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Top 15 Party Themes For 2021

When it comes to planning a party, choosing a theme can be the most challenging step. After all, a great party theme is one that is fun and memorable. But when there are so many choices out there, how can you pick the right one? 

Whether you want to throw a birthday party, bridal shower, annual dinner, school reunion, or just hang out with your friends on vacation, we have compiled 15 party themes that will make your day enjoyable. From cute rainbow-themed parties to pastel-themed and moody boho, your next party is sure to be the talk of the town.

Stick with us and read on to explore the best party themes for 2021 and the products you can get to execute them.

Here are the best party themes for 2021

1. Fiery Fiesta

In the mood for a fiesta? All you need are colorful banners, a sparkling balloon arch, lots of cactus as decoration, and music that speaks to the soul. A fiery fiesta theme can make any person jive to the beat of the celebration.

Here are some excellent products from our store that fits the theme:

 fiesta balloons

Tropical Fiesta Balloon Garland Kit

Llama and Cactus Fiesta Balloon Garland

Llama And Cactus Fiesta Balloon Garland Kit

2.    Everything Rainbow

A rainbow-themed party is loved by people of all ages. Not only is this theme the most colorful one, but there are tons of ways to execute it.

From rainbow-themed invitations and decorations to foods, this theme can be reflected in every element of your party. For instance, you can have rainbow-shaped balloons, fruity popsicles, banners, and table decorations.

Here are some product ideas:

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Balloon Garland

Rainbow Pastel Unicorn Balloon Garland Kit

Pastel Rainbow Balloon Cake Topper

Pastel Rainbow Mini Balloon Cake Topper Kit

3.    Under the Stars

A dazzling under-the-stars party can make any celebration worth remembering. It can be an elegant event with everything around the theme of stars.

You can take the party outside or even have it inside with the roof covered in star-shaped stickers. Star-shaped confetti, fringe curtains, fairy lights, and balloons can add to the beauty of the event.

You can get products like these:

Gold Moon & Stars

7-Pack Moon & Star Balloons

Pastel Gender Reveal with Moon and Stars

Pastel Gender Reveal Balloon Garland Kit

4.    Safari

A wild safari party is a perfect way to engage both kids and adults. You can bring this theme to life with safari-inspired styling and décor.

We recommend using a color under gold and deep green, particularly for the balloons, tablecloth, cake, and other decorations. Giant stuffed animals and figurines can be the party-stoppers.

Check these out:

tiger balloon

Tiger 41 Inch Safari Party Balloon

 Green & Gold Jungle Safari

Green And Gold 10-Pack Jungle Safari Confetti Balloon Bouquet

5.    Under the Sea

If you can’t go surfing across the sea, how about bringing it to your home? A mermaid-theme or under the sea party is the most popular trend these days.

You can easily find party supplies on this theme, including balloons, backdrops, tablemats, cushions, cake toppers, photo ops, and table decorations. Your decorations can either focus on a particular sea creature, such as a mermaid boho-themed, or showcase a relaxing day on the beach.

Here are some fun products you can get:


38-Inch Underwater Mermaid Kids Birthday Party Balloon

Blue Baby Shark

Blue Baby Shark Party Balloon Garland Kit

6.    Boho Themed

A boho-themed party is perfect for both adults and kids, incorporating aesthetic designs with a mix of colors and patterns.

You can create a bohemian theme with dream catchers, candles, fairy lights, feathers, and cushions. This makes up for a relaxing outdoor party that is particularly perfect for summer nights.  

You can find these products in our store:

Boho Mauve Rainbow

Boho Rainbow Mocha & Mauve Balloon Garland Kit

Boho Green & Gold Safari Ballon Garland kit

Boho Safari Sage & Gold Balloon Garland Kit

7.    Woodland Animal

Do you love forest animals and woodland? You will be glad to know that woodland animal is a trendy party theme these days.

From woodland creatures’ displays to grass backdrops, this theme can help you celebrate your party while feeling closer to nature. You can get rustic decorations or spice up the theme by centering it around your favorite woodland animal.

Check out these products:

Giant Woodland Critters

Giant Woodland Critter Balloons

Woodland Balloon Garland

Woodland Balloon Garland Kit

8.    Black Tie Affair

Who doesn't love to get dressed up? Whether you're planning a wedding, NYE party, or simply a black tie affair, these balloons make any event classy.

From black to giant gold confetti, you are sure to have a good time! Add some tulle, candles, confetti poppers and you will indeed have a night to remember. 

Here is a very classy option:

Giant Metallic Gold Confetti Balloons

Giant Metallic Gold Confetti Balloons


9.    Pastel Themed

Nothing gets better than pastel colors. These color schemes can make any occasion adorable and exciting. After all, they go with every kind of occasion, including baby showers, birthday parties, engagement parties, and winter celebrations.

