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Top 10 Popular Balloon Garlands For 2022

Planning a party can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing a theme. Do you pick a classic theme or a new, modern theme? Any theme you choose will only add to the fun and memories you make during your event. 

Whether you want to throw a baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, or celebrate another milestone, we have a list of our top ten most popular balloon garlands that you can customize to fit your event aesthetic. From adorable pastels to an all white garland, our balloon garlands are anything but boring! 

While we know what was trendy for 2022 will change with the new year, we often see the same color patterns used for different themes. So, check out our most popular balloon kits from this last year and get your creative juices flowing for your 2023 event planning with our premium kits below. 

Here are the most popular balloon kits for 2022

10. Pastel Halloween Balloon Garland

Our Pastel Halloween Balloon Garland is the cutest decor to add to your Halloween festivities. Fun for Halloween birthdays, classroom parties, and those ghoulishly good Instagram-worthy picture backdrops! 

We know the season has passed, but here is some fun inspo for next year and you’ll see why it made the top 10:  

9.    Space Themed Balloon Garland

3… 2… 1… blast off! An out-of-this-world party with our Astronaut Space Themed Balloon Garland. Our DIY balloon garland kit focuses more on the blue shades, but we love seeing an all neutral or with purples and pinks for a fun alternative to this theme. 

This Space Theme is popular for so many ages, it can be used for a First Trip Around the Sun, Two the Moon, or a Blast-off birthday at any age! No matter the age you are celebrating, guests of all ages love this theme and all of the other party details. You can read our blog here that will give you some fun inspiration for your next space themed party! 

Get some supernova vibes below:

8.    Custom Balloon Garland

We offer a lot of fun DIY balloon garland themed kits, however, we LOVE seeing the creativity and new themes that you create with our custom balloon garland option. From a Sesame Street themed party to football parties, we admire your work! 

The custom balloon garland that took the cake this year was an UP themed first birthday party. It included a rainbow of colors, along with an all white balloon garland, which created the perfect backdrop for pictures. 

Check out a few of the event pictures below and read the blog here:

7.    Teddy Bear Balloon Garland

Celebrating your little one, whether it be a baby shower or their first birthday, is a special moment for both mom and child. Create the cutest backdrop with this Teddy Bear theme

A teddy bear theme is a classic theme that will never go out of style and we love how it has evolved over the years. Use with a classic Winnie-the-Pooh bear theme or with cute stuffed teddy bears, a backdrop that all ages will love. 

See why this theme made the top ten:

6.    Boho Neutral Balloon Garland

We rolled out our gorgeous Neutral Boho Balloon Garland Kit this year, and it is definitely a garland we could feature everyday! Our premium balloons not only give it a luxe statement, but these neutral hues are the perfect aesthetic for both adult and kid parties.

You can design your own bohemian theme with added pampas grass, dream catchers, candles, fairy lights, and more. Create a perfect bridal or birthday picnic setup or add to an arch for a beautiful backdrop. These neutral colors are a showstopper that you will want for your next event! 

You can start drooling now:

5.    Boho Rainbow Balloon Garland

A dreamy boho escape with our ever-trendy balloon garland that has been popular for graduations, bachelorette parties, and first birthday backdrops. Colors include dusty rose, blush, linen, and mocha brown and with added pampas grass, you have a super chic party.

A moody backdrop that is great for so many occasions. This balloon garland provides neutral shades that will give your next event a dramatic look. Showcase this garland as the main backdrop for those Instagram-worthy pictures or hang behind a cake table. 

This moody boho garland is definitely a vibe:

4.    Rainbow Cake Topper

Our Pastel Rainbow Mini Balloon Cake Topper is too cute not to make a sweet statement. This mini garland kit is such an easy decor item to travel with and set up wherever you plan to celebrate. 

Obviously, it’s a perfect match to our balloon garland backdrop (featured at number one), but this little topper will make its own statement! It’s a surprisingly fun detail that all of your guests will love (just remember not to use candles, please). 🙃

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this:

3.    All White Balloon Garland

I love a good neutral backdrop, but I was honestly surprised that our All White Balloon Garland was a popular choice. By no means is it boring, with our pearl metallic white balloons that give the garland a very luxe look. 

If you want luxe, look no further. Simple but chic with an all white palette, perfect for bridal showers, weddings, baptisms, or an all-white party! This backdrop is a show-stopper that your guests will absolutely love. 

This gorgeous setup was designed by @sazrentals:

2.    Rustic Boho Balloon Garland

If the number one spot wasn’t so versatile, this Rustic Boho Balloon Garland would’ve easily taken the spot! When I say obsessed, I mean O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! Everyone was swooning over this garland, and for good reason. The colors are gorgeous, it’s perfect for so many occasions, and it’s the perfect way to make a statement. 

Bridal showers were by far the most popular with this color combo, but what took this garland by storm was a first birthday party. The terracotta/burnt orange color gives a pop of color against the other neutrals for a stunning setup. No basic parties here. 

So, if you were on the fence, may I give you some eye candy for persuasion:

1. Rainbow Balloon Garland

A colorful rainbow-themed party is loved by all ages. Not only is this our most colorful balloon garland, but our Pastel Rainbow Balloon Garland came out as number one because there are so many ways to match the colors to a multitude of themes!

Our rainbow balloon garland features pastel pink, green, blue, yellow, and purple balloons. This past year, this popular balloon garland was used in so many fun designs, including Peppa Pig parties, Encanto theme, Coco Melon Theme, a Let’s Pawty party, and the classic rainbow event.

In years past, a popular theme was a unicorn birthday theme, but we love seeing this classic and colorful garland being used in so many ways. Here’s a look at a couple of the top Instagram rainbow garlands:

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2.    Groovy Daisy Flower Mylar Balloon

Nothing but groovy vibes this last year! From a Groovy One theme to Two Groovy, these far out parties would’ve been incomplete without our fun daisy flower balloons

Although these balloons are great additions to a groovy theme, they are so adorable added to other colorful or all neutral balloons, because, let’s be honest, it’s a vibe! So if you are throwing a throwback-retro party, this is the perfect addition to your decor!

Looking for some inspo? Here is a fun picture:


1. Metallic 3D Butterflies

Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold metallic butterflies were the top accessory that we saw added to balloon garlands and other backdrops! Such a beautiful accessory that adds a touch of glam to any balloon garland!

Whether you use these in a baby shower setup or for birthday decor, our metallic butterflies are the perfect addition to your next party! 

Here’s a look at those popular butterflies:

The Final Takeaway for 2022

A fun and memorable party theme can make any occasion more enjoyable. Here at Ellie’s Party Supply, we believe that no event is too small or too big to celebrate. All life moments are worth a celebration. And your celebration would be incomplete without balloons!

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Let us know in the comments what theme you are looking forward to creating next year! 

Happy Planning!

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