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How To Throw A Safari-Themed Party

Do you have a wild one to celebrate this year? A safari theme is great for a child's' birthday party or an adorable baby shower! Also perfect for a zoo, jungle, wild one, or animal-themed party! From the invitations to the party favors, all ages will go wild for this safari celebration!

An event space filled with the right decor, activities, and snacks to match will make all of your guests feel like they are deep in the jungle. Have your guests trek into an exploration they won’t forget! From baby showers to birthdays, a safari-themed party will be an adventure for all!

Whichever party animal you are celebrating, remember to make the party as wild as they are! Let’s get down to the details in creating this wild celebration!!

Welcome To The Jungle!

Whatever has inspired you to go with a safari-themed celebration, I hope you create an event that all will remember! 

Celebrating birthdays, baby showers, and other special life events bring memories for a lifetime. Your creativity should give the party life, so have fun with it! 

1. Safari Party Invitations

To begin organizing your celebration, start with cute custom safari invitations! You can be as creative as you want with these. Keep it simple with a classic mailed invitation that can be curated to fit your safari theme party. 

For a kids' birthday party, have the paper invitations be in the shape of an animal, like a lion's head or a whole hippo! Hosting a safari baby shower? If the mama-to-be loves animal print, use several print designs to curate a fun invitation that your guests will absolutely love! 

While planning out the guest list, consider how many kids and/or parents your venue can accommodate. Other considerations are if the event space has room for tables and activities. If you need help deciding on the right venue for your party, we have a great blog to help you out!

Make sure your safari invitation includes pertinent details, like if you would prefer no gifts, will there be face painting or anything out of the ordinary that guests can look forward to. The more details provided, the better all can be prepared to have a good time!

2. Go Wild With Party Supplies & Decorations

Bring your safari-themed party to life with wild decor and party supplies! Use different shades of green with gold accents to WOW your guests. Giant stuffed animals, like elephants and giraffes, will be the perfect photo op for an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your guests.  

Another great photo opportunity is to create a safari jeep cardboard cutout! This picture-perfect safari jeep wouldn’t be complete without some amazing safari balloons! You could find one to rent or if you are crafty, make one yourself! Or even have a toy car for all to play in! Everyone will love this adventure! 

Are you planning a girly safari party? Bright coral and pink shades are a perfect match! How about the classic shades of green to replicate the jungle? Drape a safari balloon garland on the wall with large stuffed animals for a picture-perfect backdrop for the mama-to-be. Or hang behind the cake table for everyone to feast their eyes on! Include balloons as table centerpieces and for your entrance! The more balloons the better, for any and all photo opportunities!

We can’t forget about a sign to welcome all of your guests! The entrance will set the scene for what your guests are about to walk into. 

Will your party be outdoors? Rent a safari-themed bounce house or jungle gym and add a fun balloon garland to make it feel like they are in the jungle and are swinging alongside other animals! Have a fun picnic set up to match your boho safari theme.

We understand parties can get pricey, especially renting out a bounce house or hiring a petting zoo. Try making your own backdrop with a fun and easy green backdrop made out of palm leaves, a tropical balloon garland, and several wild animal masks which will be great for taking pictures!

Now, you could keep the other supplies simple with a safari party kit that includes everything from highchair banners to safari animal plates. Or have all of your party supplies shades of green to make your other safari party decorations the main attraction. 

Another fun (and easy) way to customize your party is to write the names of your guests on large palm leaves. This will serve as the seat assignment and is such an adorable detail that everyone will want to take theirs home!

3. Wild Adventures

Hosting at your home and needing some safari activities to keep your little explorers entertained? Have a safari-themed craft table for the kids to color or paint their own animal masks!! If you have an active bunch, create a fun scavenger hunt for them to find clues out in the wild! Be sure to have safari hats and binoculars for their journey (which would also double as a fun favor to take home!). 

Understandably, creating activities that everyone will enjoy can be a bit challenging. Try to incorporate a few different options, like a bounce house, an inflatable jungle gym, or a fun game of Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Another fun activity would be to hire a petting zoo to show off some wild animals. A great picture opportunity and it may be the first experience for some, which will make for great memories! Whichever adventure you choose, your guests will have a wild good time!

