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Top Six 2nd Birthday Party Themes

You survived the first year and you have now entered, what some would say are the terrible twos. It might seem like yesterday you were planning a memorable first birthday. But in a blink, it’s time for another celebration.

There are always new and trendy theme ideas popping up for birthdays, so your first decision is if you want to go with a classic or on-trend theme. Once you choose a theme, everything will begin to coordinate, from the color scheme to the cake, to the decorations.

The first birthday party theme was probably chosen by you, but now that your little one has developed more of a personality and is probably drawn towards certain items, this will probably make the decision process a bit easier. Whichever personalized theme you choose, you will savor those special moments to the fullest.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a huge get-together, our birthday collection for the second year can help you find the perfect idea!

How to Pick a Birthday Theme

Picking a birthday theme can be a tedious job, especially when there are so many fun, adorable options.

So, here are a few things to help make your decision easier.

When is the Big Birthday?

A seasonal theme is easy to coordinate, from summer to winter you have a plethora of options that make it easy. This will also help to choose whether it’s indoors or outdoors. 

The season will also help choose the color palette. Bright colors for the summer or maybe neutrals for the winter. 

Nobody said you have to be traditional! At the end of the day, this party is for your toddler, so anything goes!

Does Your Toddler Have Any Favorites?

Favorites could include anything from a specific color, song, animal, or toy. A theme doesn’t need to be something tangible, so it could be something as simple as a favorite color! 

Picking out a favorite item and coordinating the party theme around it would be an easy route to go! This also gives your guests a good idea of what (if any) gifts to bring.

Answering these two questions will help you pick out a theme that fits your child's personality perfectly.

The Top 6 Second Birthday Party Themes  

Need some more inspiration? Check out our top 6 best-selling second birthday themes from this year below!

1. Two Groovy Theme

Dreamy bohemian color palettes are such a vibe. Neutral hues, pampas grass, and daisies make for a beautiful combination. This theme will be a far-out celebration filled with all peace and love.

A boho birthday is a perfect opportunity to bring out those retro outfits, sunglasses, and music for the perfect photo op. Peace signs, flowers, and other vintage items will give your guests a fun and inviting setting.

Time to get too groovy with the details! Have someone there ready to face paint all of the peace signs and flowers. The dessert menu could include groovy... No need to be traditional with this boho-chic theme - feel free to get creative!

Check out this boho party kit for your groovy second birthday theme.

2. Two the Moon Theme

If you celebrated the first birthday with a “First Trip Around the Sun” theme, then you may or may not want this to be the theme for your child's second birthday. A fun theme that is truly out of this world.

This theme is great for either boys or girls. Bring out more purples or blues to match your starry space party! There are so many ways to plan and decorate for this party. For instance, your setup could feature astronauts and rockets or you could focus more on the solar system. 

Have a blast-off birthday bash by incorporating all of the fun details into the food table that will have your guests in awe. Think all things space, from the food to the décor and we are sure you will enjoy planning this party. Your little space cadet will be ready to go to the moon!

For some space-themed inspiration, check out our space balloon kit. Customize your colors to more purples and blacks or pastels!

3. Two Wild Theme

From age one to two, I’m sure you have a wild child in your life and they deserve a wild party! A wild birthday theme will have bold colors with fun details. There are several wild options to choose from.

For your wild child, you could focus on a safari, zoo, dinosaur, or a Wild Things theme. Whether you are inspired by animals or by the nature aspect, you can coordinate decorations with each. 

Choose from shades of green with gold or add in some pink tones for a girly safari theme. If you are wanting something more aesthetically pleasing, go with muted tones and bring in natural elements to fit the theme. Add faux greenery and you will have a fun safari setup for your little adventurer. 

How about adding a touch of jungle to your cake? Check out this balloon cake kit here or customize your mini balloon kit like the picture below!


One thing is for sure, this party will be a wild good time. 

4. 2Legit2Quit Theme

If your two-year-old isn’t leaning towards a certain theme and you have the exciting option of deciding the theme again, then this theme may be a fun option for you! Maybe you are trying to school your child into good music or maybe you just like the vibe of 80s rap, whatever your reason, it’s time to go all in for your child’s second birthday.

Does a 2 Legit 2 Quit theme just hit home for you? Maybe you haven’t considered this theme before but now your mind is racing with all of the fun details you can incorporate into this birthday theme. Time to get funky and find the right vibe for the party.

Your 2Legit2Quit party can throwback to the 80s or 90s color palette, outfits, and big hair. Or it could be straight gangster with black, white, and gold tones for the ultimate birthday. The decorations will take the show here. Incorporate details to make the perfect backdrop to pose in front of.

This black, gold, & silver party kit would be an excellent option for a solid statement piece.

5. Two Fast Theme

Did your little one grow up too fast or are they obsessed with race cars? If either of these describes your tiny human, then this may be the perfect fit for their second birthday party theme.

A second birthday would be incomplete without balloons and all of the fun decorations. Your race car-themed party can feature your child’s favorite color(s) and then be sure to incorporate those black and white checkered flags.

The race car theme has always been popular, so there are a lot of party decorations to choose from. Race car invitations, welcome signs, cake toppers, plates, and cups, and let’s not forget about the activities!

This race theme will bring some exciting memories for years to come!

6. Not My First Rodeo Theme

This theme could also play onto the first birthday theme if you did a “My First Rodeo” theme and like to coordinate the same decorations and fun! Hire out a petting zoo for a fun time that your guests of all ages will enjoy.

Use a neutral color palette or bring the farm to life with classic red, white, and black decorations. Or, like the picture below, use cow print with any color of your (or your toddlers) choosing!

This rodeo theme gives you numerous options for picking your favorite colors and party arrangements. Pair the natural vibe with little ponies and other farm animals for a fun party. 

Yeehaw! This party kit would be a perfect, neutral backdrop for a rodeo or farm-themed birthday.

What theme will you choose? 

The second year is worth celebrating just as much as the first one! 

Planning the first birthday was probably stressful, but we hope going into year two you are prepared and can have fun with all of the curve balls thrown your way!

As always, we hope the above party themes gave you some inspiration. If you need more birthday ideas for your little boy or girl, take a look at our blog for some popular themes! 

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Happy Planning!

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