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Top 5 First Birthday Party Themes

The first year went by in a blink and all of a sudden it is time to plan your baby’s first birthday. Whether this is your first baby or not, the first birthday is a milestone for you both and is worth celebrating. 

There will always be new and trendy themes to choose from, so it can be a hard decision, especially when your little one can’t tell you what they want yet. Do you go with a gender-neutral theme or one that is a classic girl or boy theme? You might already have an idea of what you (or your baby) may want and once you choose a theme, everything else will fall into place. 

This party isn’t just for your baby, it’s for the tribe that helped you get through the first year, so make it fun! You will have many birthdays ahead, so whichever personalized theme you choose, you will savor those special moments to the fullest.

Whether you’re planning a small or large party, our first birthday party themes below will help you find the perfect fit for your little one!

How to Pick a Birthday Theme

Picking a birthday theme for the first year can be a little cumbersome. You might feel an expectation to throw a big party from what you see on social media or maybe you’re just having a hard time deciding between all of the fun options.

So, here are a couple of ways to help make your decision easier.

When to Host the Birthday Party?

If your little one’s birthday doesn’t fall on a weekend, is around the holidays, or you just have too much going on, when do you host the party? You can do the weekend before or after if hosting a large gathering or if it will be a smaller crowd with immediate family and close friends, see if a weekday would work! 

Whether it be in the spring or fall, the season will play a part in which colors to coordinate. For example, a holiday birthday would be best for a  “Winter Onederland” party. Or a fall party, “Our Little Pumpkin Turns One”. You get the idea, there will definitely be a holiday-themed party to coordinate with the first birthday!

Along with the season comes the weather. This will also help determine your venue and how big your guest count will be. 

How to Pick the Perfect Theme?

While this may be your only chance to pick the theme, how do you pick the very best one? You might have one in mind, one that your little one already gravitates towards like a specific song, toy, cartoon, or food. 

An easy route would be picking one of the favored items. Or you can go with one that you will enjoy planning all of the party details for! The choice is yours the first year before they start making demands, so make it fun! 

Answering the above questions will help you pick out a theme that will be perfect for the occasion and will be one to remember.

The Top 5 First Birthday Party Themes  

Need more inspiration? Here are more top first birthday themes for 2022!

1. First Rodeo Theme

Yeehaw! It’s been one heck of a year and it’s time to celebrate your little country star! Create a country bohemian vibe with pampas grass and neutral hues or give your party the classic rodeo look with cow print accents. Your guests are sure to love this theme!

For a boho rodeo theme, this is the perfect opportunity to feature a teepee, picnic tables, vintage horse saddles, barrels, and more! The bohemian vibe definitely creates a dreamy backdrop for your little girl's first rodeo.  

To go the more classic country route, you can incorporate cow print with whatever color palette you would like! Traditional red and black or try a cute dusty rose color. Other options would be shades of blue or pink with brown. 

The real showstopper for this party will be the activities! Hire a petting zoo that all cowboys and cowgirls will enjoy! 

Check out our custom options to create a personalized balloon kit for the First Rodeo Birthday theme.

2. First Fiesta Theme

Holy guacamole, someone is turning one! This timeless theme will have everyone ready to fiesta until it’s time to siesta! A bright and vibrant color palette is such a fun first birthday theme! 

Another great birthday theme that is gender neutral and allows you to decorate however you want! For instance, your vibrant colors could lean more on the pink side or the blue side. There is such a mix of colors that it will be easy to find the right decor for your fiesta! 

Taco ‘bout a party! The food is where everyone will feast their eyes! Have a taco bar with all of the perfect sides for the best buffet! Have a smash cake ready for the little one and play some mariachi music for the finest first fiesta!

For some first fiesta inspiration, check out this Fiesta party kit.

3. Wild One Theme

A WILD first year means that you have a Wild One to celebrate in your life! A wild one theme is very trendy and there are several options to explore. If your son or daughter is always exploring the wild world we live in, then this may be the perfect first birthday party theme for them!

For your wild one, you could do a safari, zoo, dinosaur, or a Wild Things-themed party. Each theme would be great for indoors or outdoors with so many ideas inspired by animals! 

This wild party would be great for your little boy or girl! Choose muted tones for fall or winter, for a woodland look, or have bright greens in the spring and summer! Make it even trendier with a boho setup! Matte balloons will make the perfect photo backdrop. Add some faux greenery and you will have a dramatic safari setup for your little adventurer. 

This birthday theme will be all about the decorations! Include fun tropical tableware and the perfect balloon backdrop for the perfect photos that your guests will absolutely love!

How about adding a touch of jungle to your cake? Check out this balloon cake kit here!

One thing is for sure, this party will be a wild good time. 

4. The Big ONE Theme

We’ve seen this birthday theme designed for fishing fans and for those that like to catch the big waves while surfing. However, the theme that we are loving at the moment is the Biggie Small Big One Birthday Theme. We are obsessed with all of the fun details that have been included in these parties!

This birthday theme is sicker than your average! There are so many great lyrics to incorporate throughout your party, from the invitations to the cake topper, your guests will appreciate each detail (depending if they are fans).

Because this is your kid's first birthday, this party theme is directed more towards the other parents and adults that will be joining the celebration. So, make sure you have those dranks ready and design the best photo backdrop for this insta-worthy party! 

Your color palette will mostly consist of black, white, and gold. 

5. First Trip Around The Sun Theme

Take off in T minus… 3, 2, 1! Create an out-of-this-world birthday party for a first trip around the sun theme. Perfect for your little boy or girl! With so many stellar options, this is a perfect birthday party theme that may be on repeat for years ahead! 

A galaxy filled with the right decor, activities, and snacks will make all of your guests feel like astronauts. A space-themed party starts with a rocket launch and lands you in the stars! Immerse your guests into an exploration they won’t forget!

It’s time to rediscover all space-related items, from planets to aliens! Have all of your guests dress in their best cosmic outfits, hire a face painter, and don’t forget about the moon bounce! 

If you need some inspo, check out our How To Throw A Space Themed Birthday Party here. It includes some great ideas, everything from the Intergalactic Space Party invites to the Supernova Snacks.

And of course, you can’t forget about the Stellar Space Party supplies and decor! We’ve got you covered there too!

Other Notable Themes… 

What theme is your favorite? 

Some say the first year is the hardest. And that might depend if this is your first babe or not! But you and your baby made it through the year, and this adventure is worth celebrating! 

Planning the first birthday might be a little overwhelming, but we hope the top five first birthday party themes above gave you some inspiration. Cherish all the moments and make them memorable. 

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Happy Planning!

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