If you're hosting your party around a movie like the Lion King, Madagascar, or Jumanji, you could host a slumber party and show that movie. Or, have the movie playing in the background at your party. It would entertain your guests and give some background noise to your party. 

Set the safari scene! There are so many different safari themes to choose from. You could have a very tropical setup surrounding your guests with palm leaves and other plants. Set up inflatable lounge chairs with outdoor lights for your nighttime movie show. You could host indoors at a trampoline park and let the kids (and parents) run wild!  Don’t forget the details and the decor to complete the safari party experience. 

Want to have your little guests feel like true explorers? Have a costume station with khaki vests, plastic safari hats, magnifiers, and binoculars. Have little personalized jars where they can collect rocks and other items they find in nature to take home with them. 

A safari-themed party is fun year-round! No matter the season, hosting a wild party will coordinate with any activity you choose. 

4. Safari Snacks

Your little explorers will be in need of some refreshments after their safari adventures! Your guests will love the safari-themed snacks you have to offer. Whether you are hosting a safari birthday or baby shower, all will enjoy the snacks offered. Time to get creative and personalize your table setup! 

For your adventurous guests, keep it simple with bite-size foods and small snacks. Along with the safari party decorations, you want to make the food just as fun! Have fun food puns for your safari snacks, here are some fun examples below:

  • Alligatorade
  • Jungle Juice (green punch)
  • Animal Crackers (or any animal-shaped food)
  • Dirt Cups (with gummy worms, of course!)
  • Monkey Bites (any banana treat)
  • Safari Salsa & Hungry Hippo Dip
  • Cheetahs Cheetos
  • Zebra Cakes

    It might be hard to limit all of the fun options that you will find! But it will be better to have extra than not enough for those that may be picky or have restrictions. 

    A safari party theme is great for so many celebrations. The cake, for instance, won’t depend on the color scheme you choose for your party. You could have bright pinks and coral colors mixed with greens, an all-green palette, or really get wild with green, white, and gold accents! Choose a cake with different animal print layers, or make it a simple white cake with party animals on top or with a fun safari cake topper! Any option you choose, you and your guests will love it!

    Along with your main safari-themed birthday cake, include individual cupcakes or treats! Make some fun animal cake pops or cupcakes with party animal toys on the top! You could also have cookies made into personalized name cards at the table as a seating chart! Make the party with as many details as you want!

    If you have simple snacks and desserts, make your table the main attraction! Decorate with balloons, a greenery backdrop, a banner, and a raffia table skirt with palm leaves, rubber snakes, and other animal figurines! Add in a cute safari cake topper and this will bring the table to life and everyone will love it! 

    5. Party Favors

    Favors are always a fun surprise to send your guests home with as a thank you for coming to celebrate your little one or mama-to-be. Your safari party favors can be a simple, crafty gift like a survival kit. Something that is useful and that they will remember the experience by. For an adult celebration, you could have cute, customized candles or candies. 

    Your little explorer will want to thank everyone who came to celebrate their special day! Another easy safari favor idea would be an adopt-an-animal station. Prepackaged stuffed animals, ready for them to grab and name as their own. 

    How about a unique send-off for their next epic adventure? Try different varieties of dehydrated fruit, colorful flashlights, an adventure book, a custom hat, and other items needed for a successful journey! Don’t forget to attach a thank you note for those that came! 

    Maybe you forgot about the goody bag and need a last-minute idea? Purchase grocery items to have a trail mix bar! Have little scoops that each guest can make their own mix to their liking! A sweet and savory treat for the car ride home that all ages will enjoy! 


    Hosting a Safari party should be as wild as the one that you are celebrating! And we imagine that they are going to love this theme! 

    This celebration will take a little planning and creativity, but with the tips above, I believe you will create an amazing, safari-themed party for great photos and memories!

    These safari theme ideas can be used for other similar themed birthdays and other special occasions, and are great for every age! We hope that the wild guide above has provided some inspiration. 

    Have you thrown a safari party yourself? Leave us a comment below, we would love to know the fun details you included in your party! 

    If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme, check out the options at Ellie’s Party Supply! 

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    Hope you have a wild good time planning this party!
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