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Top 5 Third Birthday Party Themes

We’ve heard it, but haven’t experienced it. Do you have a three-year-old going on thirteen? Also known as a three-nager? You may have survived the first two years, but now you’ve entered a whole new parenting challenge. But it’s time to put your party pants on again and celebrate another year (that you both survived)!

There are always new and trendy theme ideas popping up for birthdays, so let’s first decide if you want to go with a classic or on-trend theme. Once you choose a theme, everything will begin to coordinate, from the colors to the cake, to the decorations.

Keeping up with your fast-learning three-year-old with a very fun personality can be challenging, but by this age, they will probably be able to pick out their birthday theme. Hopefully making your planning a bit easier this year! Whichever personalized theme you choose, you will savor those special moments to the fullest.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a huge get-together, our birthday collection for the third year can help you find the perfect idea!

How to Pick a Birthday Theme

Picking a birthday theme can be a tedious job, especially when there are so many fun options.

So, here are a couple of questions to help make your decision easier.

When is the Big Birthday?

A seasonal theme is easy to coordinate, from summer to winter you have so many options to choose from. Host the party at a park or at an event space that will allow ample opportunity for your little guests to run around.

Nobody said you have to be traditional! Whether you want to go with a seasonal theme or color palette, at the end of the day, this party is for your toddler, so anything goes!

Does Your Three-nager Have Any Favorites?

If you planned the first two parties with ease, then this year should hopefully be even easier with your previous research. As your child has grown, surely they have gravitated towards a favorite book, show, or toy. The theme chosen could be centered around a specific color and you can make the event a true vibe with your decor!  

Picking out a favorite item and coordinating the party theme around it would be an easy route to go! This also gives your guests a good idea of what (if any) gifts to bring based on the birthday invitation.

Answering these two questions will help you pick out a theme that fits your child's personality perfectly.

The Top 5 Third Birthday Party Themes  

Still in need of inspiration? Below are our top 5 third-birthday themes to give you some ideas!

  1. Three Rex Theme

If you have a dinosaur-obsessed little one that is constantly roaring around the house, then a dinosaur birthday is the perfect theme! Have fun with all of the dino-details from the birthday invitations to the decorations for a fun and memorable birthday celebration. 

Whether you have a boy or a girl, the theme colors can coordinate with whatever dino-mite palette you (or they) would like. For a boy, think about using sage, blues, and neutrals. For a girl, you could do bold pink tropical colors or burnt orange with sage and neutrals for a fun fall birthday bash. 

Time to design all of those dino details! A luxe balloon garland for the cake or gift table (of course), dinosaur figurines, faux palm leaves, and some fun dinosaur footprints from the entrance into the party. Next, pick out all of the fun snacks and desserts and coordinate the fun puns accordingly.

Create a cute Three Rex birthday banner using our cute number balloons! Also, check out our boho safari birthday balloons and party supplies for your dino birthday theme. 

  1. Threenager Theme

If you are celebrating a little one that is feisty and has the attitude to prove it, then they have probably already proclaimed they want a birthday bash. So to celebrate your three-nager, it’s time to gather all of their favorite things to throw the ultimate birthday party. 

Given the nature of this theme, more than likely this is geared toward girls. Immediately what comes to mind is a diva, a fashionista, and all things girly. It’s a theme that can be coordinated around a specific color or you could have it centered around a Barbie theme. How about a fashion show with a catwalk or a mini-day spa? Whatever is going to make your little miss independent feel special is where you start the planning process. 

Your birthday bash should incorporate a fun and creative backdrop for the little miss threenager. Decorate with a balloon garland to have the ultimate backdrop in a photo booth that she will want to pose in front of with all of her little guests. Have fun with all of the details, from the birthday invitations to the décor and we are sure you will enjoy planning this party. Your little threenager will be talking about this party for some time.

For some party inspiration, check out our barbie balloon kit. We also have a wide range of options to customize a balloon kit to match your theme! 

  1. Three-esta (Adios Dos) Theme

Goodbye two, hello three-esta! It’s time for a fiesta! We love a fiesta theme for all of its bright colors, food, and birthday decorations that accompany this fun theme! If your about-to-be three-year-old isn’t leaning towards a specific theme and you get to decide, then this may be a fun option for you! 

A table full of those Spanish favorites, a pinata, and all of the decorations that scream FIESTA! A bright-colored balloon garland with an added llama, cactus, and a fringe wall for the perfect backdrop for the food table or as a photo op! 

Let’s taco-bout your party! From your taco bar to customized cookies, and of course the cake, your themed party will have your guests ready to fiesta until it’s time to siesta! 

This bright and colorful fiesta party kit would be an excellent option for a bold statement at your party. We also have a fun birthday cake topper for added decor!

  1. Young, Wild, and Three Theme

From age two to three, I’m sure you have a wild child in your life and they deserve a wild good time! A young, wild, and three-themed birthday party will have all of the groovy vibes with fun details that everyone will love. 

For your wild child, you could focus on a boho color palette, fringe, pampas grass, and dream catchers. Whether you are inspired by the far-out groovy vibe or a safari wild theme, you can coordinate birthday decorations with whichever you choose or best fits your little one. 

Your wild and free child probably won’t care about the decor, but you do! Choose from shades of green with gold for a safari birthday theme or if you are wanting something more aesthetically pleasing, go with muted tones and bring in natural elements to fit the theme. Add faux palm leaves or pampas grass and you will have a far-out setup for your wild and free three-year-old. 

From our pastel rainbow balloon kit to a neutral boho palette, just add some daisies for that groovy vibe! Check out our options here.

One thing is for sure, this party will be a wild good time. 

  1. Dirty Third-y Theme

If your little one owns all of the construction toys, loves playing in the dirt, and you can’t walk by a construction site without your curious soon-to-be three-year-old being infatuated, then it’s time to celebrate a Dirty Third-y birthday! 

A dirty thirdy birthday would be incomplete without an awesome construction backdrop! If you are hosting at home, be sure to hang bright balloons with a birthday banner and coordinate all of the fun decorations. Your construction-themed birthday can feature your child’s favorite color(s) and then be sure to incorporate some fun construction signs with their name on them. They will absolutely love it and the decor can later be used in their room!

The construction theme has been and will always be popular, so there are a lot of birthday party decorations to choose from. Cool construction invitations, signs, birthday cake toppers, plates, and cups, and let’s not forget about the activities! You have to get dirty with a theme like this one! Check out your local park to see if they have kids' construction equipment or sign up for a Home Depot class for hands-on activities!

This construction theme will bring some fun memories for years to come!

Bonus: 3…2…1… Blast Off Theme

Okay, okay, I’m sure you have seen this theme since you started researching ideas for the first birthday party. But, if you haven’t had a chance and are stuck, this is an easy go-to for either a boy or a girl! 

Your space-themed birthday party can use traditional blues and silvers or mix it up with purples and pinks or darker, moody colors. There are so many fun details that you can add to the already supernova theme. 

This space theme gives you numerous options for picking your favorite colors and party arrangements. Pair a neutral vibe or bold color palette with space rockets and other out-of-this-world decor for a fun party. 

This party kit would be a perfect backdrop for a space-themed birthday.

What theme will you choose? 

Planning each birthday should get easier each year. Your child might believe they are a little adult, but they are still a baby in your eyes. So, whether you get to choose the theme or your little knows what they want, we hope the above has provided some ideas for a celebration to remember.

As always, we hope the above party themes gave you some inspiration. Cherish all the moments and make them memorable. 

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Happy Birthday Planning!

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