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Balloon Garland vs. Balloon Arch: What’s the Difference?

As a new party enthusiast or a seasoned planner, you know that the key to throwing an epic bash lies in the details. And when it comes to decorating, balloons are the undisputed champions of any celebration. 

Balloon decorations have become increasingly popular for all types of celebrations. These fun displays can add a whimsical touch to any space. But how do you choose between a balloon garland or a balloon arch? They are pretty similar, but their differences below will help you decide on which is best for your event.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday party, or a milestone celebration, balloons are fun, vibrant, and a must-have for any trendy event. And if you want to take your party to the next level, why not create a stunning focal point?! 

Differences between a Balloon Garland and a Balloon Arch

In this blog, we’ll unravel the mysteries of these two balloon wonders! 

Balloon Garland: Effortless Elegance

Let’s start with the Balloon Garland - the laid-back, effortlessly chic cousin of the balloon family. Picture a whimsical arrangement of balloons cascading down a wall or draped across a table. Balloon garlands are all about creating a sense of organic, flowing beauty. 

1. Materials and Construction

Balloon garlands are crafted using an assortment of balloons in various sizes and colors. These balloons are then meticulously tied together and arranged in a way that mimics the appearance of vines or flower garlands. Some people even add greenery or other decorative elements to enhance the overall look. 

Here is a list of essentials: 

  • Balloons in your chosen color scheme
  • Balloon pump (trust us on this!)
  • Balloon tape or string 
  • A mix of fresh or artificial flowers
  • Greenery (such as eucalyptus, palm leaves, etc.)
  • Clear fishing line or floral wire
  • Command/adhesive hooks
  • A Balloon Garland Kit often includes balloon tape and glue dots

Embracing color trends will give you plenty of inspiration to choose from. Your event theme will also direct you toward a particular color palette, making your decision easier. 

If it’s your first time creating a balloon garland, take a look at our guide here! Or if you are having a difficult time picking out your colors, our custom balloon garland builder can help you pick the perfect colors! 

2. Versatility

One of the fantastic aspects of balloon garlands is their versatility. They can be customized to match any color scheme or theme, making them ideal for birthdays, weddings, or any event where a touch of whimsy is required.

Balloon garlands are colorful and fun displays that are perfect for any celebration! A small garland over a dessert table or a grand garland down the staircase, whatever the event is, a balloon garland will for sure be versatile for your event.  

In need of some inspiration? Check out our Instagram or Pinterest to give you some great ideas for your next party.

3. Installation

Setting up a balloon garland is relatively straightforward, making it a great option for DIY enthusiasts. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can create a stunning balloon garland that will have your guests talking. 

Begin by inflating your balloons. This can be done 1-2 days before your event. Measure your space, cut your balloon tape or string, attach your hooks, and start attaching those balloons! 

Balloon garlands make a statement on their own, but by adding accessories, like faux flowers or pampas grass, you can take your design to the next level! 

Balloon Arch: Gateway to Grandeur

Now, let’s shift our focus to the grandeur of the Balloon Arch - a timeless classic that never fails to make a bold statement. Think of a balloon arch as the majestic entrance to your party kingdom, inviting everyone to step into a world of celebration. 

1. Structure and Design 

Unlike the loose and flowing nature of balloon garlands, balloon arches are structured and more defined. They can take various forms, such as the classic arc, a spiral, or even a heart shape. The balloons are precisely positioned to create a solid, eye-catching structure. 

Consider the event that you have, does the entrance need a beautiful arch for guests to walk under or spirals around a conference? There are so many different ways to design a balloon arch. The bigger the arch the more balloons that you will need to take into account, which will increase your budget. 

It’s important to take into account the event venue and the design you want for your event. You need to consider the amount of space you have and any other backdrop colors that you need to either incorporate or consider. 

2. Impact

Balloon arches are known for their impact. They are a fantastic choice for events where you want to make a bold and memorable statement. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a grand opening, or a milestone birthday, a balloon arch sets the stage for something truly special. 

If you want to make a lasting impression, a balloon arch will for sure steal the spotlight. It will be the main focal point for a photo backdrop that will be shared on social media with friends and family to cherish the memories. 

Balloon arches make a beautiful statement all on their own, but it takes a little practice to replicate the inspiration you see from professionals. Embrace this new skill and challenge yourself with each new garland you build. 

3. Professional Touch

While balloon garlands are often embraced as a DIY project, balloon arches may require a bit more expertise. Many people opt to hire professionals for arch installations to ensure a flawless and impressive display. 

Some pros of hiring a certified balloon artist are the expertise, time-saving, stress-free, and the rental equipment provided. If you are still debating which is your best option, take a look at this blog here to weigh your options. 

Hiring a professional service to design your balloon arch provides a great argument for those who have the budget and may not have a crafty side. Regardless, balloons will always be around to add that magical touch to your event.


In the end, whether you choose a Balloon Garland or a Balloon Arch depends on the atmosphere you want to create for your event. Balloon garlands exude a sense of whimsy and organic charm, perfect for any gathering that will impress your guests. 

On the other hand, balloon arches are the go-to choice when you want to make a grand entrance and leave a lasting impression.

So, the next time you find yourself knee-deep in party planning, consider the mood you want to set, and let either the Balloon Garland or the Balloon Arch be your guide to elevating your celebration to the next level of festivity! 

If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom balloon theme, please check out our balloon kit options! 

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Happy decorating!

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