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What’s The Best Month To Have A Party

Whether you are planning a party for a baby shower, birthday, bachelorette, graduation, retirement, or any other celebration, the decision on when to have the party can be a bit cumbersome.

Party planning can be stressful! Between guest lists and food menus, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the details. Deciding on when to have your party shouldn’t be a daunting task, though! 

Most life events will dictate the season or month that you are celebrating in. However, there will be some not-so-planned events that you will need to squeeze into your schedule. With a bit of planning and coordination, you will be able to pull off an amazing party, regardless of the season.

If you're unsure where to start, let us help with a breakdown of months and seasons to host your next event. 

How to Determine the Best Month

While there’s no formula on when to pick the perfect month, week, or day, there is some basic information to help make your decision. 

If you already have a general idea of when you want to host a party, then hopefully the following list will help you narrow it down.

Winter (January through March)

Hosting for a specific holiday is easy. Your party will either be that day or you will proceed to celebrate on the weekend before or after the designated holiday. The tricky part comes with birthdays and unplanned events, like an engagement! 

January, while for some it may be a winter wonderland, for others it could be peak summertime, depending on which region of the world you live in. This would be the time to play into the weather that you are experiencing. 

While winter months don’t seem appealing to throw a party in, you might have an event that isn’t flexible. Depending on the age of the party, you could host a fancy engagement party with a beautiful ice sculpture? How about a birthday party at an ice skating rink? If you live near mountains, make a day of it and rent out an event space and have fun in the snow. From snowball fights to firesides, I’m sure you will be able to find plenty to preoccupy your guests with. 

February, while it is the shortest month of the year, it also provides an awkward time for weather. You could have a chance of snow one day or it could be pouring rain. To host an outside event could be a little tricky. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you. While you only have Valentine’s to work around, it is a holiday you need to take into account when making plans. 

March will be your best bet for decent weather during the winter. However, you still need to account for other events during the month. Let’s say you are planning a destination bachelorette party. Depending on your location, you will need to take into consideration that it might be a spring break destination too. Or how about March Madness? Things like this could put a hiccup in your plans, not to mention increase the financial projection. 

While most are coming off the holiday high of parties and company events, January might be your best month to plan a party. You have a little less to work around and no major holidays (here in the United States). Although not a lot of people enjoy getting out in the cold weather, it is something that you could make enjoyable for all. 

Spring (April through June)

Slowly making your way out of hibernation and looking forward to those warmer months? Now is the time to thaw out and celebrate! Weather is a factor here, as it might bring some warmer weather, but it could also bring a host of unplanned weather, making it difficult to decide on where and when to have a party.  

April showers bring May flowers! Would be a great month to host an engagement party, bridal, or baby shower. Best for indoor gatherings in the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse. This month is a great interlude between spring break and the following month which begins summer months for some. 

For May, your main holiday to coordinate around for, here in the United States, would be Memorial Day. Love those three-day weekends, however, you might need to work around the holiday and maybe end-of-year testing for kids through college age. May would be your best month for gathering everyone for a fiesta before they leave for any summer vacations.

June, a lovely month for weather and all celebrations! Graduation parties, maybe a retirement, or a baby shower! The official day of summer occurs this month and a lot of families might be traveling for the summer holiday. Best to consider everyone’s schedule and plan in advance if your event or party date is not flexible. 

Summer (July through September)

The summer months might be the easiest time to throw a party, especially for children who are out of school. Most people look forward to those warmer months and plan in advance to take time off. With that said, it’s also the busier months to try and host or plan an event. So, best to do this as far in advance as you can. 

July, while it may be dreadfully hot where you live during this month, it might be best to plan your event indoors or by a body of water. July would be the peak season for most to travel before school starts, be sure to check with your guests to verify that they will be in town during your event. Hosting an Independence Day party? We have some decorations to help you plan:

August, depending on when the school year starts, might be the better month. Most families are back from holiday vacations and are prepping for the school year. The weather will (hopefully) start cooling off and you will have more options on where to have a party. Maybe you have a postponed summer birthday you want to celebrate or you want to host a party before the school year starts. 

September, the weather is turning into that perfect fall weather and it’s before the holiday craze begins! This would be the best time to host a football party for the new season ahead. Maybe you were unable to squeeze in a party before the school year started, this would be a great time to gather everyone for a fun celebration. 

Fall (October through December) 

Fall in love with this season and host some of the best parties you can dream of! This is the time of year that everyone is looking forward to… holiday events, cooler weather, the food, and the end of the year coming to a close. 

Hosting a fall school party, a Halloween boo-bash, or a work Christmas party? There’s almost no wrong month when it comes to the fall season! Below, we will list the fun events you can plan for each month, and I’m betting that you have a favorite holiday that you want to plan a party for!

October brings crisp new air and opens up your fall schedule to host your perfect Halloween boo-bash! We love Halloween and all of the decorations that come with it! Maybe it’s your turn for your kids class party? Be the cool mom by bringing some fun decorations to coordinate with those store-bought cupcakes! 

November is the time that everyone wants to hurry up and have the end of the year coming fast. Holiday time with family brings those from afar and would be a great time to gather and have those near and dear get together for a party. 

We all know that December packs in all of the holiday events. And even though it seems like the holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year, you still have a multitude of holiday parties to attend or maybe even host. Outside of your normal holiday events, if you are hosting, it will require you to coordinate with many schedules and plan far in advance if you need an event space. 

So, Which Month Did You Choose?

We all work differently and have a preference on the time of year, the weather associated with it, or maybe a specific event that you will forever tie to that month, making it the best month ever in your books! 

We’re here to tell you that you’re not wrong! What may seem perfect for you, may not for some of your guests. As much as you plan and fine-tooth comb those details, mother nature or some other unexpected event could put a fork in everything. 

The best part about any celebration is that it will bring a host of fun memories that will last a lifetime. 


Your celebration will be perfect, no matter what the occasion or the month. 

Planning events throughout different times in the year will give you the experience and knowledge to feel confident in hosting all year. We hope this list has helped you determine the best month to have your next party!

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Happy planning!

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