So if you are looking to work around this theme, familiarize yourself with pastel colors first to buy the right products. Once you have chosen the colors you want to target, you can start searching for basic party supplies and decorate them in any way you want.

Here are some pastel-themed products you can buy from our store:

Pastel Rainbow Mini Balloon Cake Topper Kit

Giant Pastel Balloons

Pastel 3-Foot Giant Pastel Balloons

10. Pink & Gold

Pink and gold have become the classic party colors for every occasion. Whether you want to arrange a bridal shower, a birthday party, or graduation day, these colors can make celebrations more glittery and sparkly.

You can find all the essential party products in these colors, including balloons, tablecloths, sequins, backdrops, drapes, cake tables, and photo ops. You can even ask your guests to dress up in similar tones.

Here’s what you can get:

Pink & Rose Gold Garland

Pink & Rose Gold Balloon Garland Kit

Rainbow Crown Number

30 Inch Large Rainbow Crown Number Balloons

11. Outdoors  

With summers increasing the temperature, sometimes it is better to take the entire party outdoors. Whether you have a big garden or a fantastic pool, an outdoor theme can add the perfect bling to your party.

You will need lightning, benches, doormats, and some ice chests for an outdoor party to keep the drinks cold. Depending upon the weather, you can also have some umbrellas and raised planters to elevate the outlook. You can further dazzle up the party with a balloon garland, table decorations, and fairy lights.

Get inspiration with this backdrop:

Boxwood Backdrop

Greenery 5x7 Feet Boxwood Backdrop

12. All About Love

If Valentine's day is near or you want to proclaim your love for your better half, then a flawless red-themed party is all you need. From heart-shaped cakes and balloons to flower decorations, this theme can be both fun and unforgettable.

When planning this theme, think about what you and your partner like. Perhaps, you both love a particular food item. Maybe you like specific games. Incorporate such elements in your party to make it personalized besides the basic party supplies like flowers, balloons, and fairy lights.

Make your party stand out through these products:

Rose Gold Love Balloon

Rose Gold 42-Inch Large Love Balloon

Maroon & Gold Confetti Garland Kit

Maroon and Gold Confetti Garland Balloon Kit

13. Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh is a classic choice when it comes to character-themed parties. It’s the perfect theme to bring smiles to the faces of not only your little ones but also the adults who grew up watching the show.

You can consider getting basic party supplies like balloons, tablecloths, and plates with the character printed on them for this theme. You can also purchase jars of honey, a teapot, and some teacups. If possible, you can run pooh-themed movies on the projector or television to make the party closer to the theme.

Here’s how you can celebrate this theme:

Classic Pooh Vinyl Backdrop

Pink 5x7 Foot Classic Winnie The Pooh Vinyl Backdrop

Classic Blue Yellow Pastel Pooh

Blue And Yellow Classic Pooh Pastel Baby Shower Balloon Bouquet

14. Princess Party

If you are especially organizing a birthday party for young girls, then nothing gets better than a princess party. From Elsa’s blue-themed party to Cindrella’s Musical Ball, you can execute a magical night for your very own princess.

A princess party can be centered around a specific Disney character such as Snow White, Mulan, or Anna. You can have party hats, tableware, balloons, and even the cake according to the theme colors. To make it more interesting, you can also arrange goodies with princess-themed treats and stationaries.

Throw a princess-themed party using these supplies:

Frozen Garland Kit

Frozen Themed Balloon Garland Kit

pink rainbow ombre

Pink Rainbow Ombre Balloon Garland Kit

15. A Fun Zoom Meeting

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the entire dynamics of the world, it is no surprise that virtual parties have become a popular trend. Many people are still reluctant to attend big parties or still living under quarantine.

All you have to do is invite your friends to a virtual meeting and make sure you have a stable internet connection. To make things interesting, you can ask them to decorate their backgrounds and have the same food and drinks with them. Spice up everything with good music, and you will have the best virtual party of the year.

Here are some ideas for the background:

Giant Rose Gold Balloons

Rose Gold 3-Foot Giant Metallic Balloons

Pink Tropical Flamingo Garland kit

Pink Tropical Flamingo Balloon Garland Kit

The Final Takeaway

A fun and memorable party theme can make any occasion more enjoyable. So start planning today to throw the best party of the year.

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Author: Lorea Lastiri

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I like that you talked about decorations with heart-shaped cakes and balloons which would make the theme fund and unforgettable. My niece would probably love this if we have balloon delivery services within that shape on her birthday next weekend. She loves all things pink and with hearts, so we should make that possible for her special day.

Mia Evans

Can you explain what is Zoom and how it works?


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