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How To Throw The Ultimate Altbash

Every year new trends come in waves. Whether it be for food, fashion, tv shows, or parties. This year Pinterest predicted that Altbashes were going to be of special interest, and we are here for it! Here is a little more insight on what an Altbash is, as defined by Pinterest: “Parties for life’s undercelebrated moments''. 

Everything in life is worth celebrating! Think outside of those traditional parties and get creative! Want to celebrate your pet’s adoption? Are you empty nesters? Quitting your job? These are all valid reasons to throw a party! Make celebrating these moments the new normal. 

Regardless of what is going on in your life, small or large, happy or sad, celebrate that milestone. Everyone went through a rough couple of years distancing though COVID and we are all excited to have social gatherings back. So, mark these moments in life with a celebration that all will want to participate in! If this is you, we have some fun altbash ideas!

Ideas On How To Throw The Best Altbash Party

Celebrating life events and bringing everyone together is a special reminder to cherish the time we have with those we love, no matter the event. 

What are we celebrating? Here is a list of things worth celebrating, with room for more:

  • Quitting your job
  • Cancer-free
  • New empty nesters
  • Breakup/divorce
  • Solar eclipse
  • Child adoption
  • “Gotcha Day” paw-ty
  • New apartment
  • Half birthday 
  • Paying off a loan (student/mortgage, etc.)
  • Losing the first tooth
  • New nose job

So, how do we throw a party that not everyone would celebrate?

1. Invite Your Besties

Ok, so you have a specific milestone to celebrate, but who are you inviting? Depending on the event, you have certain people in your life that you know are always down for a good time, so sign them up. But, you also have to think about people that don’t need to get an invite. 

Some milestones may be a little more personal than others, so be sure to curate that invite list to be a perfect match for your party! Those that helped you get through a tough relationship or those that helped get you through that 9-5 job, minus those toxic Karens.

Everyone will have an opinion, don’t let that interfere with your desire to throw a party. Those that are hesitant have the option to decline your invite. Understand that some may feel uncomfortable celebrating an untraditional milestone. 

Spending time with those that matter is more important than ever. Major life events have been canceled over the last couple of years, so let’s make up for lost time and celebrate all things. 

Stressing about having a good time should not be on your agenda! So, whether you want to throw a party for a specific event or just because, don’t overthink it. 

2. Be Creative

Your party can be as tacky or as aesthetically pleasing as you like! Creativity will lie in the details! Have your party at a unique location, like a wine bar, a cafe, a painting studio, or at that new apartment! There are so many options to choose from. After you have a location, it will be all about the decor

Spark creativity by designing the best Instagram-worthy photo backdrop or how about a jazzed-up cake design that says peace out to your kids, you’re empty nesters now! 


Hire an artist to do live drawings of you and your guests with their pup at your pet adoption paw-ty. Maybe having a photo booth would be more practical. Either way, don’t forget to capture your special celebration. 

Remember, this is an above-average party, so make the decorations as extra as you are! In need of some fabulous party supplies to coordinate with your celebration? Bring joy with our fun bright, cheerful party kits that your guests will absolutely love!

Maybe it’s a not-so-happy event in life, don’t worry, we have some moody options to coordinate!

3. Plan Activities… Or Don’t

We’ve all been there, attending a baby shower when the awkward games come out and you just want to crawl under the table. Don’t throw that party. Celebrations don’t have to have an activity for your guests to partake in and it’s ok. 

Understandably, entertaining might be in your blood and as a good host, you feel the need for a good activity. So choose an activity that coordinates with your theme and can involve everyone at any age. 

Think outside the box, host a painting picnic party for art in your new place or a backyard boy-BYE BBQ to celebrate the end of a relationship. Paid off a student loan? It’s time for some self-care! Hire out a masseuse or spa services to give you a new luxe look. 

Set the scene! With different party ideas, you could have picnic tables to inflatable chairs and of course, you can’t forget the decor! These fun party themes will give you a reason to celebrate!

No matter the season of life you are in, there is a theme that will coordinate with any activity you choose. 

4. Don’t Forget The Cake!

You can have your cake AND eat it too! Whether it be a cake that is dog friendly or one that is decked out with pictures of yourself with an “adios” sign for your (ex) co-workers, everyone loves a sweet treat! 

Food is an integral part of every celebration, so bring on the snacks, custom cookies, and of course the cake! New nose job, who dis? Have a cake made to look like that perfect nose you paid a handsome amount for. Definitely worth celebrating!

Have your party catered! Who wants to think about all of the details when you are just ready to party? Hire an event planner or small, local company that can take care of all of your party needs. 

Instead of a big cake, you could have individual cupcakes, custom cookies, or cake pops! Make your own label on them to personalize and add a cute touch. 


Now is the time to celebrate life's moments. Whether it be a planned or unplanned milestone, an altbash is the answer. We hope the above has inspired you to throw a just-because party!

With a little planning and creative thinking, you will be able to throw an amazing altbash party. 

We hope you and those around you begin celebrating all things, big or small! If you need help choosing a theme or would like to create a custom theme to coordinate with your altbash, please check out our options! 

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Happy Planning!

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