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How To Keep Your Surprise Party A Surprise

Everyone loves parties, but something about surprise parties can often make an event or a date more special and memorable for everyone involved. Maybe you’re not familiar with a surprise party or never participated in one, so what is it? It’s a party where friends and loved ones get together to surprise one unsuspecting guest of honor. 

While luxurious and elegant party themes are undoubtedly pleasant, surprise parties can be an intimate and fun alternative. Surprise parties are all about the wow factor and of course capturing that special moment on video.

That being said, surprise parties are also hard to plan, as you often risk spoiling the secret for your special guest. Some people may love the thought of a surprise party while others may cringe. So, planning a surprise party can be a little tricky.

Three Things To Consider When Planning a Surprise Party

Today, we'll explore some of the ways you can keep your surprise party a surprise:

1. Keep Surprises In The Theme

Having a surprise within a surprise can help catch your special guest off guard while helping your other guests get into the fun, and simultaneously keeping them quiet about the party. 

Case in point, speakeasies are trendy around the world for being inconspicuous, small, exclusive, and almost impossible to find on social media. Many patrons enjoy the secretive, covert hidden bar concept, so your guests will likely appreciate something similar. Most speakeasies are themed after the 1920s aesthetic, making them a unique and exciting party or drinking experience for everyone attending. 

Aside from hosting your speakeasy surprise party at a secretive location, you can also incorporate other similarly mysterious themes into the surprise party, like establishing secret passwords at the door and inviting people through word-of-mouth, like a very private get-together.

2. Cater To Their Favorites

As you would with any special guest of a party you're planning — surprise or not — it's always best to pick out food and beverages you know the special guest would like. This would include their favorite food, snacks, and desserts. 

With surprise parties, however, you want to plan out the food without tipping them off, especially without letting them find out that you're planning something that involves all their favorite food items. It may benefit you to have someone else help you with food arrangements, like other friends or family who knows your guest of honor well, especially considering how much party food you may need for the occasion. 

Depending on how big or small the surprise party would be, the food arrangements would have to match the number of people going — no partygoer likes spending the night hungry. Surprising your special guest with their favorite food is also a great way to show you care and pay attention to their preferences.

3. Picking A Location

Finally, after the food and drinks, the location of your secret surprise party should be well thought out. It would be challenging to plan a surprise party where your special guest lives. This is a common dilemma if you're planning a surprise party for a roommate, a spouse, or a family member you share a house with. 

Planning a surprise party where your special guest comes and goes is difficult because you would have to hide everything, including decorations, you have planned for the event. Instead, choose an event venue that is familiar so they are not thrown totally off and is appropriate for the size of your surprise party, as well as any party needs you may want — drinks, catering, and audiovisual services, for example. 

Keeping your surprise party venue as far away from where your special guest lives will ensure it stays a secret and a surprise for them until the big day.


Planning a surprise party can be tricky and keeping it a surprise is even harder! Choosing all of the perfect details, like location, guests, and catering for the party is a big decision. Once you’ve done your research and have all of the pertinent details, you will be better equipped to plan a surprise party. 

Planning a surprise party will be a fun challenge! If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, please check out our options! 

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Happy Planning!

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