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The Ultimate Party Playlist

So, you’ve planned your party down to the very last detail, but all of a sudden you remember you don’t have any music in the queue. Whether it be for background music or holiday-themed, your guests will want some tunes for the party. 

A social gathering full of either friends or colleagues will change the tone of your playlist. If there is a theme for your party, the music playlist will come together quite easily. However, if this is a random celebration or one without a theme, it might be a little more difficult to think of the appropriate songs to play. 

You obviously want the music to correlate with the mood and/or tone you are creating for the party, but no need to stress! From holiday events to bachelorette parties, we have some fun ideas on how to create the ultimate party playlist!

The Do’s and Don'ts in Creating The Ultimate Party Playlist

Celebrating life events and bringing everyone together is special. So, don’t fret over the small stuff, the list below should help guide you and make the process easy. 

1. Do Know Your Audience

Will your party be for older or younger coworkers? Are you celebrating a birthday in your 20s? Knowing who you are creating the playlist for will narrow down the genre options. 

Now, say you have a mix of all ages. You could go with a solid mix between the two, but to avoid confusion or maybe some complaining, it might be easier to create a very neutral playlist. This would be used more for background music than getting down on the dance floor. 

If you know your guests pretty well but are still unsure what to play, send out an email or text requesting recommendations. They will know that you are asking everyone, which will provide them expectations and give them an opportunity to contribute. 

By asking everyone to contribute, you might end up with an eclectic mixture of music, but who knows what each will enjoy by the end of the night. Just have fun with it! 

Get creative with your next event and show your audience that you like to have a good time with ideas from our top party blogs to get you started!

2. Don’t Overthink It

Depending on the event that you are hosting, the music may be more for background music. So, don’t overthink it! If your event is more centered around music, say for a wedding reception, don’t let others’ opinions interfere with your desired playlist.  

Stressing about having a good time should not be on your agenda! So, whether you want to throw a party for a specific event or entertain just because, don’t overthink it. 

From coordinating colors, music, and food to your theme, you have more than enough on your plate. Planning & hosting takes time, but let it be an enjoyable experience!

3. Do Ensure Sound Quality 

Understandably, your venue of choice could be a challenge. If you are hosting at your home, then you know the environment and components you are working with. However, if it is at a place you are unfamiliar with, then you will be relying on the venue. 

Today, there are plenty of travel-size speakers that will work, depending on your event size and location. But if that is not an option, definitely verify with your venue to see if you will be able to hook up your own music or what your options are. 

If you happen to hire a DJ, they will provide their own quality equipment. If you are utilizing the event venues speakers and other equipment, make sure you adjust any volume and spacing as necessary prior to your party.  

No matter the song, if it’s not crisp, clear sound, nobody will enjoy listening to it. Ensure good volume so everyone can have a conversation while still having a good time!

4. Don’t Forget The Classics

I once went to a wedding where the married couple asked the DJ not to play any line dancing songs. As you can imagine, there were quite a few people that were bummed. If your party doesn’t have a dance floor, then this might be your scenario. However, if you want people out on the dance floor, those classics might be the way to go!

Classic songs don’t necessarily need to fall under the umbrella of line dancing. The music will be defined by the type of event you are having, the season, culture, and so much more! Say you’re having a Christmas party, and although you might be sick of Christmas songs, you should still play All I Want For Christmas

When your guests know the songs, it will either get everyone singing to the tune or possibly start up a fun conversation. Either way, the classics are always good to have as a backup or integrated into your trending song playlist! 

In need of some decorations to coordinate with your playlist, classic or not? We’ve got a great selection to add some pizzazz to your next event!

5. Do Coordinate With The Theme

For any celebration, you will more than likely have a theme or season to coordinate the music with. Christmas will have Christmas songs, the 30th birthday bash will have throwbacks from a specific year, or your child’s first rodeo will have some country music! 

The style of your event should match your playlist. You don’t want your party to feel dull or out-of-date. If you’re unsure where to start, say with a country playlist, head to the top 20 playlists and snag a few popular songs from there to begin.

Need a party theme? Check out this blog for some major inspiration! From classic to trendy party themes, we are positive that you will find some jams to coordinate!

6. Don’t Forget About A Backup Plan

As if one playlist wasn’t enough and I’m saying to make a second! Don’t laugh too hard, but it’s actually a solid plan. And I have a feeling that after you make the first, the second will be that much easier! 

This will come in handy for a couple of reasons. First, what if your first playlist comes off as a total bore. You want to be the hostess-with-mostess and turn that party around… hence, the second playlist (which maybe you added a few from the Top 100, nobody is going to call you out on it!).

Second, maybe you’re having a family gathering that your personal favorite songs wouldn’t be appropriate until the grandparents went to bed. Just saying that not everyone enjoys a good beat. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a second playlist as an option. If you have the time, throw one together. Make sure the first one is PG though, pending your audience. 

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Quick Tip: When all else fails, turn to your favorite app., like Pandora or Spotify. Each will have a ton of genres and other options for you to choose from. You could also sign up for a free trial to skip those unwanted ads.


Now that you have some useful tips in creating a playlist for your next party, we hope that you feel prepared! Your guests may not remember the playlist or a specific song, but they will walk away with memorable moments. 

With a little planning and creativity, you will have an amazing event with the perfect playlist!

We hope that the tips above help you in creating your ultimate party playlist for your next celebration, big or small! If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, please check out our options! 

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Happy Planning!

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