the invitation, our themes will help set the scene!

Who knew virtual parties would become a thing? And now that they have become popular through the pandemic, some have made it a consistent way to connect! Did a wedding get cancelled or a trip to Hawaii? Make your theme coordinate with such events and make an Instagram worthy backdrop? 

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So many beautiful garlands to choose from!

Hosting a virtual call relieves the pressure off feeling like you have to hug or be in close quarters with everyone. Throw some music on in the background, have a drink in hand and a game ready to get the virtual party started!  

Going virtual also gives you the opportunity to support local! You can have drinks, food and sweet treats delivered to all joining in on your call. This makes it feel like you are all in one space and not so distant.

Quick Tip: To keep from any awkward silences happening, organize a schedule of events. From introductions to cutting the cake, when you have a general time of events, your guests can know what to expect!


The pandemic has forced us to change the way we think and go about our daily plans. Some of the above ideas, COVID or not, would still be a great way to host and celebrate!

With a little planning and creative thinking, you will be able to throw an amazing social distancing party. 

We don’t know what the future holds, but we hope that everyone is enjoying the space they are in! If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, please check out our options! 

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Happy Planning!

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